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Guildy's Swamp Terrain pics (and maybe other stuffs)

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Aaaand done! bit too quick, since I had a deadline, would have liked to do a few more things. I might come back to it later. Especially when I get more on my actual swamp board done. But anyway:











And this is for the start of another project I'm trying to complete in May:



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OUTSTANDING WORK!LOVE the derrick thingy! Since no terrain is ever actually complete, you can always revisit it with some new twist.

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OUTSTANDING WORK!LOVE the derrick thingy! Since no terrain is ever actually complete, you can always revisit it with some new twist.

Truth! and you know how it is, our beloved projects are never truly done lol


it's all I can do not to start redoing some of my older minis, now that I know more how to do them!


here's my latest WIP on my Portal terrain, the car is coming along nicely I think. First time I've really tried the chipping (traditionally hairspray) method of weathering. usually I paint over the top coat. I have to say though this looks really cool and was a lot of fun to do!






And the mockup:




on a 12"x12" art canvas board i'd forgotten I had

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Maybe I'm as clueless as a deadite, but is that some kind of movie reference with a car going through a portal? ;-)


Great idea, liking the execution.


Not actually at least not one  I know of - although buckeroo bonzai comes to mind :P


It's meant to represent the great breach between Earth and Malifaux, or maybe a smaller one anyway, since the Great one is large enough to fit a freight train (which sounds like my next project ^_^)


I wanted the car to be going through helping show the differences between the two sides - one all nice and normal, Earth; one not so nice, dark and scary aka Malifaux.


At least I have the change down now I think.





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That's cool! I like the way it looks new on one side of the portal and all beat up on the other side.

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Well trying to cast a portal for my Portal piece, don't think it's going well... Will check in morning but I'm pretty sure all my resin just leaked out the sides of my "mold" so I'm likely going to go with plan B. Will update when I know what that is. lol



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Welp since the contest for the Portal terrain is now in judging, I can post my final pics :D









I have to admit, by this point, and four or more (it's all a blur!!) failed attempts at casting an actual Portal, I just got tired of the piece. So it's not as nice as I'd like, but it's done. I may revisit it later. Much, much later. Like when I am not feeling like throwing it through a window or something.


Anyway, so, wanted to update with my built kits as well. These are GW kits which are a lot of fun honestly. I had a slight issue with the Manufactorum (building) because I was missing a sprue and didn't realize it til I'd actually started building, without floors! I emailed GW and they very quickly shipped me a replacement, which was awesome. Especially considering I'd actually bought this thing in like December and am only now getting to it...




Of course when I picked it up, from where it was drying (washed with simple green to remove mold release) I lost a wall section so I'll need to reglue that ><




And here is the Citadel Wood, a fun kit as well! I'm not horribly looking forward to painting the leaves, but I really didn't want to pass up the chance to do an autumnal themed set. If I get another one of these, and I likely will, I'll make a dead wood for my swamp area, probably.

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Quick WIP of my Skull throne thingy - actually known as GW out of print Magewrath Throne, but I like Skull thingy.  I put some 'dirt' between the stone patches and skulls. I'm envisioning it like some sort of stack of giant skulls someone set up, protruding out of the ground, with vines and decay covering it.


And I need to check my Reaper mini stash, really need to see if I have a vulture from the pet familiars - going to do some birds nests, two or three maybe, some eggs in the eye sockets. As well as probably some vegetation. Probably obscuring a good portion of the skulls in parts. Kind of want that lost in the jungle/time aztec look to it. Still working on the throne part that goes on top, as well.


Adding a larger base, with maybe some of the tower buried in "dirt" as well as some other vegetation like maybe some trees... Have to see! these things tend to grow on me... I was supposed to just paint the silly thing :P



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Very cool!


I'm looking forward to seeing your 'skull thingy' all jungle'd up.

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      Next is the big tyranid, grey stuff is from the bits box, light-brown is Fimo sculpting clay and green is green-stuff. It is mostly done, but need a bit of grinding a maybe a few more details. The tail is going to end into next picture, where the tau is in big trouble (or is he?). The tau is painted, but the tail is just sculpted and a few strokes of priming.
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      Feel free to suggest, critiq and comment on anything, thanks for looking.

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