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Chris Palmer

Yukon Cornelius, Frostgrave Treasure Hunter

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Outstanding!!  I got the reference immediately.  Nice job on the conversion work!

Can't wait to see this whole band come together!

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I knew immediately as well. Makes me really wonder about the rest of this group! Nice painting and awesome conversions!

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Is there a place in Frostgrave for winged lions?

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Thanks everyone for the comments!



Is there a place in Frostgrave for winged lions?


I'm sure you could fit one in somewhere.  While I don't plan to use it for Frostgrave, I do have the figure already.  He leads the Moonracer's Marauders paratrooper unit in the Christmas themed games I frequently do at our clubs New Years Eve parties!  ::):




For a battle report of one of the games, see here: 





Animatronic movie? It's stop motion. They're not robots :)



Ah, thank you!  I couldn't think of the right word.  I knew it wasn't animation, or claymation, I just picked wrong.  :huh:  I edited it to be correct now. 

Edited by Chris Palmer
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Nicely done


     apparently there are still quite a few of us older folks around who have had Cornelius grace our TV screens during the festive seasons!

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      (Please forgive the chipped paint; this one has been done for a while and used in games.)
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      The knight is mainly fireforge, templar body, cloak, and scandi infantry head. The arms are from the Oathmark elves set though. 
      They are just based on 25mm washers and will add some texture, foam rocks, and snow effects to both bases once grey base coat has dried. It takes ages to get a consistent coat on the washers  and that and the hole in the middle are the only downsides to using them. 

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      Some of you are old enough to remember the old Dungeons and Dragons toy line from way back when. In that toy line, they featured an evil fighter named Warduke. He also made one appearance in the cartoon, and was given stats (more than once) for use in the pencil and paper RPG.
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      Anyway, now that we all know who I'm talking about, I chose the Bones version of Goldar : http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/goldar/latest/77047 
      to use as the base for this project.
      And this is what I've gotten done so far:

      Hand removed for a weapon swap, left arm armor sculpted with GS, started reshaping the left boot.
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