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77364: Angel Lancer

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A bit of work on my massive backlog of Bones, while I consider how I want to base Excelsy. Couldn't resist doing a little bit of conversion work.


Anyways, dual source strong OSL is kicking my tail, and also color identity is almost completely gone. I might knock it back to weak OSL just so I can splash more color into the mini. And also so I can do the sheer fabric effects that I wanted to paint. Sheer fabric is always fun to do.

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Has anyone ever done TMM OSL?




I wanted sheer, silky fabric, so I painted most of the cloth flesh, and then brushed a silver metallic glaze over the high spots in the cloth to get that satin sheen. But that wouldn't work with the OSL, so I took some interference colors (blue and orange) and tinted the sides of the cloth in each direction the appropriate color. It's pretty striking in person, but you have to roll the mini a little bit in the light to really see it.



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