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Scenery on the cheap: ideas

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I've also been collecting this kind of molded pulp packaging. I haven't found much that's useful at n-scale for CAV, but I have been slowly gathering enough different shaped pieces to make an interesting 28mm Tatooine outback town for a Star Wars miniatures battle.





Never did anything with these except collect hordes of them

(They are the dividers from bulk boxes of 4' florescent lightbulbs)






I similarly have hoarded like bits from computer packaging from my time at the computer section of our local campus Bookstore.


Like you, I have not got around to using any of them for anything yet.

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Not sure if I showed these before, but for 10mm gaming, Audio casette tape cases are your friends!  The height of a tape case is pretty darn close to one story in 10mm and they look great when stacked.  Also they all seem to be made of some sort of styrene so you can use plastic glue or superglue.


I buy cassetes 10 for a dollar at the resale shops and even use alot of the innards of the tapes themselves.

The vehicles and infantry below are 10mm




More buildings here:



They don't even have to be that fancy to look good. I made a set of 8 for a buddy that used a much more limited selection of parts
See them all here:
Also, to give credit where due, the idea isn't original to me.  I got it from Ironhands.com in the Gundam section.
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Not sure if I showed these before, but for 10mm gaming, Audio casette tape cases are your friends!  The height of a tape case is pretty darn close to one story in 10mm and they look great when stacked.  Also they all seem to be made of some sort of styrene so you can use plastic glue or superglue.


I buy cassetes 10 for a dollar at the resale shops and even use alot of the innards of the tapes themselves.

The vehicles and infantry below are 10mm



WOW!  Those look amazing - definitely going to borrow that idea! 

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      This year’s SS exchange includes painters from both the Reaper forums and Facebook.
      You must be a member of one of these sites to participate but you do not have to join the other - unless you want to.
      Agree to the guidelines for the SS exchange (see below)
      Answer all of the questions below and PM them to the organizer (me)
      Paint your assigned miniature and mail it by the deadline
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      One of my newer pieces.  Been having a play with a couple of corrugating tools and a baked bean tin.  Really enjoy making these things,  just need a bigger house to store them in.

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      Gloomhaven Scenario 1 - Miniatures are property of Cephalofair Games 3d printable hex tiles, perfectly compatible with Gloomhaven or any RPG, as well as Shadespire and other hex based games by scaling up the tiles.
      Adventuring in multiple universes often takes us to fantastic places, 3d printing has made it possible to bring the worlds from our imaginations to the table. There are already many systems which create fantastic dungeons, caverns, towns and forests; however all of these systems use square based grids. Squares are very good for some things, making a rectangular room is easier to imagine than adding walls to a hex grid, however this set has a new way to make easy walls while also taking the many advantages of a hex grid which are:
      No diagonal movement - fair and more natural movement 1 hex based module - more configurations and more possible builds Adjacency - No diagonal attacks, every slot available to attackers is clear Natural Formations - Hexes present a more natural shape so they adapt better to natural formations Irregular Rooms - whenever there is a skew wall squares tend to have too much unused space, with hex grids you can do walls in every 8 directions with our wall system. Easier Spells - some spells have a much easier way to calculate the appropriate area of effect. These are only some of the advantages, if you want to convert to hex d20SRD has some other pointers. 
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      The Cave set has extra wall textures to make your caverns look more realistic.
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      The Grassland set has 3 full sets of floors, grass, mixed and dirt, this way you can make roads and transition tiles easily.
      With over 45 different decorations and traps, this is the perfect addition to liven up your dungeons and make them look more populated. includes some tiles that snap on to the frame system. 
    • By SamuraiJack
      Our new Alpha-Tauri wargaminig terrain fits to all of your favorite 28mm - 30mm tabletop and miniature games.
      All buildings are hand-casted and are made of high quality resin.
      With our set you can build a very impressive sience-fiction wargame scenery or a nice diorama to present your miniatures in a showcase.
      The miniatures that are shown in our pictures are from Wargame Exclusive. They allowed us to use their miniatures for size comparison.
      The miniatures of wargame exclusive are also made of high quality resin.
      Now, take a look at our fantastic new Alpha-Tauri buildings.
      This is our Taygeta Defense-Line Starter-Set
      Picture 1: Taygeta Starter-Set Picture 2: Look how good the Wargame Exclusive miniatures are taking cover Picture 3: Also the back of the walls are nicely designed Your starships, antigrav-tanks and jetbikes can easily land on the Elnath Landing-Pad. 
      Picture 4: Drones and a jetbike are just landed. Picture 5: Enough space to turn around If the Defense Line is not enough, your combat troops can take cover in our Atria Bunker.
      Picture 6: Atria Bunker, solid to withstand any fire Picture 7: You can remove the roof to place your miniatures inside the pillbox. Picture 8: The 28mm scale Wargame Exclusive miniatures can look over the walls With our Cebalrai Artillery-Bunker your troops are able to fire back on their enemies.
      Picture 9: Cabalrai Artillery Bunker is equiped with a 3-gun turret. Picture 10: You can easily remove the 3-gun turret to replace it with another one you own
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      Found a couple of broken toys in a charity shop.  This became a project for a rainy day on holiday.  

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