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Frostgrave Warband (Updated 3/12/16)

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So, I recently got the Frostgrave rulebook and that got me inspired to create warbands.  Of course, I couldn't just settle with the minis I already had, so I had to get more Bones...and then I needed to start sculpting.

I decided I'd speed up the process somewhat by using Sculpey to do the basic frame of the figures and then get some actual sculpting of the feet and legs.  Beyond about that much, using Sculpey can lead to too much mess, so I cooked them at that point and got started on adding Green Stuff.

The thaumaturge, as described in the Frostgrave book, lean away from opulent clothing and embellishments and weaponry, so I thought it would be a nice twist to have the wizard and apprentice be a pair of twins.  The wizard is the responsible sister who adheres to the ways of thaumaturges and the cultural traditions of their people (I was going for something vaguely Middle Eastern looking) while her less focused brother tends towards more flamboyance and weaponry.

She has attire more based on culture and functionality, so she has a harness on which there will be pouches and such.  She also wields a thin staff as a focus for her magic.  I'm thinking I'll do a head wrap on her, but I may just go with a hood.

He is wearing a medieval English looking style rather than cultural attire, though I will be adding a sash so it's still some element of a Middle Eastern look.  Maybe a falchion hanging sheathed at his hip as well.

(The pictures were taken on the interior of the tavern I'm creating for my terrain pieces)




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I got a little more work done on my thaumaturge today.  I'm thinking I'm off on the apprentice's arms, so I may have to snip the right arm, add in an extension, and then work from there.


Really happy with how the thaumaturge is coming along, though.  I was originally going to do a cape on the back, but I changed my mind and finished the skirt and the harness across the back.  She also has fingers on her left hand now.  Yep.  Figure a spellcaster might need those.  I need to move on to the head now and then figure out if I'm doing the scarf headwrap or a hood.


I'm getting pretty excited to get this sculpt finish and add some paint.  It looks odd in the two tone created by the Sculpey and Green Stuff.


Comments, critiques, and compliments always welcome  :=)



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I've got basic body structures fleshed out for two of the soldiers for this warband (knight and thief, to be recise), but wire with abstract Green Stuff isn't all that photogenic.  Instead, I have shots of my thaumaturge all finished up with her head and headwrap.  I did the mouth open as if she's in the midst of casting a spell (or once again reprimanding her brother for thinking he's an elementalist instead of a thaumaturge).


I also changed my mind about the mini for the brother.  I was doing the mini based on what I was thinking was a nice idea for a bardic-looking medieval fellow and realized that the look I was creating was actually Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.  Yep.  Not what I wanted.  Then, I remembered I had done a mini for a Pathfinder character I had never used and eventually just discarded and that mini looked exactly like the sort of braggart I wanted the brother to be.  Therefore, I've inserted a shot of that mini so you can see what the pairing will look like.  He'll need to be repainted (and she'll of course need to be painted as well).  I'm going to use yellow and brow with small amounts of sky blue as an accent for this group.


I've already started painting this duo, so I may have some progress shots to share tomorrow. 


Thanks for looking!  Comments, critiques, and compliments always welcome.







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I threw some paint at my wizard and her brother/apprentice.  Yellow will be my primary color with browns and a light blue for accents. 

I am working on getting a flame effect on his coat.  It's still definitely a work in progress, but I think it's going to be pretty nifty when I get it finished.

I really like how she looks thus far.  Now I need to actually give her eyes and such features as well as giving her a wash.


Hope you enjoyed the update!  Comments, critiques, and compliments are always welcome.




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