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    • By Rigel
      Black Cat Bases has a "Mr. Big" in their civilians/townsfolk line, and I thought he'd do fine as John Barlow, businessman, impresario, patron of the arts, and nightclub owner. Our investigative journalist in the peach dress, and the newsy hanging about, are again from Murch's Pulp News Hounds. The young flapper in the peacock ensemble is from Eureka. She was actually one of the first minis I tried freehanding!

      You can tell Mr. Barlow's patience with Miss Imelda's questions (regarding how, exactly, his new venture is being funded) is running short. 

    • By Rigel
      The good citizens of Arkham need to be informed of important  developments (for a modest price). Here to print all the news that's fit for the fragile sanity of mankind are the staff of the Advertiser. Editor Lorenzo and Flashbulb Casey, as well as the newsboy, are from Murch's News Hounds, in the Gangland Justice line. Bridget O'Rourke (sculpt II) is from Rattrap Miniatures. I love the dynamism of these sculpts!

      "Now listen here! Papers need to sell, and they don't sell anymore without we get the pictures! You come to me with cockamamie stories about metal men, I want PROOF! The public wants EVIDENCE! and while we're at it--"

      [assorted screaming and hollering]

      "--Hey, *dont* you interrupt me, this is important!"

      (Guest appearance by a repurposed Iron Giant promotional figurine.)

      I liked this gag so much I also set it up with 77113, Reaper Bones' Eldritch Demon (whom we all know is a Star-Spawn of the O.G. G.C.) Bridget is great at conveying
       the exact second where "plucky" switches  over to "terrified."

    • By SGHawkins09
      Here are the pictures of the Grudge all finished. While there were times that I hated how things looked, in the end I am extremely happy with how he turned out.
      WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81903-the-grudge-30014/
    • By Rigel
      Arkham's Finest represented by Murch's Pulp 16th Street Precinct (the set whence the hobo came), one of his Dangerous Dames, and one of his Journalists (the Kolchak-looking fellow with the jaunty tie.)

      "All right, men--and ladies too--keep a sharp eye out for that son o' Hell deFazio! Detective Flanagan has a tip he's over on the East Side tonight. Roz, if'n you see him, whistle, and deck him if you get the chance. O'Malley, keep your gun handy. Jaysus mary! Watch where ye're pointing that thing, O'Hanlon!"

      Carmine deFazio, Mob Hitman, represents their opposite number.

      "Nyeh! Eat lead, coppers! You'll never take me alive, see?"


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