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Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale: Pathfinder Module Playing

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The caravan leader calls suddenly for everyone to finalize whatever they were doing. The wagons then start to slowly move down a steep mountain road into the vale, the booming voice of the caravan leader saying "next stop Fort Thorn, I don't want to stop in those wilds."

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Garret simply kept on walking. Seemingly unconcerned with the rest, though he does seem a might more watchful, and his hand doesn't seem to venture far from the haft of his axe.

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Lavanliril tilted her head, shrugged, and decided to follow the short fellow with a wooden expression to match his stone-faced one. She didn't manage to keep it up long before giggling at the joke, uncaring that nobody else was actually in on it.

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At the sound of giggling he turned his head to look, one eyebrow cocked slightly, emerald eyes flashing with a mixture of confusion and amusement.

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"Fort Thorn... and roses. I gather the roses are part of the local charm. Well, until they started to suck souls or something. My plan, we see roses, we go around them. We'll find an existing footpath to reach the fort soon enough."


He looks at the caravan master.


"This time I'm walking in front!"

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The horses made good time down a winding trail but as you come to near the forests the trail becomes overgrown and is covered on thorn bushes in places. The caravan weaves its way slowly through the trail, two burly men with kukuri go ahead hacking enough clearance out of the underbrush, for the hoses to get through. after hours of grueling travel you come upon the fort itself. The fort is small consisting of eight buildings in total, five towers line the walls and the gates are hastily opened for the caravan, despite it being late into the night.

OOC(now is the time to explore the town with your new friends ask for a number you would like tovisit

A7 & A6 are barracks

A8 is the forge, named The Crimson Blade

A10 is an inn The Boar Bones

A9 is an Apothocary

A4 is a Magic shop named The Red Starlight

A2 is a stable

A5 are watchtowers

A1 is the front gate

A3 is town hall where you are to meet with Gyrad Tolgrith


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Lavanliril shrugs slightly. "Sleep, that I'd suggest for just a little later. The inn does sound like a good place to start, though, for getting a feel of the place, the people, the mood. Maybe even get a room before they're all taken by other weary travelers. Yes, a little rumor-mongering, a little drink, a little entertainment, then a good night's rest. I'm sure the Tolgrith fellow will prefer to see us better rested, oh and possibly cleaned, i do hope i can get a bath." She tentatively starts in the direction of the inn, though waiting to see if anyone is coming along.

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"agreed, the Inn for now. A meal, and a nights rest would be no bad thing" He said with a nod towards the elf before scratching at his chin. "though in the morning, I think I shall want to see if the forgemaster has skill to work cold iron"

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"By the Gods, that took for ever. Haven't felt tired like this in a while. I really need a good long sss...aay is that singing I hear?" His face lights up as he notices the tavern. "We should probably all drop by and give them the news that we've arrived."



Incidentally, what's the mood of the tower guards when they see us? Surprise? Relief? What are we carrying in those wagons by the way?

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As you take the short walk to the tavern you hear the sound of much merriment emminating from a rather large building (presumably the tavern) Laughter and songs emanate from the tavern, a big sign over it says The Boar Bones emblazoned in bright red letters, under the letting is a design of a boars scull that has been colored hastily wight.  A sign on the doors says "Open, Rose Ale on Tap Since: Yesterday". The atmosphere in the tavern is enthusiastic, yet there does seem to be a heaviness over the crowd. A bar maid comes, she is dressed in a crimson dress, she wears an apron that has been starched recently, she has brown hair and blue eyes. She smiles happily at the five of you and says "How are you folks, feel free to sit where ever you wish, if youcome for a room we have several vacancies at the moment. Can I get you anything?"


"I would like to arrange, in order, a room, a meal, and some drink"


Lavanliril looks around the room for a moment, then turns toward the maid, smiling, and chirps, "Well, I think I might want to freshen up first, a bath ideally, but a simple water basin for a quick and hopefully not too dirty wash will do in a pinch. On a room, preferably, so I can change, too. This darkleaf may be practical, but it's just not the most pleasant garb on the eyes. Which reminds me, who do I have to talk to about arrangements that might see me offer my services for raising spirits, in exchange perhaps for enjoying the inn's amenities? After all, I rather doubt you get gifted performers passing through, or possibly even dropping in for a while, every day, so even being able to boast you're the best and only place in town, I'm sure I could liven up the place a bit more than usual."

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The Maid looking a bit flustered by Lavanliril's requests bows and says "yes I shall take care of the beverages, you must see the tavern keep for the rooms, and bath. His is over there." She gestures to the bar, before continuing " and you may sing as you wish, though the free drinks aren't a guarantee See smiles to Jezzharell." And I shall go get the drink right away, we just had a shippment of raspberry mead, recently, the first glass is free with a meal, were serving roast mutton today with potato."  

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      Here's another post.
      Hellakin languished on my shelf of shame for about 5 years.  He was intended as an entry into a forum contest for painting "little people."
      Life got in the way.  I recently decided to finish him, in a little bit of a rushed fashion.
      He sat and sat at the basecoat stage.  I struggled with figuring out how to do his cloak black.
      I am not too happy with it.  It reads dark blue, as I'm trying to paint black without cycling up through gray, as you'll see here:
      I'm more pleased with the gold nmm on the knife than the steel.
      But, I tried to really suggest he's in a dark area by the shadowed part of the blade remaining nearly black.
      Here are some more shots of him.

      I'm pretty pleased with the hair color and face:

      He's got a very intense stare.
      The eyebrows didn't please me very much.
      The base is a "hollow" round base with a circle of cobblestone patterned sheet styrene from a model railroad supply hobby shop that I painted up to give him a feeling of being in a dungeon.
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      Overall, he fills a missing niche among my painted figures of an iconic halfling rogue.
      C&C Welcome.
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