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I just started watching Stranger Things on Netflix and it features some D&D with minis. The show opens with the main characters playing D&D and Demogorgon features prominently in the scene, making a rather dramatic entrance via miniature. What is funny is I thought at first I caught an error. The show is set in the 80s, but I thought they used the aspect of Demogorgon from the Archfiends set. But when I did a search for a mini to check I found this thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53441-this-mini-might-be-older-than-you-are-grenadier-demogorgon/It turns out they were using an historically accurate 80s miniature.

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Episode 8 of Stranger Things features a thessalhydra, played by the Ral Partha hydra by Julie Guthrie from 1982. This guy, without the gem:


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I just finished watching series 1 of Stranger Things. Absolutely loved it, took me right back to my formative years. Ahhh.........Happy days! ^_^

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I'm watching a series on Netflix called Crazyhead. It's basically a British Buffy, with a couple young women hunting demons. In one episode, the main character is kissing a guy, he runs his fingers through her hair and finds a miniature. It's a tiny little guy, I'd guess 15mm scale.


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The Demogorgon mini from Stranger Things was the first mini I ever bought back before my Testors Enamels and airplane glue days (along with  pack of 3 ninjas with different head, shield, and weapon options, and a set of purple dice that I had to use crayons on to make the numbers show up - my pre-red box Basic D&D set only came with a chits sheet) at the same FLGS where I still buy minis/paints/games, and yes, it was right around the same year the show was set in.  So it is indeed a period-accurate mini.  I used to carry mine around with me everywhere and polish him constantly, and still remember the day he must have fallen out of my jacket pocket, never to be seen again.  Probably saved me from getting lead poisoning, with all the time I spent handling it with my sweaty little 10yo fingers.  I got a HUGE kick out of seeing him again in Stranger Things!  IIRC he came in a blister with one or two other smaller demon minis.



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Chicago Sun-Times article about the World Miniatures Expo last weekend:




Another article (with video) by WGN-TV:



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Many, many years ago, there was a sex comedy on HBO - I know longer remember the title, set on Hawaii - and in the corner of one of the rooms was a shrine to Great Cthulhu - complete with the model based on the artwork of Stephen Hickman.


I watched the entirety of that stupid, stupid movie, waiting for that shrine to Cthulhu to become important... and it never did! ::P:




The Auld Grump - somewhere, out there, a properties master is laughing at me....

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The final over-the-credits sequence of this past weeks "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" showed a Border Patrol Agent out in the field whiling away boredom by trying to paint a miniatures-scale vehicle to match his official truck.

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      The third and final mini from the Layer Up! LTPK, Julie Guthrie’s Hajad the Pirate:

      Not gonna try for any better images, because then you would see how badly I messed up the eyes...
      Mostly by the book, but I skipped the lining as my little brush was becoming temperamental. Of the three minis in this kit, this is the one I was most looking forward to, as it has the most exposed skin of the three (one of my problem areas). Think I oversold the abs a bit too much though.
      Based on issues with the previous minis, I elected to basecoat both weapon blades with Ebony Flesh before applying the metallic. The Filigree Silver included in the kit was too watery to play nice with bare Bonesium, and in any case it was difficult for me to see where the paint actually stuck. Plus, it makes lighter metallics pop.
      It was nice to see darker flesh tones included in this kit. The darkest (non-dark elf) skin tone I had available before was Tanned Skin, but my attempts to mix in darker paints always resulted in a weird shade of sadness.
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