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House Tabletop Opens "The Gameroom" Come on in and talk Gaming and Paint!

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So my gaming group uses a whiteboard on a wall instead of miniatures : ( 

combat maps are only used occasionally, but when they are we tend to form 2 ranks two PCs in reach,

using the first letter of each persons name to show where they stand.  I sit next to the board and do most of the tracking,  so I have some flexibility .


So while I was waiting for my turn realized it would be better if we coordinated names for the next campaign (we switch games regularly) Each person could pick whatever name they wanted, as long as it started with an appropriate letter. So our standard battle formation, could look like this: 











doesnt work because if 2 players have the same letter, than you might have to use an additional letter to track who is who .. but then that opens up 3-4 letter words.... hmm. 

for example if you had Oscar and Owen in the group I could write it this way: 









any other suggestions? 


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On 02/14/2017 at 8:19 AM, Chris Palmer said:

This past Friday, I had the fun opportunity to help GM a game of Frostgrave at our FLGS as part of a program to help provide opportunities for homeschooled kids to socialize and interact.    We played with reduced warbands consisting of just a wizard and four soldiers (costing no more than 250 Gold), that we GMs made up beforehand.


It was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to have a blast!  So much so that they want to play it again in a couple weeks. :)







If you guys are thinking about making this a regular program you might think about contacting some of your local Service Clubs and Fraternal Orgnizations and pitch them some sort of sponsorship support.

It can be adult personell to help out, money for supplies, or even providing space on a regular basis for the program to be run in.

You are providing a community service by hosting these games, even though I know you are having fun while doing it.  This is the best of both worlds where you get to have fun while doing something of value to the community.

Besides, when you make your pitch to the service clubs and fraternities you may turn up some new adults interested in RPGs and Wargames.


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Got in a few games of Dragon Rampant last night. First battle was the boiler pot scenario with my undead defending their dwarf dinner against the nasty elves who wanted to kill the dwarves themselves.

The battlefield after deployment:



The brave defenders from the grave:



Unfortunately, the elves advanced quickly and the pot was soon tipped over by the dragon rider.




Next scenario was a death chase, with the dead being the chased and the elves doing the chasing.



Turns out dragons are good at chasing, and I didn't make it half way before getting bogged down in combat.IMG_20171015_183835683.thumb.jpg.e2e7f9eadd0db577b72ac3ba2e1eece8.jpg


Soon it was down to a lone banshee, who put up a great fight but couldn't take on an army by herself.



Major lessons learned are to take a balanced force, and not to rely upon summoning to much. Both games ended with a unit of skeletons left stranded off the board.

Great fun had by all, though.

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We held the latest game in our Frostgrave Campaign this past Saturday, and I have posted the link to my Sigilist's latest report over in the Campaign thread:




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I played a game of Frostgrave at Reapercon this year (was supposed to play our NEMPA campaign but none of the schedules lined up)


The scenario was interesting.  There was a big creature in the center of the city inside a ring of standing stones.  It was armor 20 and could perform an Elemental Ball each creature phase.  there were statues with goblets about the city.  Models that spent an action at them could get a random potion from the goblet.  Half the treasures were scattered about the city. the rest were in the circle and could only be claimed by killing the monster.  Alternately, a spellcaster in contact with the circle could perform a ritual by making a spell casting roll.  When the total of the ritual rolls in a single round reach 50, the creature and everything within the circle (including the treasures) get sucked through a portal.  Also, any building that was occupies would have a random swarm of spiders or rats appear.


Was fun.  Oh and instead of a d20, all rolls were made with 2d10.  Made certain spells harder to cast.  Of course, it was impossible for my Summoner to roll a one and have a demon try and eat him, so there was that.

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5 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

Sounds like a cool scenario!  

So did anyone manage to kill the beast?

Well, an archer was able to shoot it for 2 points of damage.  Then a pair of infantryman from the same warband charged through a wall of dog into the circle to get away from a spider (a spider that had just one shored their archer buddy).  The miraculously survive the creatures attack and one did 4 points of damage.  Then the other 3 wizards (i was too busy snagging treasures) completed the ritual and the brave warriors were sucked through the portal along with the beast and the treasure.


I like to think that they killed the beast, took the treasure and made their way back to this plane to live out their lives as kings.  Or blew it all on women and wine.  Either one makes a good story.

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On 10/25/2017 at 9:27 PM, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

I didt care too much for the 2d10 vice the d20.  Made certain things too hard to cast.  I like the single die roll.


Yeah that’s a problem when you start to tinker with rules; you fix one thing only to break something else. 

I love the single die in Frostgrave, and think it gives a dramatic feel to some outcomes and makes the game more exciting. 

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