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Guildy's Swamp Terrain pics (and maybe other stuffs)

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LOOKIN' GOOD! You've done a SPLENDID job on the ruins...GREAT WORK!

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Got more done on my Dead of Winter terrain piece (Frostgrave terrain #1) - snow's still wet in these pics. Also, waiting on second corpse marker to dry so I can add it (and snow to it). Then final touches and this is one done piece!




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Finished my Dead of Winter Frostgrave/MWG terrain piece


Next time, I will learn to do icicles! I had planned on some for this but decided to wait because of money. So, next time :D anyways pics!









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working on a new project (due like now! just for Smiles and Giggles on another site) and thought I'd take pics of WIP as I go, since I'm waiting impatiently for the paint to dry to get the next part lol




^^ So, bit of a swamp theme (again). The overall theme is "power". Now I'm not good at sci fi, and I tried, and tried. Finally gave that up. And it occurred to me, voila, warpstone ala Skaven ingenuity! So, this is why swamp. Cuz, my guys are swamp based and well, you never know where a Skaven Engineer will conduct his experiments! And yes, water + power (warpstone) prolly not the best mix as our unfortunate Skaven Engineer is about to find out!


Started with a piece of fiberboard because that's what I have at the moment. Added strategically torn cork pieces. Primed.




^^ simple black on cork, medium/dark brown on rest of area




Ehh skipped a few steps here, but really easy - medium grey drybrush on the cork; green + grey 1/2 wash, 1/2 db stippling to create the swampy water, repeat with successively lighter green to give character.




repeat same stippling on cork, also with the green



mixed some of the medium brown in with the green wash/paint from before + water to make a quick wash for the whole cork areas. The grey drybrush in the first step picks this up especially and helps it look more "earthy" at the end.

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