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For my friend, the former nun: 50159: Sister Maria, Nun

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Fantastic Job, and very well done.

Looks like the" Order Of The Sisters Of the Quick Retribution" to me !


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This is a little further progress.  I painted her necklace and cross gold, her rosary silver, and I added a lot of other colors to her habit. (And I realized her pointing finger was off so I bent it down a tad.)



Then I painted her face and hands.


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The face is excellent!


The eyes are in the right position, she got that...Ohhh you're gonna get punished now look!!

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Development of different colored highlights and shadows.


Highlights in a soft blue-grey and shadows in a translucent dull red-violet mixed from Mars Red and Phthalo Blue.



Modeling worked up with a neutral grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, lightened with Titanium White.

post-8022-0-03309500-1467678238.jpg post-8022-0-35681400-1467678247.jpg




Then I glazed a deep near-black made from Phthalo Blue and Burnt Umber over the entire dress.  This pattern of building up highlights in one color and then glazing them darker with a different color is pretty common in my paintings.

post-8022-0-62867300-1467678271.jpg post-8022-0-84288700-1467678280.jpg


I painted her ruler a dull, gungy yellow mixed from mostly Yellow Oxide and Burnt Umber and Titanium White.  There may be a few other browns and black mixed in here and there.

post-8022-0-72605200-1467678298.jpg post-8022-0-39387200-1467678308.jpg


Picking out the deepest shadows in a glaze of Carbon Black and Phthalo Blue.  By this time there are a lot of different layered colors.  They are a little easier to see in the close-up.

post-8022-0-47374600-1467678443.jpg post-8022-0-20437600-1467678457.jpg



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excellent!  Your friend won't have to use the ruler on you when you present this to her.  It is very obvious you have been paying attention in class and practicing your art skills :devil:

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