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Arc 724

Nuclear Plant 01 - Destructible Environments Edition

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Nuclear Plant is the first piece and series of pieces I will be making for my wargaming endeavors. The idea of my pieces are that they will have multiple pieces: So instead of, "The building is now destroyed" and you remove it from the game board, you replace it with the completely destroyed version. On top of that, the constructed piece will have removable bits so it shows a change-over-time. I like a good atmosphere when I play.


This piece I had in the back of my head during Thanksgiving last year. My sister-n-law made these desserts that came in these squarish cups. I turned them upside down and the follow is what I saw.



  • Squarish dessert Cups
  • Cologne Sample bottles (from Mary Kay)
  • Plastic card from an Electrical sign off a construction site
  • Old plastic sprues from Gundam model.
  • Woodland Scenic Realistic Water.
  • and finally, the top antenna piece: a flow control piece from a faucet.


post-13341-0-13045000-1453838302.jpg post-13341-0-96877200-1453838304.jpg


post-13341-0-65107200-1453838307.jpg post-13341-0-84328100-1453838309.jpg



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After priming I set out to add a little color and started the realistic water effect. In the pictures below you will see 3 green sections. The one in the center is going to be the main focus. I plan on using a duller green wash from Vallejo to dull the two silos down a bit. The center section was multiple layers of the realistic water. The first layer was clear the subsequent ones have a bit of Clear green added to the mix. I'll take a close up of it once all is said and done. And as you can see from the constructed piece, I took one of the silos off. They screw in. Pretty neat ah?


post-13341-0-23270700-1453845925.jpg post-13341-0-12306500-1453845928.jpg

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Thanks y'all . I finished it the other night. I need to get some picture up.

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