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Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale: Pathfinder Module Playing

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Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale



Jason Bulmahn

Development and Editing:

Jason Bulmahn, Mike McArtor, Jeremy Walker

Cover Artist:

Warren Mahy

Interior Artist:

Vincent Dutrait, Drew Pocza, Christophe Swal


Christopher West

Graphic Designers:

James Davis, Drew Pocza

Senior Art Director:

Sean Glenn

Brand Manager:

Jason Bulmahn


Erik Mona

W1: Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale

is a GameMastery Module designed for four 6th-level characters. By the end of this

module, characters should reach 8th level. This module is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is

s uitable for use with the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

The OGL can be found on page 31 of this product.

Paizo Publishing, LLC

2700 Richards Road, Suite 201

Bellevue, WA 98005

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"Land, Gold, and Title!" Those are what was promised for taming the great swath of wilderness known as the Bloodsworn Vale, but so far, the journey has been little but hardship and boredom. As the miles roll past and the Mindspin Mountains draw ever nearer, the company you travel with has grown stedily mor subdued. Some even whisper that the Vale is haunted or even cursed!

After crossing  through the Icedeep Pass, the wagons pull up short to take in the view. Far in the distance, the ice-capped peaks of the Mindspin range are visible beyond a lush green wilderness. Below spreads a sea of leaves, broken only here and there by fields of blood red roses. Perhaps twenty miles ahead a wooden fort breaks through the forest canopy, with a thin wisp of smoke twisting into the air. Suddenly the promises of Land, Gold and Title don't seem so far fetched after all.


Beside you is an Oread, Wyviran, two elves, and a Human. All with a look of wonder or greed in their eyes.

OOC (you all meet formally here so introduce yourselves now)

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The wyvaran cocks her head briefly and the giant weasel chitters next to her. She looks at it calmly "Yes. I do believe you shall have plenty of room to explore Velocity."


She scratches behind the ears with affection, her claws seeming to easily get beneath the fur

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He raised his hand to shade his eyes from the sun as he looked out across the forest and rosebriars that lay before them. a low, thoughtful "hmm" the only sound he made just yet. The clothes he wore were simple, without any ornamentation at all, and coloured soft earthy tones of grey and tan. He wore boots that came up to his knees, and showed signs of wear, as though they, like the man who wore them, had seen many miles of travel on his own feet. From outward apperance he did not seem to be wearing anything in armor, though there was a fine shield slung over his shoulder, bearing no device or arms of any kind, and the battleaxe at his side was polished, sharp, and seemed ready to hand at any moment, as did the pair of throwing axes and woodsmans hand axe that hung in balance upon his opposite side. Beneath the shield a quiver full of arrows and a longbow, that the elves might easily recognize as crafted by their own people, where worn. 


Finally he actually spoke "maybe seven leagues. Should be there by nightfall"

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One of the elves, a fiery-haired, emerald-eyed young woman in what looks to be a quite practical elvish woodsman's garb, who has spent much of the trip so far trying to cheer people up with a variety of mostly elvish and human songs and trying to keep her wolf from nervously growling at the giant weasel, looks ahead with a broad smile and exclaims, "Oooh, look at that picturesque wilderness!" She chuckles. "Wouldn't surprise me one bit if that was 'haunted' by, say, fey or humanoids who're none to keen on sharing that land with ever more humans..."

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The other elf in the group is a pale skinned jade eyed beauty.  Her long jet black hair is held in place with a garnet studded caul, while her silken armor, and desert bred horse and tack hint at having traveled far and wide.  Her clothing while practical is well made and fashionable.  Tasteful jewelry flashes from her throat, wrists, ears and fingers.  A supple metal studded leather gauntlet adorns her left hand.

He close lipped smile is sardonic as she replies.


"It's been my experience that most any haunt can be exorcised with the right method."  She then turns her attention towards the fort in the distance.  "It will be nice to not spend the night under the open stars.  Perhaps I might be able to find a bit of entertainment for the night within as well."

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The red-haired woman chuckles and shakes her head. "Entertainment? In what the humans would presumably consider a frontier fort? Chances are that'll mostly consist of whatever alcoholic beverages these wagons will deliver." She then looks skyward for a moment, without any really obvious cause, before grinning at the other elf and continuing, "Of course, if that is indeed correct, you're still in luck. I'm pretty sure that tonight, the locals won't be all that dependent on spirits to raise spirits." She twitches her nose. "Well, provided of course they're not overly rude in dealing with unusual pets."

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he looked at the two elf women for a moment, shook his head ever so slightly before adjusting the burden on his shoulders and set out forward at a strong steady pace.

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The wyvaran chuckled briefly. Her own green scales gleamed slightly as sh kept her wings neatly folded " I shall enter the town, but it is not my comfort zone. I much prefer the forest to civilization. Velocity will also appreciate more freedom of movement. He has ever been more comfortable outside than inside."

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"No surprise. The noise and the crowds disturb most forms of wildlife. Shweel likes it less than I by far" Pausing a moment he turned and looked at the druid, and her companion "Shweel is an owl, and my friend. Do see to it that your companion does not take it in his head to try make a meal of her." 

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Velocity watched the two as Rowan responded "He only hunts when I do not feed him and when he does he prefers larger game yo hunt . So Shweel should be safe. I am Rowan."

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Goran was acting as rear guard for the caravan on this segment of the journey. He walked to the front of the caravan where the others were waiting.


"About time we reached the woods. Hopefully it'll be more fun than avoiding horse droppings.  If it weren't for those berries you told me *not* to eat, I would've died of boredom. Seriously, seeing that many stars during daylight was a real good show, and I swear those horsetails were singing. We should make pies out of those!"


The young man a peculiar one. He was powerfully built and quite proud of showing off his physical attributes, but he was curiously adept at minor magics. He was always fiddling with a coin or a dagger in his hand, and the way they moved was above the level of mere parlor tricks. And for strange reasons, he always seemed to be changing clothes, far more clothes than his baggage would carry. Though he had demonstrated that he is somewhat knowledgeable and altogether good-natured, his brash tendency to brag left a sour taste. He made it quite clear on his first day that as a follower of Desna, from his point of view a caravan adventure was a rite of passage.


He looks at the horizon. "So what's that? About 20 miles? We'll probably need another day to go through the forest with the wagons. So we gonna charge through or scout it a bit?"

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"Garrett Blackstone" He said with a nod to the wyveran. "At the other's comments he nodded, yes, 20 or so miles, give or take. Eight hours or so on foot if we do not push ourselves. I am not going to leave the wagons unwatched simply for a few creature comforts. Might jog on ahead and scout for trouble though"

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The redhead, who had mentioned her name was Lavanliril early on in the trip, stood beside the others and gazed ahead. "Scout for trouble? Well, I guess I could try asking around a bit, if the local birds have any tales to tell. Though admittedly, I'd wager most of them would be more concerned by this caravan than anything right now."

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