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Just finished Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Prey. It feels very much like Cornwell was looking for any gap in Sharpe's history into which he could cram a novel, since money is good. (I don't have an inherent problem with this, btw.)


The history was very interesting; Cornwell does good research and tells the history well. The character moments were a bit rote, not least because this is the book before Sharpe's Rifles, so anyone who started with the first book written will probably know a fair bit about how it has to end.


If you're a Cornwell or Sharpe fan, I'd recommend it. If not, I'd recommend starting the series elsewhere. And I would very much recommend reading the series if you like historical military fiction. It's among the best around.

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I read "The Skill of Our Hands" which is a sequel to "The Incrementalists" by Steven Brust and Skylar White. 


General premise is that there is a group that contains the memories of all of history, and can sometimes use that knowledge to nudge events going on to be better than they otherwise would be. Each member is still constrained by being human though, personality flaws and all. 


It is a different sort of book than I usually read, but Steven Brust is amazing so I gave those books a whirl. They're odd but enjoyable. 

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Just started reading Destroyermen #11 Blood in the Water. It's a series about an out of date WW2 US destroyer that gets sucked into an alternate Earth along with a Japanese cruiser they are fighting. The 2 main species on this new earth are small tyrannosaurs (bad guys) and giant lemurs (good guys). Many battles and many books but it's held my interest for quite a long time.

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I started reading Fear Familiar by Carolyn Haines... stopped about two pages in.


I have no idea whether it is a good book or not, I just know that I will enjoy it more reading it aloud to Megan - one of the characters is meant to be read aloud, in a Humphrey Bogart voice.... (The cat, schweetheart.)




Not the only book I have stopped reading early in, intending to come back - I started reading Slanted Jack by Mark Van Name when I was really in a mood for military science fiction.


The main character is a mercenary, with his own APC, and nanites lacing his blood - capable of incredible martial feats...


But the book itself is a caper - about him being part of a two man con game.... (Read it later - and it was a really fun book - just not military science fiction....) There are other books in the series that are military science fiction, just not that one. 


The Auld Grump

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Finally read the last four parts of the Serpent's Skull AP after starting it last year. Kind of a drag through most of it. Too focused on a location and doing the same thing over and over.




Nice collection of stories centered around characters in West Virginia.




Sutter's second novel following Salim, an "atheist" turned inquisition in the service of the goddess of death. An improvement in quality of writing over the first book; Sutter obviously had been growing as a writer between efforts, which is nice to see.


The premise is interesting enough: Souls are going missing. Salim must discover the where and why. In typical Pathfinder fashion, perhaps, the scenery along the way is better defined than the action. Locations and characters receive a lot of attention, but the investigation unfortunately stumbles along from spot to spot until the conclusion is reached in rather inorganic fashion.


Too long. Episodic. But I enjoyed it well enough. I enjoy reading Salim's dialogue in the voice of the desert warrior dude from the Mummy movies (aka the gigolo from Deuce Bigelow).

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      Fortunately over the last couple of decades more and more books geared specifically for game masters have been published. For those GMs that want to up their game, whether it be plot, combat, handling NPCs, worldbuilding, or problem players there's advice out there for that. Not all of them give good advice and not all are worth picking up. This thread aims to be a resource, not just creating a list of books but also giving a bit of a review.
      The books listed here will not include core books unless someone finds one with unique advice. At this point my idea is to keep the list more general and avoid books that are majority system specific.  You won't find the DMG listed here, but you might find a DMG II. After all, that's where the advice that got cut out of the first one ends up.
      Title: Cityscape
      Authors: Ari Marmell & C.A. Suleiman
      System: 3.5E d20 (w/ a lot of more generally applicable sections)
      Publisher: WOTC (2006)
      ISBN: 978-0-7869-3939-8
      In Print: No

      Title: GM Essentials Book 1: NPC Essentials
      Authors: Johnn Four
      System: Nominally 3.5E d20, but only one chapter is really tied to that system (a mini-adventure)
      Publisher: RPGObjects (2003)
      ISBN: 978-0-7869-3939-8
      In Print: No (?) Might be available electronically from Role Playing Tips (Johnn's Blog)

      Title: Hamlet's Hit Points
      Author: Robin D. Laws
      System: None
      Publisher: Gameplaywright (2010)
      ISBN: 978-0-9818840-2-8
      In Print: Yes

      Title: Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding
      Author: Wolfgang Bauer, Michael Stackpole, Keith Baker, Monte Cook, and others
      System: None (fantasy-oriented)
      Publisher: Kobold Press (2012)
      ISBN: 978-1936781119
      In Print: Yes

      Title: A Mighty Fortress
      System: 2E d20 (but it is also a historical reference)
      Publisher: TSR (1992)
      ISBN: 1-56076-372-8
      In Print: No, but .pdf
      Title: Play Dirty
      Author: John Wick
      System: None
      Publisher: John Wick (2015)
      ISBN: 978-0990547853
      In Print: Yes

      Title: Play Dirty 2
      Author: John Wick
      System: None
      Publisher: John Wick (2015)
      ISBN: 978-0990547860
      In Print: Yes

      Title: Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering
      Author: Robin D. Laws
      System: None
      Publisher: Steve Jackson Games (2002)
      ISBN: 1-55634-629-8
      In Print: Not last I checked, but you can track down a .pdf

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