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Cork Base WIP - The Old Way

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Looks to me this going to be a mighty fine base.


And who will be the lucky adventurer/critter/monster/machine that will go on it?


I will be watching this.

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Okay, been working on the base today at Finger Lakes Paint Day.


Did some base painting, added some sand, and then added a tree stump.


I added some of the removed cork along the top up to the trunk.




Then topped off the stump, primed the stump and painted more of the ground.




Next, final details.

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Okay, so not final details but the end of the night details for Paint Day.


Painting of the tree trunk is started and pushed the contrast a bit more than before.




Gonna be adding some moss between the cracks of the road pieces and eventually Realistic Water to the lower portion.

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Added some red foliage.  Alright, some of it is still wet with glue so it's kind of pink foliage there but it will dry back to solid red.


The red is ground foam.  I have giant bags of red, black and leaf green.  The black and leaf green will be used separately and mixed a bit on the creek bed for lichen and moss.


Once the glue is set for the red, I can wash sections of it with Reaper Walnut Brown to make it look more like foliage.  I'll likely also add some orangey/red highlights to give it a more fall look.




Some of the "foliage" you see in here are loose bits.  I haven't gone in to clean them all out yet because there are still some wet spots.




Why red?


Well, I like the unusual mixed with the mundane.  Amps up the fantasy aspect of the base without overwhelming the whole thing.  It's not like there aren't red clump foliage options in nature but the treatment here is definitely outside the norm.

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Added the Moss and Lichen to the water way areas.  Also placed some sand in the crevices of the flagstones.


Then added a wash to the red foliage to add depth to the whole thing.


More to come as I continue working on it this Paint Day.




Yes, the "black moss" is rather light at the moment.  As is the Lichen.  But they will darken once the white glue sets.  Just like the red foliage did.


I will also add a dark wash to them to set them apart a bit once they are dry.

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The foam is dried for the lichen and moss.  I added some washes to the whole base now.



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