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Making a Mordheim warband mostly for fun, as I don't have any locals to play with, but maybe it can create a little wave among the local Necro players. :D

So I bought these really cool minis from Heresy. Three ghouls and a necromancer. I am going to need five ghouls total, three dregs and a vampire, but first things first. 


I've based them and shaded, and are currently waiting for them to dry:


Based bronze skin tone:



Shaded with plenty of Agrax Earthshade:



Could not help myself. The necromancer was pointing at something, and I added another 'finger' from the sprue remains. 



Based with grey:


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Following this with interest. I have these models in my stash.

Me too. These are my favorite ghoul models ever. Nice to see somebody painting them, as I remain intimidated by my own set.

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Glued, dry brushed with base flesh tone, then drenched in Seraphim Sepia:



Necro got bleached bone skin tones and some metal details in bronze: 


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Cloth and weapon details based greyish brown. Bleached bone drybrushed on entire mini to generate some depth:


Comparisons for the drybrush: 


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Eyes, mouth and claws:



Gore is done by tapping this brush on affected areas:



Blood and dirt, last step for tonight: 


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Phew, and after some hours of sleep, I regenerated enough energy to finish the painting. I don't have any electric drill/file, so he'll have to live with six fingers, but I don't think that kind of mutation is this guys biggest problem. 

Now only basing remains:



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    • By lazarp
      This one was super fun to paint 
      This is the first time I tried to do glowing effect on a mini, I think it could have been better but I like how it turned out!
      Comments and criticism are welcome 

    • By joshuaslater
      So much character!
    • By lazarp
      I'm in love with this mini, that retro feel it has is just great!
      I had a lot of fun painting it and tried being bold with the basing 
      Really happy with how it turned out 

    • By lazarp
      This is the mini I painted a few months back.
      My first try at painting tattoos too :D
      I'm very happy how he turned out, I've used him as a boss in my dnd campaign and people loved him :D

      Next to a Mantic Greatax Orc :D

      Next to a heavily converted 03197: Thelgar Halfblood :D


    • By lazarp
      So I started collecting Slaves to Darknes miniatures because I want to get into Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
      I already bought a bunch of minis of ebay really cheap, some official gw, some avatars of war, and I found a few oldchool chaos heroes from the 90's in the collection of a friend who plays dnd with me. 
      I want to have a deamon prince mini but I'm not really into giving a bazillion euros just to start out at a game, if you get me 
      So I decided to make my own for less than 5 euros.
      I bought two cheap toys, took wings of the dragon and glued them onto the demon, glued the demons arms, torso, head etc. to make him fixed. Filled holes with fimo air. 
      Also made an axe for him out of sprue, cut up plastic and fimo air.
      I didn't have a 60mm base at home and was to lazy to go to the local games club to buy some, so I cut up cardboard, stuck some styrodur, decorative rocks and sand and then spray painted it all.
      When the fimo drys I will spray paint the demon as well and post results  Thanks for reading!

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