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Sgt Connor, Serpentian Heavy Infantry...

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Thanks everyone!


The battle damage is accomplished using a dovetail and ball cutter in a motor (Dremel) tool. You can make dents, gouges, ricochet marks, etc. This sets you up for varying levels of worn/chipped paint and primer all the way down to bare and/or burnt metal.


And thanks for the likes all.



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Love it the effects are superb, your battle damage is fantastic I could not think of anything to improve on this masterful work

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Looking really good! Got to say I like the rough-and-tumble you put into him. Looks really nice.

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Thanks everyone! The facial colors are a recipe formulated by noted historical painter Doug Cohen years ago. These are Black (B), Carnage Red (CR), Orange Brown (OB), and Fair Skin (FS). I start with the eyes first. Then...


1. (Mostly) B + CR to frame the eye and inner brow.

2. (Slightly less, but still mostly) B + CR on the mouth, under the nose, inside the ears, and along the hairline(s).

3. 1:1 B + CR, then some OB for the dark shadows - the lower cheeks, along the nose, and under the chin.

4. 1:1 CB + OB on the rest of the face.

5. (Mostly) CR + OB at 1:1 paint + thinner to glaze the transitions between step 4 and the rest of the face.

6. Paint hair (including mustaches and beards where applicable).

7. 1:1 CR + OB and some FS for dark highlights - forehead, bridge of nose, upper cheeks.

8. CR + more OB at 1:1 paint to thinner to blend transition between steps 7 and 4.

9. 1:1 CR + OB, more FS for medium highlights - nose tip, ear lobes, lower eyelids, and bottom lip.

10. CR + more OB at 1:1 paint to thinner to blend transitions between steps 9 and 7.

11. FS at 1:1 paint to thinner for last highlights - nose, cheeks, bottom lip, and lower eyelids.


This is all for a generic Caucasian male face. As always, you will need to practice on some spare heads first, tweak the ratios some, and make adjustments for the sculpt, other factors that might shade/highlight the face, and your particular painting style.  I often tweak some of the shadows and highlights during the painting process. - darker under the chin, inside the center ear, nostril openings and lighter on the upper forehead, upper brow ridge, nose tip and wings, and upper chin. Nothing beats a brush in your hand...





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Nice!  I have to say I like your paint job a lot more than the 'official' Andrea one.  I've liked other figs in this line, but was going to pass on this one.  Now I'm thinking I might have to pick it up!   ^_^



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