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Those are some really cool looking figures and I've not seen them done before.  Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

Thank you!


While I love the popular, broadly useful miniatures that are Reaper's bread-and-butter, I find myself drawn to the more quirky figures.


I took a couple of side views of the yellow one to show how I bent it a bit out of its plane (I need to take some of the red one later).

post-8022-0-45009800-1458608008.jpg post-8022-0-92062800-1458608014.jpg


I mixed a semi-translucent creamy butter-yellow out of Yellow Ochre and Titanium White and brushed it over the upper surfaces of the yellow one (the above pictures are from a later stage).  The first layer of something like this tends to look grey and colorless.

post-8022-0-12134400-1458608113.jpg post-8022-0-19084500-1458608119.jpg


But the next layer really pops.

post-8022-0-57536000-1458608160.jpg post-8022-0-42409100-1458608167.jpg


Without the flash, under natural table light, the yellow pops even more.



I brushed some of the color over the red one's base as well.


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These are looking good.  I don't think I've seen anyone paint them before.  


Those guys have what I call "the Gumby pose". I sometimes cut the staff off the base and bend that arm so it is more horizontal/pointing forward for more depth. 

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I put a little bit of forest green in their eyes.  This is when I noticed the big one has a mold line right through its left eye.  Ah, well.




post-8022-0-13860800-1458992947.jpg post-8022-0-41087900-1458992952.jpg


post-8022-0-84090800-1458992961.jpg post-8022-0-37350200-1458992968.jpg

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I took a bit of Mars Orange (a vivid opaque rust orange, not available in my usual Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics but rather an old tube of Winsor and Newton -- I don't know why this color is so difficult to find in acrylics; it is fabulous) and brushed in some highlights on the red one and shadows on the yellow one.









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I doubt it is the same stuff, but Scale75 makes a color called Mars Orange. ..

It is in their Blood & Fire set. ..

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It is fascinating watching the Bug Guys develop. I wouldn't have the slightest idea what colors to use.  GREAT WORK!

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Fantastic work !!!!!!!!!!!!

I adore how you are making your choices based on the figure in your hand.

What is going to Amp a section, draw the eye around to focus on another aspect of the sculpt.

Beautiful subtle shifts in intensity and shading.

This is a piece to be studied SLOWLY...  Much thought, and much skill.

Not Kiddin !

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      All paints used are Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics, except where noted. Color mixes are (usually) noted, but not exact ratios.
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