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The travels of Sir forscale and friends (Box of Goodwill) Round 4 arrival/departure thread NO CHATTER

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Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 4 of the Box of Goodwill.


Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead:







Epimys--Arrived 30 Apr, Sent 2 May

Fredsutner05---Received. Sent 17 May

GrowlTiger---Received 20 May (Real life issues kicked in)

Autumnhare---Received 15 Sep, Sent 17 Sep

MachtigeMaus---Received 19 Sep



CuteButPyscho---Sent 23 May

Hungerfan---Arrived 25 May, Sent 6 Jun

RobinH---Arrived 13 Jun, Sent 22 Jun

Jasper the 2nd---Arrived 22 Jun. Sent 4 Jul

Arc724---Arrived 13 Jul, Sent 5 Aug

TGP---Arrived 8 Aug

Tiniest Rhombus


Froggy The Great---Sent 9 May

Beowulf The Hunter---Arrived 13 May, Sent 17 May

NomadZeke---Arrived 18 May, Sent 18 Jun

KangarooRex---Arrived 20 Jun, Sent 12 Jul

Morihalda---Arrived 17 Jul, Sent 30 Jul

JCG---Arrived 2 Aug, Sent 12 Aug

Bonwirn---Arrived 18 Aug


Marvin---Sent 27 Apr

DogBL---Arrived 30 Apr, Sent 3 May

IzzyLobo---Arrived 5 May, Sent 16 May

Keianna---Arrived 19 May, Sent 26 May

Samurai Jack---Arrived 27 May, Sent 14 Jun

Pingo---Arrived 16 Jun, Sent 22 Jun

Guindyloo---Arrived 27 Jun


ChaosWolf---sent 4 May

Guildenstern---Arrived 6 May, Sent 9 May

Knarthex---Arrived 11 May, Sent 19 May

SGHawkins09---Arrived 21 May, Sent 1 Jun

David Brawley---Arrived 3 Jun, Sent 15 Jun

Mclimbin---Arrived 17 Jun, Sent 21 Jun

Aryanun---Arrived         , Sent Jul 11



Tiniest Rhombus---Sent 9 May

Generic Fighter--Arrived 11 May, Sent 3 Jun

Talespinner--Arrived 13 Jun, Sent 12 Jul

Evil Halfling---Arrived 14Jul, Sent 2 Aug


Rob Dean---Arrived 25 Aug, Sent 27 Sep



Guindyloo---Sent 3 May

Dilvish the Deliverer---Arrived 5 May, Sent 9 May

Ulfheathen---Arrived 11 May, Sent 31 May

TerminalMancer----Arrived 3 Jun, Sent 29 Jun

Wolfie907---Arrived 1 Jul, Sent...?

MissMelons---Arrived 22 Jul, Sent

Talae---Arrived 20 Aug, Sent 2 Aug

Marvin--Arrived 8 Sep


Bonwirn---Sent 25 Apr

pcktlnt--Arrived 27 Apr, Sent 17 May

WyvernFire--Arrived 21 May, Sent Jun

MadJack- dropped out

Chris Palmer---Arrived 22 Jun, Sent 27 Jun

Horned Turtle---Arrived 29 Jun, Sent 7 Jul

Inarah---Arrived 12 Jul, Sent Jul 21

FroggyTheGreat---Arrived 23 Jul

Edited by Chaoswolf
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The Boot box is now on its way to cutebutpsycho, the new Box starter. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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Finally got out of work before the post office closed, the box is on the way!

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    • By Chaoswolf
      Ok, this isn't a New year's resolution ( I don't make those), but I have decided that I need to get over the "I'm not good enough" thing and try to push myself to paint all those figures that I've been saving for 'some day'.
      That day is NOW.
      I grabbed this figure during a Black Friday sale for something like 4 or 5 bucks. Depending on where you get it from, it's usually more like 30. It's 28mm scale, but it stands pretty tall; I'm guessing it's 54mm tall or thereabouts. I'll get a proper picture with Sir Forscale a little bit later on.
      I'd like you to help push me to do my absolute best with this guy, please. If you think something looks good, cool, tell me that. By the same token, if you think something doesn't look good, tell me that, too. I want you guys to 'break out the red pen' as Cyradis would say.
      For reference, this is the figure I'm talking about (picture from the WWW, not my figure).

    • By Chaoswolf
      The following will be the shipping order:
      Pingo---arrived 11/27, sent 11/28
      RedAmbrosia---arrived 12/1, sent 12/12
      Sanael---arrived 12/13, sent 12/19
      Izzylobo---arrived 12/22, sent 12/29
      Strawhat---arrived 1/3,
      Knarthex (Not part of the box, he has just volunteered to ship to Europe)
      Chris Palmer
      Generic Fighter
      Chaoswolf (if there's anything left; I'll just transfer it to the regular BoGW)
      Please update this thread when you get the box and when you send it on to the next person.
      Any questions? Ask them here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76906-reapercon-bogw/&
      or PM me.
    • By Chaoswolf
      Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 5 of the Box of Goodwill.
      Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead:
      Generic Fighter---sent 19 July
      Pineapple---received 21 July, Sent 27 July
      Shadowphaze---received 29 July, Sent 07 August
      Thumpernicus---arrived 09 August, Sent 14 August
      Matt Parody---arrived 18 August, sent 12 September
      TGP---arrived 14 September, sent 29 December
      Generic Fighter---arrived 02 January
      Pcktlnt---sent 27 July
      HDClearman---received 29 July
      Izzylobo---received 02 August, Sent 08 August
      Dr.Bedlam---received 14 August, Sent 18 August
      Kate---received 21 August, Sent 24 August
      Arc724---received 26 August, Sent September 8
      Kangaroorex---arrived 12 September, sent 02 October
      Pcktlnt---arrived 04 October
      Guindyloo---sent 11 September
      Inarah---received 13 September, sent 21 September
      Knarthex---arrived 26 September, sent 28 September
      Froggy the Great---arrived 02 October, sent 12 October
      David Brawley---arrived 13 October, passed to Matbar at Reapercon
      Haldir---arrived 01 November, Sent 04 November
      Horned Turtle---arrived 06November, sent 13 November
      Guindyloo---arrived 13 November
      Bonwirn---sent 07 August
      MadJack---arrived 10 August, Sent 22 August
      Sylverthorne---arrived 24 August, Sent august 25
      Hungerfan---arrived 28 August, Sent 08 September
      Keianna---arrived 11 September, Sent 27 september
      Buckyball---arrived 04 October, Sent 05 October
      Jsalyers---arrived 07 October, sent 25 October
      Bonwirn---arrived 30 October
      Rob Dean---sent 14 July
      SGHawkins09--arrived 18 July, Sent 28 July
      Dogbl---arrived 31 July, sent 03 August
      NomadZeke---arrived and sent on approx 12-13 September
      Evil Halfling---arrived 18 September, sent 23 September
      Klarg1---arrived  26 September, sent 06 October
      Rob Dean---arrived 10 October
      Froggy The Great---sent 02 August
      Pingo---arrived 05 August, Sent 14 August
      Dilvish the Deliverer---arrived 17 august, Sent 21 August
      Epimys---arrived 23 August, Sent 25 August
      Broonkah---received 29 August, Sent 31 August
      SparrowMarie---received 02 September, Sent 07 September
      Morihalda---received 10 September, sent 13 September
      Chaos Wolf---received 16 September
      Chaos Wolf---sent 07 August
      Chris Palmer---arrived 09 August, Sent 14 August
      Hiddenone32---arrived 16 August,Sent 30 august
      TalaeArrived...., sent September
      Lidless Eye---Arrived 30 September, sent 02 October
      Ub3r N3rd---arrived 04 October, sent 05 October
      Samurai Jack---arrived 07 October, sent 14 October
      Chaos Wolf---arrived 17 October.
    • By Chaoswolf
      This is a giant frog from Mega Minis (you can't get it from there any more, though. He sold the molds to another company; I'm not sure who) that I have painted up as an Ice Toad for use in FrostGrave games.
      Also part of my Morihalda Challenge.


    • By Chaoswolf
      I'm not sure what this is supposed to be; I got it as part of a figure lot on Ebay. Maybe an Otyugh? Maybe something C'thulu-ish? In any case I painted it for the Morihalda Challenge.


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