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Real life places that would make great models for terrain

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Sharing some pictures from my trip to Statesboro/Savannah - not so much touristy stuff, but I have a habit of taking pics of places that would make good terrain, or of interesting rust patterns

George L Smith Nat'l park (Swamp):






George L Smith (Mill, non functioning now, kept as museum exhibit):



^^ Look at that really cool rust!






^^ Not sure why but the water flowing from under the mill (which isn't running obviously) does this foam thing, which I thought would be really really cool to try to replicate




One of many silos I found on way, I love the rust on this one

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^^ One of Yellowstones hot springs




bit blurry I fear, but some lovely old moss covered rocks along the trail leading up to Multnomah Falls



My son and I both agreed this would make great inspiration for Nurgle-fying something lol It's a little area on the other side of a manmade dam, probably the oil from the equipment? has leaked out. Anyway, I doubt it's natural.




Equipment in question - still working I think, anyway, some more lovely rust on it. Also probably good inspiration for anyone needing something steampunky/mechanical




Took a lot of shots along the Oregon coast, this is one of my favorites - nice little private tiny outcropping into the sea with some lonely trees




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Here's a few from my photo album. These are from Writing-on-stone Provincial park in Alberta.






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I posted these photos in a couple of my threads. Then it occurred to me that Real Places don't necessarily have to be huge & impressive to inspire. Inspiration can be drawn form little things, perhaps even more powerfully that the imposing things. My friend, Lazetta, send me these:





Cool, eh?!

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Magnificent Photo's. 

The Nature photos are breathe taking, and so rich.

The moss at "Multnoma" Falls got me, I was there last year.

Its all closed now due to the fires (fear of mud slides), but when it opens

again, rush to see the place.

The Squirrel with the mushrooms is a life story all in itself.


I can't help but think that BiBury Village would make a perfect foil entrance to

the Forest of Horror you have created.  It's so proper and Quaint England isn't it !

Love the Photos.

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Lazetta sent along another inspirational photo:



I'm not sure if I would rather model it or live in it, but in either case, it is cool, eh?!

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This was my random screen saver pic today.



Hui Hang Caravan Trail. Like the rocks. It would be an interesting change from the greys we usually see for rocks on the gaming tables.

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This Tree grows somewhere in Poland. The photo appeared in quidamcorvus' Danse Macabre & Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum:



...a bit like my own Trees.

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