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Guildy's Swamp Terrain pics (and maybe other stuffs)

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Bit sad I've not actually been spending a lot of time doing Terrain. It seems like you can paint models, play games or make terrain but not really all three lol


Anyway so dakkadakka is having another Lord of the Rivets (League of Extraordinary Riveters is offical title) friendly terrain comps and I've had an idea kick around in the back of my head for a while now.


What do you do with all those blankety blank square bases now that GW's made Fantasy move to rounds?!


Sadly they don't line up quite as well as I'd hoped however, I think it still pretty much works. Here's the contents of half of my base  collection >< (Just the 20mm GW squares, if they were a bit bigger I'd use em for RPG!)


Also I played with my new hot wire foam cutter. I don't think it was really meant to work with quite as dense foam as the pink insulation foam is, but it worked ok as long as I went slowly. So using it, I cut the stairs in. My next plan is to see how I can make columns with it. I may try something a little ornate, but we'll see. 


This is meant to be an Egyptian abandoned temple. Or small shrine really. 


To this end I ordered pretty much all the Reaper statues types, but I'm not 100% sure which I'll end up using. I'm thinking one main 75mm figure in the center and the smaller at the edges. 


The setting is a desert, but I had originally thought I would put water in the concave tiles (upside down bases). I may do a few, like it's drying out. Have to see how it goes I guess. It's not terribly realistic for the tiles to have water left in a desert unless they're fed somehow continually, or near an oasis. I may go with the oasis idea so then I can have the sand everywhere but still making the water realistic to see.LOER.thumb.jpg.a19364dc238c9b2e3038866c2d4593b2.jpg

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More WIP on the Egyptian temple, I've been looking at images of Egyptian real temples, mostly Luxor. And trying to decide how to go about incorporating its elements.


This is with the foam pieces cut for the columns and laid out experimentally:





BAST side (May be NSFW!!):



And here it is with the columns sanded down to more round (not true round as that's just a bit impossible for me atm):




I'm currently waiting for my coat of burnt umber to dry on the base. I etched some lines on the columns to help start the decorating process.

From looking at pictures of Egyptian art and from statues, it appears that both Anubis and Bast (the two statues I've picked to go in the temple/ruin) were both either painted black or done in something like Jet. Either way it's black so I'm thinking I'll roll with that as it'll make a really good contrast. 


In general from what I know of Egyptian art it's very colourful, and I want to retain that as much as possible since this will be getting a lot of weathering. I've found generally if you're going to weather something but want it to still look good on the table, high contrast is very helpful.





apologies in advance, I totally spaced that Bast was topless, so I've spoilered her image just in case

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I did the columns today, tried to give them a bit of a vein structure. A lot of that will likely be covered up in stage 2

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Cool terrain project!

I love old Egypt!


Looking forward to see it's completion!

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Thanks Glitterwolf =D


I'm trying for some authenticity without being too pedantic about it - painted columns:





Started on the design for the rest of the pillars/support posts (loosely based on Egyptian Fresco pictures):




And here's a quick view of the statues WIP - I'm thinking of doing some colour on the statues as well, over the gold, as I think taking a bit of liberty with the art you can see Egyptians using turquoise etc as well as precious metal. Not sure if I want to keep Anubis' skull he's holding gold or not. I may rather make it look more natural instead. Also, I'm trying to go for more of a jet look on these statues (hence the black) so I washed them with glossy nuln oil (black wash), and I'll probably be using a satin varnish over them.


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Oooh, very nice work on the Egyptian temple, I love what you've done so far!!:winkthumbs:

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