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Nova Aetas: Dark Renaissance Tactical Game

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About this project







8555b053523e48eeedff15a0fd30616c_originaCore box overview



Nova Aetas is a tabletop miniatures wargame set in an alternative Renaissance world. Inspired by classic Japanese tactical RPGs such as 'Final Fantasy Tactics' and 'Tactics Ogre', in Nova Aetas you will battle enemies controlled by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. With every challenge you will be presented with meaningful choices that will change the course of game events. Nova Aetas will captivate you with its high detailed miniatures and its high quality components.




Our primary goal is to produce Nova Aetas as a boxed game that will include everything you need to play the first series of adventures. However the world of Nova Aetas does not end there! With your support, we have prepared many stretch goals that will unlock a unique series of special characters to include in your campaigns, that we think you will find surprising! On top of that, we have plans for a number of different expansions that will add new challenges, new hero classes and new enemies to face... and this is just the beginning!





The material you see in the image here above may change, in fact we hope to collect enough funds to improve the quality of the components and perhaps even increase the number of pieces. The miniatures are 38mm tall and will be cast in high-quality PVC. Constructions and game boards will be made from 2mm cardboard, just like the Horologium and Perilium (treath counter).

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They are funded already on day 2 which is great...I'm in because it looks interesting.not super expensive and interesting looking minis

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While I do wish these guys the best of success the "third" attempt makes me hesitent of backing it. I can only hope that they've used this extra month between last failed KS and this launch to prepare for the fulfillment. :)

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They're all about curious choices, it seems.


For example, on the third attempt, the only explanation for not providing a scale shot - well, this side of wanton incompetence causing them to not actually have come across the very concept due to not listening to people and not doing any research - would be their outright not wanting to provide one for... what reason, exactly?


Also, I know that during the draft phase of this campaign, somebody tried to bring up the matter of "if you do resin heroes anyways, why not offer a resin heroes pledge for miniatures gamers?" Good question. Ignored question...


Personally, I also can't say I find the extra miniatures such awesome a bonus I'm inclined to pay, what, $40 more than the game would've been on the previous campaign. But that's apparently mostly me, seeing how much better the campaign is doing...

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This thread hasn't seen an update in a while, but I know people were curious about the quality of the minis: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1682672801/nova-aetas-dark-renaissance-tactical-game-0/posts/1501272?ref=backer_project_update The Swiss guard seems pretty plain, but the other two appear like they're holding the detail pretty well

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This is still moving along, though they haven't received any pvc samples yet. The resin masters looks fantastic though. The latest update has the blacksmith:


And the Architect:


Also, I never noticed at the time, but Giovanni del Nord looks suspiciously like a bastard from the north:


He even has a wolf's head on the pommel of his sword.


This doesn't look much like a dire wolf though:


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I received the resin heroes set yesterday. They are great looking minis. A bit on the tall side, but they don't look out of place next to Reaper figures. They do look pretty fragile though. One mini was holding a dagger over her head, and it snapped off where it joined the hand. This even though they were well packaged for shipping in a nice looking box with foam padding.

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