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Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

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On 9/26/2018 at 1:35 AM, WhiteWulfe said:

Wait... They're rebooting Gorkamorka too?  That's... Kinda cool, given the concept... 


It looks like - they've been doing that with *everything* it seems like, Adeptus Titanticus, Kill team, rogue trader... I'm personally waiting for Mordheim, because I hope they keep up their current approach of adding terrain for stuff (plus, MORDHEIM!!!! <3)

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15 hours ago, Guildenstern said:


It looks like - they've been doing that with *everything* it seems like, Adeptus Titanticus, Kill team, rogue trader... I'm personally waiting for Mordheim, because I hope they keep up their current approach of adding terrain for stuff (plus, MORDHEIM!!!! <3)

Yeah, rebooting Mordheim would be nice...  Provided they don't try and do the rules across several books ^_^  Warmaster and Epic 40k would be a nice touch too, but we'll see on that front, since they didn't seem to get anywhere near the following the 28mm heroic scale stuff had.  It would definitely be interesting to see how they'd tackle Mordheim terrain though!

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Some Work In Progress on my Ghaz:




I think he's almost ready for primer!!


And I started gap filling on this lovely Dragon - I can't remember which one it is :( only trouble with the KS stuff hehe I'm *pretty* sure it's "young red dragon" but I may be misremembering



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On 10/2/2018 at 2:14 PM, Xiwo Xerase said:


Yes!! Tis - I finally sat down and went through the pics and found him. Tyvm :D He's a lovely one too. Although I'm not doing him as a copper one but a red one (probably why it was stuck in my head as a red dragon)


Did some more work on him. I'm trying something a bit new (for me), actually trying to keep highlights in their proper place. It's tough as I tend to get confused as  I go, where what goes. So I started off with a kind of hatch marking to both mark shadows, and to give the scales some texture (like I'd done a bit on my Talos earlier).










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Dragon pics overload:













Been working really hard at this guy, it's a lot more involved than I usually do (kinda used to more TT, army level tbh). And I think I may have finally discovered how to properly do highlights! I never could seem to do it the 'traditional' way exactly, I always lost track of where the highlight was, where it was going, what was I painting again?! So I went back to my hatch marks - ie lines. For some reason, it's a lot more understandable to me, how to build up colour that way, as well as being able to control it better. To explain, for those who maybe don't get where I"m going with this: instead of covering the  whole area with one colour, and then slowly adding more colour to the highlight area, I essentially draw lines. I started with the dark green, to show shadows, leaving it off where it will be a highlight. Then I moved to my dark red and covered the area. The thing I like about this is while it's quite time consuming, it's also very controllable. It's a lot harder to mess up, and a lot easier to correct since the colour's built up quite slowly. And for whatever reason, it's much more immediately obvious to me, what needs to go where. So yeah I'm liking it a lot. Definitely not something I'll probably do for my TT armies because of the time involved, but I'm quite happy so far with how it's coming out on the dragon.

Have a few more recent pics:


I'm currently working on his wings, trying to fill out the rest of his body and really start more highlights on the brightest areas.






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Few more pics stuff I'm working on, not entirely happy with the Dragon (mostly the wings atm) but he is done for the Wyrd Iron Painter contest (tho I'm in Elim).





More Ghaz - he's glossy cuz his topcoat, before I do the weathering, and I'm working on his base atm. 






And the Deredeo I'm doing for "Dreadtober" (and cuz I just need to get him painted!) He's going to be in a Luna Wolves scheme as well




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    • By Rat13
      Over the past few weeks I've been teaching my wife how to play Kill Team as a stepping stone to 8th edition 40K. There was only one small flaw to this plan however. My wife intends to play daemons in 40K (already has her first box and codex) but the daemons are not a viable faction in Kill Team.
      So we had to find her a team so I could teach her the much smaller game first. She looked at the different factions and decided to try the Orks. This seemed like a good fit to me, learn a more melee than shooting team in preparation for a more melee army. Seeing as we're transitioning from D&D to 40K we also have a lot of Orks to immediately create a proxy team for her.
      I assembled a mish mash of miniatures and built her a fairly basic team. We started playing about once a week and I'd introduce new aspects of the game each time. This meant the first couple of games were pretty basic but were easier to pick up. This probably wasn't necessary as she had learned and played a ton of Song of Blades and Heroes with our friends but I know learning new systems can be daunting and a little intimidating for her though, so our first games were really basic. 
      Now that we're pretty close to playing the game with all the rules, tactics, and abilities I'm realizing we may play Kill Team more than I expected. Which of course lead to the creation of this thread because now I have to build and paint my wife an Ork Kill Team for Christmas. 
      I've already purchased two boxes of orks and finished all the preliminary work before painting, so tonight I started my wife's orks. I began with the skin and used Viper Green as a base. That received a wash of Citadel Biel-Tan Green, with a highlight of Muddy Olive which I thought made for a pretty nice effect. I used Nightshade Purple for the "armor" because my wife's favorite color is purple and I simply couldn't think of any other way to get purple on the miniature. And let's be honest purple "armor" isn't any odder than some of the "official" color schemes. 
      Though I managed to start some of the other areas most of the focus tonight was on the flesh and armor. I've also decided to do this project in batches of only two figures; this being a gift for my wife I want them to look better than my Cadian team. 
    • By lazarp
      So one of my players bought a hero forge 3d model and then printed it. I've based it, primed it and now I'm painting it in the color combination he requested. I have just finished the base layer (the goggles will be gold with green glass)
      Hope he's happy when it's finished :D

    • By lazarp
      Hello everyone, I plan on crafting some blights out of polymer clay. Today I made the armatures out of copper wire and glue and pined them to some old 20mm bases. I plan on using fimo air polymer clay, decorative sand (maybe some rocks too), and a variety of dried tea leaves and spices. Then I will prime them using cheap spray paint and paint them using cheap acrylic paint. I hope they turn out nice. All kinds of tips, suggestion or criticism are welcome :D

    • By malefactus
      I started painting these three pieces after having them in the wings for awhile:

      The Scarecrow & her Minion are Bombshell Babe minis, the Witch is a Ral Parhta/Iron Wind, the Voodoo Guy is a Wyrd, & the Pumpkinhead is mine:

      Hopefully they will progress without further delay/interruption...unlikely as that is.
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