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Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

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So this bad boy is on the painting table! (Ok technically he's been on the painting table for months, but now he's slated to get actually painted!)


Son wants red with black o.O like red wings going to necrotic black... he always wants to challenge me ><



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Some of my recent WIP:


The Terrorgheist:



Some shelf of shame minis: 4 Stormvermin that are carry my warlord's litter:




Also here is some work on the Deffkopta conversion I've been working on (not fully on its base yet)



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You've got some pretty cool projects on the go!


i especial like the Terorgheist.

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On 4/14/2017 at 3:02 PM, Xherman1964 said:

Those Stormvermin also look great!

I'd like to see the litter!

(Guildy looks on in confusion as they appear to have moved the 'quote' button and muscle memory is having a hard time finding it :P)


Here's the 'vermin with the Litter =D I am in the process of building a place to put all our finished minis (converting an area to storage and putting up shelves) so most of the minis are just sitting out on the table atm. As an aside if someone had told me you have to dust these things, I would have started on the storage a lot sooner lol





Also took a break from:




To do some work on these:




We played our latest game Saturday (I lost, again) and I really wanted to have my trukks whole and painted, but they were bought off ebay so Saturday they were pretty much in pieces. I'd been working on cleaning them up since I got them, from some really horrid paint and superglue problems, and I finally had the impetus to do a little work on them, mostly assembling and basecoating the majority (Still some bits that need priming as I added them later, hence you can still see the original red paint - that is stuck on like crazy)

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Liking the skaven litter you have done.  If I wasn't an ork at heart I would be a skaven for sure.


Gotta love the ork trukk, red ones go fasta!

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Awesome litter!


As for storage,  plastic containers will save you from the dustbunnies!


Reptilians, Chaos and Undead are my poison.

Of course Chaos includes Skaven and Greenskins in my book ( Realm of Chaos )




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I managed to put some of the stuff in plastic containers, but I really need to get more lol Especially taller ones, I think, for stuff like my son's Terrorgheist! Anyway, the room's coming along (it used to be a kitchen nook, but the boys' have outgrown the table as well as broken it anyway) - I need to make an Ikea run this weekend, they have a glass case I've been eyeing for only ~69$ US and it would hold a LOT of minis for display.

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Back from Vacation =D My and my #2 son drove to Washington to visit my sister, and dad. Was a long trip but worth it. Really enjoyed ourselves, though as always, wish we'd had more money to visit stuff and so on. So much to see in the states, I'd forgotten. We managed to hit Multnomah falls, Lateroulle falls, Mt. Adams, Lacamas Lake, the Redwoods, Salt Lake and a few other places. Would have liked to also go spelunking as we went through areas with some fantastic caves but no time lol


Really missed my computer! and my forums, and my minis as well (took a small paint kit with me but didn't get much done, as the light just wasn't good and again, time) Anyway, to make this a little more on topic :P here's what was waiting for me on my return!! <3 Bones <3 (plus a few other stuffs)



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Thus.... it begins.....




Just dry fitting atm, trying out positions figuring out where the tentacles go etc. Did already prep it (washed) so that's done. It's sitting on the board that will become its base hopefully. I'm honestly wondering whether it'd be better to get a piece of 14x14 instead (that's 12x12 craft plywood atm).

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Well I haven't gotten very far on my Kraken atm. I did get in some more fish minis to use in the diorama (yay!) and have been building the seascape in my head. I'm still dithering a bit about whether to try to show the Kraken above the water or below. I'm leaning more towards below completely.


I practiced some seaweed technique on my ork shoreline bases.


I took tiewraps (like bread wrappers), twisted them up a good bit, primed and painted and shaded them.

- learned to use a thinner width tie wrap, also, twisting them up so they look better on smaller bases is probably a better idea


I took Vallejo water effects and made some polyp type things - basically I just dotted some water effects on wax paper. Then after that had dried, I painted it with Nurgle's Rot, a semiopaque technical paint from GW.

I also took the water effects and used ti to give the seaweed/kelp a 'wet' look. Overall I think it did ok, but could be improved.




Oh and then instead of working on the Kraken some more I got distracted and built "Bubba":




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Trying to get back into workin on the Kraken diorama!


I did a little beginning work on the board - basically priming it and slathering gel medium on top. It'll be covered in a coupld grades of sand after it dries. Aquarium plants will likely be used to cover parts of it as well.


I also primed the fish that're going into it (well marine animals anyway) and got the boat primed in brown liner. It's still separate, just dryfitted together.


I'm still pondering what colours to use on the Kraken itself.


relatively boring seafloor:




And the 'crew' of the diorama, Kraken and friends:





Ehh ignore orks in background! they're not included :P

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working on test colour scheme - I rather like it so far.

Wishing I hadn't glued the mouth (beak) in before painting now but oh well.






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    • By ManvsMini
      Hi all,
      Not only is this my first WIP post, it's actually the first pic shared of anything I've ever painted with anyone (excluding family). A bit nervous, but figured I would try it out to help achieve my work goals.
      Got this guy with the first Bones Kickstarter, and always envisioned painting him up like an infernal from the Warcraft universe. (Side question, what is the policy on posting reference material?)

      Right now he's mostly just basecoated and drybrushed with lighter greys, but I'm planning to make some glowing eyes, and some glow coming from between the major cracks between rocks and his fists. It's my first attempt as OSL, so I'm going to go pretty basic. I almost scrapped the glow completely, but hey, fortune favors the bold, right?
      Really glad I got him in Bones. I have a copy of him from the old P-65 line (unpainted, unopened), and there is no way I wouldn't end up dropping him during the course of painting.
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      Originally, there wasn't going to be a WIP thread for this since I expected to finish in a single evening.  That didn't happen.  And I've been sick this week.
      With "20" miniatures waiting to be painted (not to include Bones 4 coming next month), I need to decrease the amount of time it takes to paint a miniature, defined as going from "primered" to "ready to be sealed".  For this and the next few time trials, I will be focusing on basecoat/wash/drybrush and then neatening up as required, aiming for tabletop quality.
      After about three and a half hours, Garrick has been basecoated and washed.  (The black paint for the base will be done last.)  The colors are intended to be the same as for 14352: Unforgiven, Crusader Grunt.

      (click on the images to see larger ones)
      Two things to improve so far:
      Basecoating took so long because the paints were overthinned, meaning it took more than two coats to get good coverage.  The only paint that didn't have this issue is the Polished Leather used for his belt. The buildup of the base around the integrated base was done using Liquitex blended fibers texture gel, which I found to be less than desirable.  I had hoped the texture gel would yield a texture similar to the broccoli base.  The blended fibers texture gel shrinks a lot when it dries though.  What's seen here is the result after two or three coats.  I would probably have needed another four or five to actually get a rounded hill.  I don't plan to use it again, unless I have a lot more time or I build up a substrate under it first.  I plan to primarily use stamped greenstuff for bases in the future.  
      Things left to do:
      Drybrush. Line. Deepen some shadows, bring out some highlights. Glaze the armor to add more shadow and knock down the reflectivity.  (Note to self: Take a TMM class at ReaperCon this year, if possible.)  
      Constructive comments appreciated.
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      Tzeentch has always been one of my favorite parts of the Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar settings. I love both the concepts behind the Changer of Ways and the brilliant deformed mutants and demons that form his legions.
      Here are some Tzeentch minis that I’ve gotten to paint up recently. They’re actually from a few separate clients who were all excited about Tzeentch in this similar color schemes.

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      I love the mousling line Reaper does and the space mouslings were too cute to resist.  I picked up the collector's set on a mystery site too.  If I like this I might use it at Reapercon.
      Some assembly is required...  so stay tuned.

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      These guys are fun to paint

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