Unpainted Minis from Wizkids, taking a shot at Reaper?

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And I can't wait for the Beholders (plural?! O.O), Drow and Umber Hulks. 

Yes, every elf can be painted as a drow, but I need a bit of an army of them anyway.

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On 5/18/2017 at 6:08 PM, haldir said:


It's kinda hard to see but here:




Today we are excited announce our plan to bring previously unavailable and long sought after creatures to our Dungeons & Dragons unpainted miniatures line, Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures.

Prepare to bring new races like the dragonborn, aasimar, tiefling and genasi into your clan or customize your githyanki, beholder,  or even yuan-ti to terrify the adventuring party with a plot twist. Now your characters and monsters can be as unique and creative as the adventure itself.

But that’s not all! Also plan to see the addition of fantastic unpainted, pre-primed, scenery pieces added to our Item Packs, available this Fall. Starting with the exclusive Dungeons & Dragons Ezmerelda’s wagon and plans for dozens of beautifully crafted terrain pieces, including a full campsite and more to come! With all of this great content releasing later this year, why let your paints dry up waiting for lesser quality, generic scenery pieces to come out from any other sources?"


The wagon while it's probably the incentive  from the last D&D pre-paint set,  but Wizkids could always tool up the Cart or Wagon from "The Rusty Dragon" Pathfinder pre-paint set, along with it. I think they would be very popular.


Yes that is the article.....If you saw the case incentives for pre-painted Pathfinders Rusty Dragon Inn (The Tavern set) and the Campsite with Wagon from a recent D&D Monster Menagerie set.   Those are the minis - except they would be unpainted.   We haven't finalized the SKU - we'll either sell them as a set or a set and a few standalone pieces than hang on the wall like a regular SKU.



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