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Silvervane's Zombicide Walkers WIP

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After my exchange mini I wanted to touch work on something less taxing. So I decided to work on a few more Walkers. Also I decided to test out the camera on my new tablet. Not a whole lot of editing options, but I could crop the photos, and I think I got the white balance OK.

Here is the group shot:

While I finished the highlights on the skin of all 4, I only managed to get this guy's highlights finished. I still plan on putting down some washes to make the shadows darker, and bloody him up. But this is the 1st step in my Zombicide process.


I'll see how it looks on my computer in a bit.


Edit: I changed to topic title to reflect the change in WIP's Purpose.  Later I will add the four unpainted models.

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I think I spotted our Mayor in there!

Ha, no need to tell which one and/or why you see the resemblance.


Really like those blues!

Thanks,  RMS Sapphire Blue shaded with RMS Nightmare Black and Highlighted up with RMS Blue Flame.

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The following is the results I achieved from last nights hangouts session.  Finally got around to posting my results before I begin tonight's painting session.


And now for the shading.  My homemade Zombie wash.  I then added Brown Liner to the mix to the deepest shadows.  The next step is to bloody them up some before sealing.






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Some of the nicest zombicide paintjobs i've seen!
What is your homemade zombie wash if you don't mind giving away trade secrets.

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Some of the nicest zombicide paintjobs i've seen!

What is your homemade zombie wash if you don't mind giving away trade secrets.

Can do.  Here is link to my last WIP for these guys that give the general process I used.  Hope It helps.  Though for these guys I substituted Matt Medium for RMS Brush on sealer.

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I decided rather than start several short WIP's for painting what amounts to the same models in different color's, I will use this WIP to show my progress in the Zombicide season 1 walkers.

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On to The next batch.  They are almost done.  They just need to be bloodied.  I plan to try the tooth brush spray to get spatter effects on these guys for the blood.  We'll see how it goes.




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3) Actually try freehand.

Play with it on walker's t-shirts, etc :)
Yeah, I've been procrastinating on that. I'll think on some simple designs.


Next color was going to be white. Was thinking of some kind of design for the dresses ascwell.

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OK, While I said white... I meant mostly white.  Here is the next group with their base coats.  Highlighting to follow and freehand to follow.  If anyone wants I can show the stages I go through on one of the figures?




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I was hit with a bit of low motivation, so I didn't get much done in the past few.


stages would be nice

Since you asked I did the best I could to photo the Highlighting process. 


****Long Post****


Step one:

This is the one from the previous photo, but I re-posted it to demonstrate the process.  I put a base coat layer down.  This is one stage darker than I would for a traditional mid color base coat.



White: RMS Dusky Skin Highlight.

Pink: RMS Breast Cancer Awareness Pink / Foundry Royal Purple (Mid)  1:1

Blue:  Foundry Vivid Blue A (Shadow)


Step Two:

I then begin layering roughly what would be a traditional mid-color base coat on to all areas except the deepest shadows.



White: RMS Weathered Stone

Pink: RMS Breast Cancer Awareness Pink

Blue: Foundry Vivid Blue B (Mid Tone)


Step Three:

I continue the highlight layering.  Placing the next highlight on all the raised surface that light should be hitting or that I want to stand out.



White : RMS Leather white

Pink: RMS Breast Cancer Awareness Pink / RMS White  (2:1)

Blue: Foundry Vivid Blue C (Highlight)


Step Four:

Most times the final highlight.  This I put on only the most raised areas.  Except for white which I layer more than I would a normal Highest highlight.  I find any less than and it looses all sense of being white.  Yes this stage will probably look garishly bright.  It is ok,  That is what you use the glaze/wash step for.



White: RMS White

Pink: RMS White / RMS Breast Caner Awareness Pink (2:1)

Blue: Foundry Vivid Blue C / RMS White (2:1)


Glazing to hopefully Follow tonight.

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