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Hey all!


It's been a bit since I've been able to paint up anything. I started back to school and between that, the requisite homework accompanying it, and working (as well as trying to make time to see people and sleep somewhere in there) my painting has fallen by the wayside. I've had a little more freetime that I didn't spend doing other things here lately though, and one of the beneficiaries of that was Goldar here.


I (like I'm sure others) envisioned him as a D&D goliath. I considered trying to freehand some tattoos on him, but I was too scared to try it and just left him as-is. Maybe one day I'll make an attempt. Sorry for the less-than-stellar photos here. Did them with my phone under a kitchen light (not the light I paint by -- but close).



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Looks good! I think however the white background have made the mini much darker then it actually is hence harder to see details of the mini.

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Thanks. Yeah, I'm not sure what else to try. I'm working with a pretty minimal setup, being limited to the camera on my phone. I'm open to suggestions for a better alternative!

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You did a good job on him.

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Good job, hard to really see the details, but it looks like you do need more highlighting in order to really make it pop.

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Perhaps using a darker gray or brown backgorund would help? I am not too good with photos but I use gray resin dungeon tiles to take my pictures. That as well as two table lamps and a samsung galaxy s2.  

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    • By KingMob
      For your consideration: Reaper Bones miniature Female Anti-Paladin.

      It wasn't until I started on my idea for the shield that I realized that *it* was the Main Character. Not exactly a daemon-possessed sword, but a symbiotic relationship none-the-less. Extravagant tone with bright, decadent colors. She-Hulk for the hair.  Massive Voodoo for the dots. (More dots!) My cat Zen for the eyes. (He's a Tom.) Lots of non-textured areas to tell a story. Great player character or reoccurring NPC. 
      A lesson of extreme - in Color and form. The armor was protective but the clothing was tattered like a torn mesh bodysuit. Heavy straps encircled limbs and the armored boots formed like hooves. Toothy maw adornment on the armor hints at hunger. A very introspective Pin-Up.

      I hope you enjoy. :)

    • By Metalchaos
      Here are "many" pictures of my entry for the Reaper 4th Quarterly Facebook Group Painting Contest.
      I wanted unusual colors for the armor and after painting her, I decided to call her "Pink kills".
      Shaern Female Antipaladin was scuplted by Bobby Jackson.
      The pieces of monster on the base are parts from Reaper's 03334, Creature Components and 03440, Creature Components II.
      The first picture was my entry in the contest. Comments and critiques are very welcome.













    • By Darcstaar

      This is was my entry for the 4th quarterly Reaper Facebook contest.  It was good enough for 3rd place!
      There were so many well painted models, and awesome interpretations.
      As I was planning it, my starting idea was copper nmm.  I didn't want the typical verdigris.  Then I thought a bluish or purple to counter the orange, so that got me thinking Drow with purple glazed into her shadows. 
      Then I took that farther to try to get OSL in her eyes, shield, and base as if she was casting 'protection from good' or something.
      Sadly, the OSL was saved to the end when I ran out of time.  So I tried a bright rim around those areas, then a purple glaze.  It wasn't striking enough for my tastes, but ... deadlines!
      So, I hope you like her.
      Sorry if the photo is blurry, it's a cell phone screen grab.
      C&C welcome.
    • By Jeswise Gamgee
      This is my first post.
      I'm relatively new at this, I've painted fewer than 10 minis, but I really like it.
      I have Multiple Sclerosis so my hands shale and my vision gets... weird... sometimes, so I tend to take an incredibly long time. 
      Here's a recap of the last 17 hours:

      My friend I am doing this for is playing a character with only 1 axe, so I removed the second one with wire cutters and used modeling putty to fix where I marred the coat. Still a bit rough.
      I might put a dagger in his hand or something. Not sure. 
      I found that I need to do their faces first because if I mess up a face on an already painted body it is hard to strip and start over.

      I noticed that what I thought was hair was actually little robe-orniments so I painted them copper.

      All his leather belts and buckles were really hard on my hands!

      I didnt want him to look too much like Thor, so I decided he's a warm-colors kind of guy.

      I need to learn how to make the metal look reflective like some of you do!

      The horn on his back is 'Horn of Gondor' colors. 

      Good ol 'pencil for scale' picture for a friend.
      He probably will take me another 6 hours or so to finish, but I had to quit to sleep for now.
      Taking time to look or comment means a lot to me, you guys are great. 

      Hope I can finish him tomorrow! 

      Why do 2 pictures keep randomly loading below this point? I keep deleting but they just come back. Halp!
      (Duplicate pics removed by OneBoot :) )
    • By jonaas33
      This is the very first fig that I ever bought, 8 or 9 years ago.  It was for my first D&D session with some close friends, and I fell in love with the game on the spot.  This character has gone through a lot: demonic armor possession, lost both of his eyes, had a hole punched through his chest, died 3 times, came back as a zombie, body taken over by a lich, and currently resurrected in the body of a half-ogre.  I have a new fig for the character and his new body, but this one will always have a special place in my heart.  I finally got around to painting him over the weekend.  His eyes are a little googly, and the attempt at highlighting didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I'm glad he turned out OK.  Tips on highlighting would be most appreciated, as that's what I was trying out on this one.  Thanks as always!

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