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77393: Avukavali, Marilith Demon

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Nicely done.


Picked this one up last time I was in Boise FLGS. Nice to see the hair doesn't end up a 80s doo. ::):

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I think she looks great!


Have you already finished her followers, or they further down the painting que?

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Nice! I have a few mariliths in my queue, including this one. May have to use these colors for one of them.

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Looking for some inspiration for this one myself and I like the way you have done yours.  I've only been painting three weeks and need to post some of my stuff and get some help! :) like the base well done good job!   Been trying this one on and off for days and there is lots to do on it

Edited by londwch
still working on the same figure myself

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    • By Sanael
      Got a little bored with the half-finished things on my desk (which explains why they're all half finished and over two years old... Or eight years, in one case...), So I decided I'd start on something I've wanted to paint to a high level for a long time.

      Jeff Grace did a magnificent job sculpting this snake lady, and offering a lot of wonderful opportunity for painters. Although I love love looooooove Marike Reimer's subtly colored studio paint job, I wanted something with a bit more color... Beautiful as they are, Diamondbacks aren't the only snakes in the world, and I like snake-folk that aren't just Brown or green.
      So I'm talking inspiration from the lovely Redbellied Snake, a small species of the Eastern USA. Maybe too docile a species to expect as a Gorgon, but I don't mind. Look at the color!

      So the plan is to go with the highly saturated red-orange of her scutes, abdomen and face, the relatively dull brown of her back, and a pale bluey green for her dress (I suppose the dress is more or less a chiton, but the more I've looked at it, the more it starts looking like a peplos with sleeves and a very small himation...I dunno). I also intend transparency on the garment, which is why I stayed inside the lines about as well as a kindergartner on Red Bull.

      This is about 15 minutes of work, that's all I had during lunch today. I also did not write down my paints, so I'll get that formula tomorrow. I am super excited about that red-orange, though!
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      Here's 01572, Maddie the Chibi Gorgon (Medusa), Special Edition Bonesylvanian Figure sculpted by Julie Guthrie.










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      Here's looking at you.

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      As November's Hangout Figure of the Month, we picked Medusa 77037/02833. Now, because of boobs, I can't share most of my pics of her.
      However you can see them at my blog:
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      At this point I just need to touch up a few spots, flock the base, and she's done!
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      This is another I did again apologies this one had no top one either.  It's not a personal preference in figures its just I got a bunch of reaper minis on ebay as a starting point for the hobby and there were some doubles of several figures so I started on them first.  Please do not look if nudity offends ( or the painting ! :0) ) 
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