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Dragons don't share

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thanks, I have to give credit to evilhalfling his wings are the best I have ever laid eyes on. I just changed the colors and tried to duplicate his work. I was hoping that any thing the dragon swooped down on would feel like they were being engulfed in fire.

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The wings look great, it really catches the eye and adds a huge impact to the dragon.

I am glad my wings helped inspire you. They looked good by themselves but kind of blended into the final figure, so it lacks the dramatic punch of your version. 


I think you have an amazing figure there.  (i am also jealous of the price), I paid 20 more for mine on ebay, even though it was the best I could get at the time. 

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    • By eldamir
      So one of my November goals was to work on (or even finish) the DDS 2014 tower ruins .. If you look at the WIP thread, you'll see that it took me a LOOONG time to get this done finally.. 
      I'm not completely satisfied with the way the treasure came out, and learned a lot from applying the sand without painting the base Bonesium first, but over all, I'm fairly happy with it... 

    • By The Dread Polack
      I am playing a sorcerer with the brass draconic bloodline in Pathfinder. Eventually, I'll start being able to turn into a dragon, starting at medium size, then large, and eventually huge. I already have a huge-sized brass dragon (77109: Fire Dragon), but I'd like to have a mini to use for medium and large sizes. What do you guys suggest, either from Reaper or other companies?
    • By Glitterwolf
      So I finished the Bones version of Vanja.
      I also tried a few backdrops ( just printouts from the internet).
      Hope you like her.
      EDIT: forgot to mention this earlier, don't know if it shows well in the pics. The armor is red mixed with silver to get a metallic look, later i added more silver for the highlight parts.
      And with a more neutral back drop.
      I'm new to this...must make a lightbox soon.
      These were made in the garden.


    • By Glitterwolf
      This is called TANITH's AWAKENING.
      A sideproject from my Lost World Project.
      It was born due to @knarthex's daughter Alsnia, showing a pic of a cute python with flowers on it's head.
      Then @Pezler the Polychromatic made up a little story in my Lost World Project.
      I had already seen a great Serpent Goddess statue in a thread from @Chris Palmer and after some suggestions from @malefactus and @Chaoswolf things really got out of hand.
      More forumites commented and suggested stuff.
      Anyway here it is.
      The Ananconda and the Python are plastic toys.
      The little snakes are from the GW Bastiladon.
      The Sugarskulls are from Greenstuffworld and a present from @Erifnogard THX!
      @knarthex also donated lots of flock and moss.
      The little bird and the smaller pots are Bones.
      Alsnia is Bones Sarah the Seeress 77210
      The bigger pottery, treasures and vases are Resin pieces from Minimonsters and Ristul's Extraordinary Market.
      For the whole story and WIP's
      Hope you guys like it.
      Building was made out of foam.
      I used some milliput and a Greenstuffworld Aztec Motif Rolling Pin.
      TANITH is the living statue of the serpent goddess, Alsnia performs the ritual to summon TANITH, and she breaks free from her stone form.

    • By Pochi
      I haven't been painting as much as I would like due to some health issues. I have painted a few things and will be posting them on show off as soon as I can get them based. Most stuff I have been painting has been for my campaign based in ancient Egypt. I was getting a little burnt out and have had DDS2 sitting for about a year so I decided I wanted to work on the ruins.
      I knew I wanted them to fit together but I also wanted to be able to use the individual pieces separately. I made a cork "puzzle" and glued the pieces down. My painting friend suggested making several layers so it wasn't just flat and that sounded like a good idea so I made 3 layers to the "puzzle". All of the pieces fit together as you can see in the photos.
      Now, I want to use something to make it look like a hill when it is all pushed together. I don't want plaster because it would make it very heavy and not sure how durable that would be. Green stuff is far too expensive to cover the whole thing in. I am thinking maybe FIMO. Not sure yet. Need to make a trip to the art store.
      I am going to use pieces of cork and try and find a few columns that I can partially bury in the hill. My plan is to paint them up like Roman ruins. Think Pompeii. In the little niches, I am going to paint little murals. I am considering to try a mosaic pattern on some of the floor.
      So anyway, these are just my puzzle pieces so far.



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