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NICE, I really like how he looks like he is pulling himself through the magma. Well done!

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Nice one.


Don't worry about it being a bit pale, only you knew about that, until you mentioned it...

Also, Reaper is about to release some new colours, one of which is 'Volcanic Orange'


Maybe that will help brighten it up a bit?


Is there any markings on the golem that can bee used to ID it?

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Nice job! That looks like a WotC Earth Elemental from the early 3rd edition line (1998-2001ish) with some serious base work.

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Very nice.


Matte finishes will often make paints appear paler and less saturated, if that's what happened to you. It still looks most effective.

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Welcome to the forums!!!

What a great mini! You did an awesome job with him - the rocks protruding from his back look particularly realistic!

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    • By vulture
      My painting time is pretty limited these days, but I still fit it in here and there. I find elementals to be excellent and relaxing subjects for brief speedpainting sessions; their crude natures are very forgiving for the time-constrained.

      This guy is a pretty hefty piece of metal & a nice unique sculpt.
    • By lazarp
      I made these out of cotton wool and watered down white glue 
      Hope you like them as much as I do! 

      next to a wizards of the coast water elemental:

      next to Reaper 77280: Lich:

    • By lazarp
      I made these a while a ago and finally had the time to paint them up, I like how they turned out :D

      The crafting process more or less:

    • By ManvsMini
      Hi all,
      Not only is this my first WIP post, it's actually the first pic shared of anything I've ever painted with anyone (excluding family). A bit nervous, but figured I would try it out to help achieve my work goals.
      Got this guy with the first Bones Kickstarter, and always envisioned painting him up like an infernal from the Warcraft universe. (Side question, what is the policy on posting reference material?)

      Right now he's mostly just basecoated and drybrushed with lighter greys, but I'm planning to make some glowing eyes, and some glow coming from between the major cracks between rocks and his fists. It's my first attempt as OSL, so I'm going to go pretty basic. I almost scrapped the glow completely, but hey, fortune favors the bold, right?
      Really glad I got him in Bones. I have a copy of him from the old P-65 line (unpainted, unopened), and there is no way I wouldn't end up dropping him during the course of painting.
    • By wickedshifty
      Happy with how this came out! 

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