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DSM housecat Bard

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And because I shouldn't miss one (I did have a run on the critters) this is one of the dark sword miniatures critters from their latest kickstarter.  these are a little more posed than the Oathsworn critters but they still have a lot of personality and can add quite a bit of fun to the workbench. (especially after 54 tyranids in 12 hours).  this fellow has learned the art of fighting and drinking and become a true expert.


I had a good time with the reds on the tunic and tried a little bit of freehand on the inside of the cloak.  Styles and patterns on clothing don't come easy for me as I prefer my clothing rich toned natural and unpatterned.  but this guy was just begging for a little color on the inside of the cloak so I gave it a shot.










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I enjoyed working on the eyes. for me it was nice to have some room on them to work with.  I also liked the goblet.  It doesnt come through so well on camera but the cup really looks liquid in real life. 

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