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Hellknight Seelah

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Welcome to the Order of the Nail, Armiger Seelah.


First, you will need a proper helmet to complete your armor. Ragnaros has violated his oaths to the order. You may take his.






Well done, it suits you.




Next, you will need a blade more suited to our order.




You summoned me, master?


Why are you looking at me like that?


What do you mean "Which arm?"




Before I get too glue-happy, any suggestions for filling the big gap in the back of the neck? Just man up and use plenty of greenstuff?



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 Actually, the neck won't be too hard to do - it'll just need to be done in a few separate steps, working from the inside out to get it to look good...


 First, add a tiny bit of putty around the pin and sculpt a neck for her, with whatever sort of collar is required. This will fill in most of the fiddly details, and you won't have to worry about trying to reach under the back rim of her helmet to try to blend your edges.

Then, simply extend the back of the helmet down a bit, in whatever style you think appropriate - a simple extension of the back of the helmet, a hinged plate or plates, or a chainmail or cloth coif... You'd do that in two stages: first an underlying piece to establish the basic shape of it and fill in the empty space, then another thin layer over it to sculpt the details into.


It's a somewhat time-consuming process since you have to let each part cure inbetween, but not that technically hard to do.

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I'd also been considering havign hair flowing out the back of the helmet. Any suggestions if i decide to go that way? Any tutorials on sculpting hair?

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 Hair is basically done by rolling out the individual large strands and then gently tapping the ends down onto the surface and bending them into shape, starting with the bottom-most layers. Then, when it's mostly cured, you scratch in some detail lines.


Honestly, though, for something like hair sticking out from under a helmet, if you have a local comic book shop or game store that has a $1 HeroClix bin, you can probably find something with an appropriate head to give it a haircut and glue the pieces onto your conversion...

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I feel like today's session with greenstuff mostly ended in blobby mess around the neck. Though I'm mostly satisfied with the fill-in I did on her cloak (where I had to cut a bit of her old dreads off it.)




I need more practice with greenstuff...

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 What are you using for tools?

Bare hands and a small knife. What do you suggest?


The sword-swap went smoothly.




I'm debating how fancy I want to get with the base, given that I plan to deliver it to a friend for painting Friday.

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And here she is after her return from my painter friend.






Hmm, dare I try to cut her free from her base and do something fancy at this point?

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She looks great!


Instead of cutting her off, how about using a little putty to integrate her into a blank base?

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