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50157: Townsfolk: Ladies of the Night Nr. 2 By Glitterwolf

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Nr. 2 of the Working girls.


I tried an Asian Skintone.


She has a cigarette in her hand, bound to drop it, she might have to get in all Kung Fu stereotype and kick the biker's elf.


The Diorama is over the top and meant to be full of stereotypes , it's a tribute to my favorite musician. Lemmy..






Here is girl nr. 2









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Good work!

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I like the " oh no you dinnit" look on her face. She's a sassy one. Great job!

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    • By Glitterwolf
       Since Photbucket got Evil I linked my Putty and Paint Page here:
      This is my first take on a bust. It's from Kabuki 1/6 scale.
      Since she's a Not Red Sonja, I gave her warpaint like Conan has.
      I tried a freehand tattoo, it's supposed to be a stylized Dragon/Snake eating his own tail.
      I had loads of fun painting her.
      Here Is my WIP if interested.

    • By KingMob
      For your consideration: Reaper Bones miniature Female Anti-Paladin.

      It wasn't until I started on my idea for the shield that I realized that *it* was the Main Character. Not exactly a daemon-possessed sword, but a symbiotic relationship none-the-less. Extravagant tone with bright, decadent colors. She-Hulk for the hair.  Massive Voodoo for the dots. (More dots!) My cat Zen for the eyes. (He's a Tom.) Lots of non-textured areas to tell a story. Great player character or reoccurring NPC. 
      A lesson of extreme - in Color and form. The armor was protective but the clothing was tattered like a torn mesh bodysuit. Heavy straps encircled limbs and the armored boots formed like hooves. Toothy maw adornment on the armor hints at hunger. A very introspective Pin-Up.

      I hope you enjoy. :)

    • By Darcstaar

      This is was my entry for the 4th quarterly Reaper Facebook contest.  It was good enough for 3rd place!
      There were so many well painted models, and awesome interpretations.
      As I was planning it, my starting idea was copper nmm.  I didn't want the typical verdigris.  Then I thought a bluish or purple to counter the orange, so that got me thinking Drow with purple glazed into her shadows. 
      Then I took that farther to try to get OSL in her eyes, shield, and base as if she was casting 'protection from good' or something.
      Sadly, the OSL was saved to the end when I ran out of time.  So I tried a bright rim around those areas, then a purple glaze.  It wasn't striking enough for my tastes, but ... deadlines!
      So, I hope you like her.
      Sorry if the photo is blurry, it's a cell phone screen grab.
      C&C welcome.
    • By Pingo
      By itself this figure is 02863: Female Werewolf by James van Schaik, but to be clear I got mine as part of the set 03495: DHL Classics: Lady Lycanthropes. I have two copies, but of course they are sold singly.
      It's an evocative little figure, with a slim build and fur suggestive of long hair. The tail is a separate piece which was too thin for my pinning skills, so it is simply glued on.
      I decided to paint these two in realistic wolf style. - That is, colored as real wolves would be, though distorted.
      After cleaning up mold lines, I prepared them by priming thinly with Titanium White and washing over with Burnt Umber.

      I also threw a quick green on the bases mixed from Yellow Oxide, Hansa Yellow and a small amount of Carbon Black (yellow + black is a fun and unexpected way to make bright greens!).

      Those broccoli bases caused me endless trouble.  Note the tiny white specks on them?  Those are tiny pits where the paint didn't take. I will eventually come to spend all sorts of time poking with specially thinned paint and tiny brushes trying to eliminate those white spots.
    • By evilcoatrack
      I haven't painted much in the past couple months, so I thought I'd correct that by repainting an old model that I had painted when I started the hobby and had stripped down awhile back.  I thought I had pictures from earlier, but apparently I have lost them over time.  Oh well.
      Here she is, my Flaming Fist mercenary version of Isabeau:

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