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Chaos Wolf's Conversion Clinic (pic heavy) Open topic

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Thanks, Knarthex! That is a very involved conversion; best of luck with it; I'll be following along.



On a different note, the half orc Anhurian I converted above has been painted. Unfortumeatly, I did him for the spring exchange and was in such a rush to get him mailed off, I never took any pictures.  ::(:  If the recipient posts a thread , I'll link it here.

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I have pinned this excellent resource thread.


***Using the infamous blowgun darts no doubt....***

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Good stuff, Knarthex; thanks for sharing!


I converted up some Bones Ghasts ( and painted 'em too; check it out: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68980-more-bones-ghasts-77159-caution-bloody/?hl=%2Bbones+%2Bghasts).


Here's what I did:

This guy had some extra clothing added to his torso. You can do this using Green Stuff, but I chose to do it differently to show you there are multiple ways to get results. I used some toilet paper soaked in a 50/50 mix of water and white glue ( I also mixed in a drop of brown paint, but that was just so it would show up for the pictures ). I applied it to the torso and used a knife to 'worry' it a little bit to get some rips in it. After it was dry, I applied a couple drops of super glue to make certain it stayed put.







This guy is gonna get a head swap with a Games Workshop zombie head. In the picture below, you can see where I held the new head up to the figure and marked a rough line where I needed to make the cut.



Here's the head removed; you can see the part I'm going to replace it with. You can also see how the attachment point isn't flat; this is why I tried to mark where I wanted to cut.



In the next two photos, you can see the new head glued in place. Also, in the second picture you can see a little bit of a gap between the head and neck; right near the top of the jaw/under the ear. By marking where I wanted to make the cut, it allowed me to get 'pretty close'; I did need to shave a little bit more material off of the neck stump to get a pretty good fit for the new head.





Here, you can see where I cleaned up the gap mentioned above with a little bit of Green Stuff.



On this one, I cut off the right arm at the elbow in order to reposition it.



And the arm glued back in place in the new position. You can see that there's not a whole lot of a connection point there; the brand of super glue that I showed back in the first post is good enough to hold this very solidly in place.



Some Green Stuff used to fill the gap/resculpt the musculature on the arm.


Let me go off on a bit of a tangent, here. Whenever you're sculpting/adding details with Green Stuff, the most important thing to remember is to PUT THE MINIATURE DOWN WHEN YOU'RE DONE!! I can't stress that enough. Seriously, put the figure down and do something else. If you don't have another project to work on, get up and walk away from your hobby area. Why? Because if you keep handling the figure after you're done, I guarantee that you're going to end up putting your thumb right in the middle of whatever you just sculpted. Save yourself the hassle, and just don't mess with that figure any more until the GS is dry.




Just a couple different views of the GS work on his elbow.





I decided that at least one of these guys should be carrying around some 'lunch'. Here, I glued a dismembered arm into the Ghasts left hand.This part also came from Games Workshops zombie set.



And the other hand is carrying around some blue electrical wire that will be intestines once he's painted.



For the last one of these guys, I decided to swap his base. I very carefully cut off the rocky base he came on and replaced it with a "Bony Field" base from Secret Weapon. Be very careful doing this; you don't want to have to resculpt any of the toes. You'll also need to trim the left over material from between the toes, or it'll look a little odd.




That's it for now. If you have any questions about what I've done, or how/why I did it, please don't hesitate to ask.


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A whole bunch of old GW goblins get converted here if you're interested:



And I'm working on some Nova Corp troopers here:



Most of that is just head swaps and weapon swaps, so nothing too new or difficult, but I thought this guy might be interesting:


I didn't think to take a before picture, but here you can see part of the shooting arm and gun removed from the trooper. The end of the gun (in his left hand) was very carefully cut out, taking care not to damage the hand. Removing this required cutting into the arm as well as cutting the gun off the main body and the head.


This is how he looks with the new gun in place. A little Green Stuff is going to be needed to fill the gap in the arm just behind the new glove/hand/gun. There will also need to be a little used on the helmet to add some detail where the old weapon used to be.





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Thank you!


And yes, it is. At least I think so, and hopefully others will give it a try and think so too.

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Just what I needed. I think I will try some. I have all these weapons from Bones  3 to work with plus a growing spare parts boxes. I hope more people will join this thread and show more tips.

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I've never spent much time in this part of the forum, so I never saw this before, but that's changing with my B3 arrival so her I am. I did a weapon swap with the new bones weapon sprues last week, and am now in the process of basing them up. Ended up using a couple of different methods that I documented (somewhat poorly) in my WIP

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