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Prism Dice : Handmade from Bulletproof Glass by Relic Dicedunded

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Still waiting on fulfillment.. she is behind and its taking her longer than she anticipated.. sadly she says she won't be able to make these again after the KS is fulfilled

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Going through checking statuses on old kickstarters when I came across this one again.


Anyone here get their dice?

Anyone here still waiting?


Have to admit I'm surprised that in the 2 years leading up to the kickstarter that the project creator mentioned they spent in development of these dice, that the difficulty and length of time to manufacture these dice was never realized.


Looks like the project creator is still sticking with it so I give her props for that.

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Backed and still waiting.  Based on posts on other forums, appears she ran into some kind of RL issues.  They went from hiring new folks and an update person to a long period of silence, then just her slowly making dice.  The reports from the few that have received dice since production restarted have been favorable.  Based on number of backers and number of orders shipped per month, it could be years before everyone gets dice.    

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      About this project
      The invention of dice can be traced back almost 5000 years. 
      However, the dice you see before you now, retain a much deeper history than that.
      Crafted from the world's oldest wood, these dice are carbon dated to be 50,000 years old - 10 times older than the invention of dice themselves!
      This is your chance to own a rare artefact of our planet's immense history!
      Introducing the most fascinating gaming accessory in the world...
       The Wood: Ancient Kauri
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      The wood used to craft the Ancient Dice is sourced from the awesome people over at Ancient Wood Ltd. All wood comes with certificates of aunthenticity. 
      The natural iridescence of this incredible wood resonates the historical significance behind these dice.
      There is a very limited amount of Ancient Kauri on the planet. 
      These dice shift the barrier between present day, and The Stone Age. To own one is to own a genuine prehistoric artefact; a glowing relic of truly ancient history.
      50,000 Years Old
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