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Monument to the mighty heroes of something or other.  Since they've got great big green statues they must have done terrible things to other people who probably talked funny.  Bound to be Checkov's Knights in any dungeon situation.  As it should be:








Raw Umber, Robin's Egg Blue, Seafoam Green.  The Tropicana lid plinth is a separate terrain item.



They're just "army man" type Knights.  Not sure what I'll use the other 30 in the bag for.  I figured that larger, simpler figures might help my attempts to rehabilitate my fine motor skills.  

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They look great! It might be cool to use some of the extra 30 of them to make destroyed versions. Cut each one up into various bits and pieces and glue each "shattered statue" down to its own base and paint the same way as the non- destroyed versions.



Oh! I just this moment had a great idea! Assuming these are part of a terrain build for Frostgrave, use the leftovers to make a kind of "lifesized" chess board, that the mighty wizards of yore would use to test their tactical abilities with each other over a friendly game. Make a large gridded base, and lay a dozen or so of these knight figures out in various degrees of decay as ifa game had been interrupted centuries ago. (I really like this idea, and think I will be using it myself! Now to find a similar bag of big knights!) :)

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Where did this bag of knights come from?


Eta: I think I found them on the great SA river.

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The card says "Guardian Knights" by a company called Toysmith.  Pretty much any online toy retailer will have them.  More or less anything in the same size would work, these were just what was reasonably priced compared to classic Marx or Britains figures.  1/32 Hoplites would be pretty cool.  Stone would be equally effective as a paintjob, the verdigris was more for contrast than anything else (all my dungeon terrain is just so #$%@! grey).  I probably wouldn't do bronze for broken ones because a bronze statue is usually hollow, although there are some tricks that might work for that.

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Like'd. Mainly for the great patina effect, but also the displayed knowledge of real bronze statuary's hollowness.


"Latina" effect?! lol, gotta love autocorrect...



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On 3/12/2016 at 1:44 PM, kitchen_wolf said:



Monument to the mighty heroes of something or other.  

Sorry for the thread necromancy - but where did you get the bases for these?  And how big are the bases?  I'm still trying to find something that I like for my chess set in the 1.75" range

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7 minutes ago, eldamir said:

Sorry for the thread necromancy - but where did you get the bases for these?  And how big are the bases?  I'm still trying to find something that I like for my chess set in the 1.75" range


On 3/12/2016 at 0:44 PM, kitchen_wolf said:

The Tropicana lid plinth is a separate terrain item.


Lids from Tropicana juice bottles.

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    • By Chris Palmer
         With our upcoming Ghost Archipelago campaign less than two months away, I thought I would start introducing the crew I plan to use, as I get the figures painted up.  
         I'll  start with are my Heritor (Reaper 77044 Turanil, Male Elf paladin) and Warden (03415 Lanura Windsong, Elf Wizard).    We decided for our initial GA test game, which we are having after our December Frostgrave campaign game, that we would roll randomly for Heritor abilities.  I got an interesting assortment, and depending on how things go during the test game, I just may keep them.  For the Wardens we choose whatever Branch and Spells we wanted.   
      I've had in mind wanting to use these two figures, so I decided to go with a crew of Elves.  The figures I'm using for my Heritor and Warden were already painted, so given the color scheme I had used for Warden's figure I deiced to go with a Vine Warden.

      Heritor:  Lord Hytieral Fortrywn-   Retired from a lengthy military career to enjoy his wealth and his laurels. Powerful. Landholder. Doesn’t tolerate fools.  Not happy that his younger step-sister has out-maneuvered him into taking her daughter,  his niece, along with him to act as his Warden.  She says it will be good for the girl to have experience in the world; he finds the young magic-user barely tolerable, and the fact she isn’t a true wizard is an embarrassment.  
      Daze- 3
      Stand Firm- 5
      Surge- 5
      So I think the Daze is going to be interesting as the main ability.  Apparently this guy is so formidable looking as he twirls his sword around acrobatically, that enemies just kind of freeze up when they see him. The other abilities I think fall in nicely with someone who was a professional soldier.
      Warden: Marnilyne Dewdrisane-  Young. Impetuous. Curious. Argumentative. Naïve. In awe of her uncle, and a little scared of him; but also terribly excited to be a part of the adventure ahead.  
      Plant Walk
      Warp Weapon
      Summon Animal
      I chose Summon Animal as my out-of-school spell, as I've learned from Frostgrave that having an extra figure to command can make a real difference.  Also, I saw this Warden as being generally loving, and being connected to, all living things, plant or animal.  
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      For the most recent works in progress, a gigantic distraction from my poor Death Guard project.  In the last week, multiple delayed Kickstarters (and one on-time Nickstarter) arrived...as well as the ReaperCon Swag Bag!

      Arrivals included:
      Stonehaven Miniatures Giants Stonehaven Adventurers 2017 Midlam Miniatures "Winter Adventurers" Reapercon Swag Bag Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter  
      While I am trying to complete the Death Guard, I did ready these groups for prime time:

      The Giants are nicely sized.  While there are some issues with the scaling between Giant "tribes" in comparison to 5E entries, they do tower over adventurers.  The Wolf Lord, who I expected to be an Ogre-sized werewolf, is massive!

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      This is my cowardly Necromancer from the Frostgrave campaign I'm playing against @arouark. Callus is constantly, hiding in the back, throwing his poor apprentice into the fray and generally giving Necromancers everywhere a bad name. :)  
      C&C welcome.

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      So, I am painting some figures for an upcoming skirmish type wargame, with terrain and everything (Frostgrave to be exact).
      However I have been pondering whether I should base my minis or leave them as they come out of the box (as can be seen here).
      I am usually all for basing and believe that even a simple snow covered base (as can be seen here) makes a huge difference but the Frostgrave book itself had me wondering since none of the figures depicted there are based. 
      So, what would your suggestion be? This is my first time as a wargame/skirmish gamer and I would like to hear your thoughts on this.
      Would it be better to have small and simple non-bases since they fit better on terrain features like stairs or ledges..
      Or large (proper) bases are better for stability and/or aesthetic purposes? 
    • By VolksFest
      (.. continued from here)
      He was a middle aged man carrying books under his arms and on a bundle slung across his shoulder. Many bobs and bits dangled on ropes attached to his body. He was out of breath and looked as if he really wanted to be somewhere else.


      -You must be Master Barius' apprentice. Rufus was it?
      -Yes Mi'lady.
      -Good, good.. I have urgent business with your master. Please take me to him.
      After a longbut uneventful journey they finally reached the gates of the gardens of Barius' Tower. It was a high tower made of ivory with no apparent windows or doors.
      -This way, Mi'lady.
      Once they were inside the tower, Finarri was surprised to find it to be much more spacious than it seemed from outside.
      -Magic.. she muttered under her breath, her unease increasing yet her mission urging her to go on.
      -Is that you Rufus? Have you found the tomes? All of them, yes?
      Spoke the old wizard without raising his head from the ancient book he was leaning on.
      -Ehem.. Master, you have a visitor.
      There was a long and unnerving silence and the old man finally raised his head and looked at Finarri as if realizing she was there for the first time.

      -Hmm.. so it seems we have a visitor Rufus. Why haven't you told me before?
      -But I ... oh nevermind. This is Lady Finarri from the High Temple, master. She is a..
      -A Paladin, yes, yes.. I can.. feel it.. So, Lady Paladin.. what brings you to my Tower?
      Well, having been bitten by the Frostgrave bug it seems that I have evolved from boardgaming to the wargaming episode of my life. I have started by getting and painting my wizard and apprentice to some semblance of a tabletop quality.. 
      Well, said too much already. Thanks for looking and C&C is always appreciated. 
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