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The travels of Sir forscale and friends (Box of Goodwill) Round 4 arrival/departure thread NO CHATTER

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Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 4 of the Box of Goodwill.


Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead:







Epimys--Arrived 30 Apr, Sent 2 May

Fredsutner05---Received. Sent 17 May

GrowlTiger---Received 20 May (Real life issues kicked in)

Autumnhare---Received 15 Sep, Sent 17 Sep

MachtigeMaus---Received 19 Sep



CuteButPyscho---Sent 23 May

Hungerfan---Arrived 25 May, Sent 6 Jun

RobinH---Arrived 13 Jun, Sent 22 Jun

Jasper the 2nd---Arrived 22 Jun. Sent 4 Jul

Arc724---Arrived 13 Jul, Sent 5 Aug

TGP---Arrived 8 Aug

Tiniest Rhombus


Froggy The Great---Sent 9 May

Beowulf The Hunter---Arrived 13 May, Sent 17 May

NomadZeke---Arrived 18 May, Sent 18 Jun

KangarooRex---Arrived 20 Jun, Sent 12 Jul

Morihalda---Arrived 17 Jul, Sent 30 Jul

JCG---Arrived 2 Aug, Sent 12 Aug

Bonwirn---Arrived 18 Aug


Marvin---Sent 27 Apr

DogBL---Arrived 30 Apr, Sent 3 May

IzzyLobo---Arrived 5 May, Sent 16 May

Keianna---Arrived 19 May, Sent 26 May

Samurai Jack---Arrived 27 May, Sent 14 Jun

Pingo---Arrived 16 Jun, Sent 22 Jun

Guindyloo---Arrived 27 Jun


ChaosWolf---sent 4 May

Guildenstern---Arrived 6 May, Sent 9 May

Knarthex---Arrived 11 May, Sent 19 May

SGHawkins09---Arrived 21 May, Sent 1 Jun

David Brawley---Arrived 3 Jun, Sent 15 Jun

Mclimbin---Arrived 17 Jun, Sent 21 Jun

Aryanun---Arrived         , Sent Jul 11



Tiniest Rhombus---Sent 9 May

Generic Fighter--Arrived 11 May, Sent 3 Jun

Talespinner--Arrived 13 Jun, Sent 12 Jul

Evil Halfling---Arrived 14Jul, Sent 2 Aug


Rob Dean---Arrived 25 Aug, Sent 27 Sep



Guindyloo---Sent 3 May

Dilvish the Deliverer---Arrived 5 May, Sent 9 May

Ulfheathen---Arrived 11 May, Sent 31 May

TerminalMancer----Arrived 3 Jun, Sent 29 Jun

Wolfie907---Arrived 1 Jul, Sent...?

MissMelons---Arrived 22 Jul, Sent

Talae---Arrived 20 Aug, Sent 2 Aug

Marvin--Arrived 8 Sep


Bonwirn---Sent 25 Apr

pcktlnt--Arrived 27 Apr, Sent 17 May

WyvernFire--Arrived 21 May, Sent Jun

MadJack- dropped out

Chris Palmer---Arrived 22 Jun, Sent 27 Jun

Horned Turtle---Arrived 29 Jun, Sent 7 Jul

Inarah---Arrived 12 Jul, Sent Jul 21

FroggyTheGreat---Arrived 23 Jul

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The Boot box is now on its way to cutebutpsycho, the new Box starter. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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Finally got out of work before the post office closed, the box is on the way!

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    • By Chaoswolf
      The following will be the shipping order:
      Pingo---arrived 11/27, sent 11/28
      RedAmbrosia---arrived 12/1, sent 12/12
      Sanael---arrived 12/13, sent 12/19
      Izzylobo---arrived 12/22, sent 12/29
      Strawhat---arrived 1/3,
      Knarthex (Not part of the box, he has just volunteered to ship to Europe)
      Glitterwolf---arrived 2/23
      Alchemist---arrived Feb 28, sent March 6
      RobinH---arrived 3/21, sent 3/21
      Chris Palmer--arrived 4/1, sent 4/4
      Ttuckerman--arrived 4/6, sent 4/8
      Generic Fighter---arrived, sent 4/14
      Fire_Eyes---arrived 4/17,
      Chaoswolf (if there's anything left; I'll just transfer it to the regular BoGW)
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      The official arrival/departure thread for Round 2 of the Basing Edition of the Box of Goodwill.
      PLEASE make sure to post when you receive the box and when you send it off.

      Remember, NO CHATTER, chatter thread is here:

      Box of Goodwill, Basing Edition Round 2 - Chatter Thread

      SGHawkins09 - sent 2/16
      Keianna - arrived 2/20, sent 2/27
      Sylverthorne - arrived 3/1, sent 3/9
      NecroMancer - arrived 3/12, sent 3/15
      hungerfan - arrived 3/18, sent 3/23
      Ulfheathen - arrived 3/26, sent 4/2
      Aryanun - arrived 4/4, 
      Generic Fighter
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      Dilvish the Deliverer - sent 2/26
      Wyvernfire - arrived 2/27, sent 3/10
      Chaoswolf - arrived 3/12, sent 3/26
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      Only two groups this time and they are fairly large so make sure to keep the boxes moving. Also you may notice Keianna is listed in both groups, this is intentional as she did not receive a box last time.
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      Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 6 of the Box of Goodwill.
      Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead:
      Marvin---sent 1 Mar
      FireEyes---received 3 Mar, sent 10 Mar
      Flit--received 13 Mar, sent 20 Mar
      HateToWin  (dropped out)
      HjorHrafm---received 22 Mar, sent 28 Mar
      Painting Dog--received 30 Mar, sent 10 April
      Gaming Dog--receiver, sent 12 April
      Inarah---received 15 Apr
      Generic Fighter---sent 15 Mar
      Dilvish---received 17 Mar, sent 30 Mar
      Jsalyers--received 2 Apr, sent 13 Apr
      Horned Turtle
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      Guindyloo---sent 3 Mar
      MadJack--received 5 Mar, sent 14 Mar
      Pingo--received 21 Mar, sent 2 Apr
      Green Eyed Monster--received 5 Apr,
      Pcktlnt---sent 28 Feb
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      Necromancer--received 2 Apr, sent 6 Apr
      Thes Hunter
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      Chaos Wolf
    • By Chaoswolf
      Dylan Blackzorn looked around at the engine room with an annoyed expression on his face. The raiders had caused a hell of a mess in there. A fair amount of damage, too from the looks of things. He signaled for the others with him to follow his lead; they needed to be sure there weren't any surprises waiting for them before they got to work bringing the various systems back online.
      He flexed his fingers inside the energy glove on his left hand. In addition to being a great asset in the hand to hand combat they'd had to engage in with the raiders, it was also a powerful tool. With it, he'd be able to engage with the ship's engineering computer and ascertain what repairs were going to be necessary, as well as to dramatically shorten the time those repairs would take.
      Time to get to it, he thought. The sooner they were out of this sector, the better.




      He really does have a face, and it looks pretty decent in person....sigh.
      I'll have to go back and try to make it stand out a little more.
    • By Chaoswolf
      I finished this guy last night. I gave him some tattoos; on one hand, I'm (relatively) happy with my attempt at freehand, on the other, I'm really not that great at 2-d art. I'm pretty happy about getting his eyes to look ok, though.
      Please let me know what you think.



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