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Hi everyone. My name is Holly Benton, and I run Relic Dice. We are a small team of craftsmen and women. We hand-make dice in Portland Oregon out of the coolest materials we can get our hands on.

We are RPG players and Board Gamers. We are fans. Artists. Forgers. But most importantly we are perfectionist. We polish till we can get it right.

I started Relic in 2014 when others in my gaming group started asking me where I purchased my dice. To begin with, I just made dice for myself. I thought it would be fun to bring something a little more classy to the table. But after my group seen them, they were no longer just for me. Soon, my group showed them to other players, who started to ask for dice themselves. Obviously there was a market here as long as the product was amazing and affordable.


We have been working on this Kickstarter for the last two years, and it's finally ready. We wanted to create a brand new type of Polyhedral dice. Presenting Prism Dice, made from the same family of Materials as Bullet-Proof Glass.



It started off simple enough, but turned into quite a undertaking! We remade every aspect of a Polyhedral set from the ground up. We changed the weight, balance, feel, font, everything about a standard die. Anything less than that would have been insufficient.

Prism Dice have many features that makes them unique.

They are Sharp Edged with solid points. This was done to help make the dice more random. Dice that are mass produced overseas are tossed into rock tumblers and it grinds down the corners. The problem is this affects the dice during roll and tends to favor one part of the die more than others. Ever have that unlucky die that never seemed to roll well for you? It's not just in your head! Randomness in our dice was incredibly important to us, so we figured out how to keep those edges as sharp as we could so the dice was truly random.


As you can see from our D6 sample, our dice have crisp and clear lines.

Our dice were designed to be the best functioning dice you could buy. Plastic dice are too soft, and with rounded corners are not random. Metal dice have sharp corners but are way to heavy to really get momentum to roll. We have found the perfect balance for these dice for maximum randomness, while still keeping the die lightweight. Prism die both look amazing and feel great in the hand.

We wanted our dice to be made out of a fantastic material. The problem with that is it needed to be very light weight and strong at the same time. Another issue that was very important to us was clarity. We wanted our Dice to be Crystal Clear unlike any dice ever made. We found Bullet-Proof glass to fill all the these criteria, and more! Plus, it's Bullet-Proof glass, and that is just awesome!


The photo below will show the light passing through one of our D20's. In the shot is a standard Die for comparison. Look at the shadow of our D20, and you will see how much light is going through!


Prism Dice needed to be durable. Although it may have glass in its name, we wanted you to be comfortable using these dice. Dice are meant to be rolled! Anything that you need to roll one at a time on a velvet mat is not really a gaming tool, it's a prop. Nothing wrong with that, but we wanted something rock solid with a lifetime guarantee.

To put it plainly. We stand behind our product 100%. I will offer a lifetime guarantee on all work that comes out of our Forges. If any of our Prism Dice ever break or chip through normal gaming use, I will mail you a new one. These dice were made with a promise. They will outlive me, you and your kids. Simple as that.

But a Die is only as good as the person who makes it. Another big one for me was that all items are made by hand in the USA. We don't outsource anything, and we never will. Yes, things cost me more. Labor is more expensive. Tooling is more expensive. Materials are more expensive. But it is a cost I am willing to take on. I have faith that enough people are willing to support a product that wont sit in customs containers for six months to get to them. I have faith that enough people are willing to support local American talent. So all Prism Dice are made right here, in Portland Oregon.

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These are the colors.



 Fire Agate















Edited by SamuraiJack
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These are much like some dice I have from the 80s that are far better than currently made dice...

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Dang! That's some hardcore gaming if you need bullet proof dice.

I mean, there's been time I've been tempted to throw my dice against a wall, but not to shoot them.


Interesting idea though. (The bulletproof part, not the shooting part)

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I like transparent dice, thou I wish they had a darker green color to choose from. Still I'll keep a eye on em,

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Likely will back. Because dice. And it's me.


And it's dice. :wub:


Amethyst it is...

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Oooooh, those are so pretty!! :wub: But oof, the price point is a little high for what we can afford right now. I'm not faulting the project creator, bulletproof glass has got to be costly, just can't justify paying $60 for a dice set (especially given the combined amount of what I've spent on dice kickstarters just in the past couple of years...).


I may drop in on the single random die pledge level, though, just for the coolness factor. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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60 for a set? Wow! And people complain about the cost of the game science dice! Having said that, they are beautiful looking.

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Yah I finally went to the project page today to look at prices (forgot to the other day). $60 is more then what I paid for the Pathfinder metal set....


Still they are nice.

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I starred this project for now. It closes in 27 days so I've got time to decide if I want a set or not. The price point is very steep, but they are made in the USA so I love that. I just wonder if all the 'hype' behind their balance and randomness is legit, or just what they think should happen. I don't know anything about dice mechanics, so I'm skeptical any time I feel like I'm being 'sold' on something.

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Hey Everyone! I'm  Holly, this is my baby.


I was notified in via private message section that someone put up a notice on reapermini forums about my Kickstarter. ( How cool is that! ) So I wanted to stop in and say hi. I will see if I can answer everyone in order :)


First, Thanks to


For putting this thread up.


@ Aryanun

Is that not sad? I remember buying dice in the 80's that were better then some of the dice we buy now-a-days.  I still have some high impact dice from the early 90's ( I'm a dice collector ) that I think are fantastic.


@ Gadgetman!

The Fire Agates are my personal favorite as well :)


@ haldir

I am currently working on that now. The kickstarter will have a 10th color as a stretch goal and if everything works out it will be a darker green. Green is the hardest color for me to make believe it or not, as I mix all these colors by hand in house and it has proven to be quite a little troublemaker! ;0



Thank you very much for the support!


@ OneBoot

Thank you for the comments! And you are correct, the materials are not cheap. Cheap plastic is low cost because the materials are low cost, sadly I can not compete with that.

I should tell you though, in the next few days I will have single D6 and D20's up for purchase as well, so that may be better for you than a Random Die! :)


@ Harrek

Thank you for the comments! I am really happy with how they turned out.


@ NomadZeke

Thanks! Let me know if I can help with any questions.


@ Adrift

It was very important to me to make everything in house. Part of the cost increase is that things done here are much more expensive and materials are not cheap. I did everything I could to cut costs down, I even purchased all the tooling out of my own pocket for the kickstarter just to be able to keep costs low!

Hopefully you don't feel like I am trying to "sell" you on something. :) I will have a video up soon ( In the next 5-6 days ) that shows some randomness tests for the dice. There is a lot of research about dice balance that has been done by people, and most of it says this.


Dice get unbalanced during the curing process. Manufactures speed up the process to save on costs which creates air bubbles in the mix. These air bubbles are what causes most of the imbalance in dice. With optically translucent dice you can look through them and see if they have any bubbles. If they do, they have balance issues. That is why casinos use optically translucent dice for craps tables!


But I have some tests that I have done for balance on dice. I just need to get the time to redo the tests and put it on video, after that I will get it online.


HOWEVER, having said that, I do finish these dice by hand.  As of such they are not going to be 100000% perfectly balanced, because to get the color on them that I do there may be a slight variance per die face. But it does pass a randomness test. More on that in the video later. If you need perfectly 100% blanaced dice you have to have them machined via a CNC machine out of Acrylic.


Sorry to ramble. If anyone needs me for anything you can send me a private message via Kickstarter and I would be glad to answer any questions!



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      So what can you do? Please contact and we will attempt to work with you to find a solution. In your initial contact, please detail your extenuating circumstances, such as active military service and deployment to an Internet-restricted region. (If at all possible please do not start your contact with us by telling us how stupid we are. Believe it or not it will help you a great deal. Just sayin')
      Anything Else
      If you have any other questions, or a problem not discussed above, please contact us at with:
      your order number as found in your pledge manager, (Not your backer number) your full name, your shipping address, the email address associated with your pledge, a brief description of your issue.  We will do everything we can to help you. It is very likely we may need additional information from you after the initial contact, but this at least helps us get started. 
      Please DO NOT include screenshots or attachments of photographs of the miniatures or boxes when you email us unless we request it. Attachments are incredibly insecure, and we do not open attachments from untrusted and unknown sources. Emails with attachments will be deleted without being read. 
      Please remember that we have received over 4,000 emails in the last 3 weeks and we are going through them as fast as we can. If you are rude or abusive in your e-mail to us, or if your email is many paragraphs in length, we will move your e-mail to the end of the queue.
      Upcoming Convention Schedule
      We will be attending Origins Game Fair June 13th through June 18th. Because we are a small company, our customer service Team is also our Convention Crew, and we will be unable to process emails until we return. 
      Thank you for everything! 
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