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Chisel (Guild Ball)

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She definitely looks more than a little unbalanced. She looks great, I love the way she turned out.  I've got a Union team that I'm going to paint eventually.

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Great work on the eye/face, she looks dangerous and disturbed.


Good job overall, especially on the blue.

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That is some amazing work, the blue tunic is awesome and I love the eye

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Love that blue tunic– you did a fantastic job with the brown pants and shoes too! I'm partial to warmer skin tones and mischievous expressions on my minis and you, sir, NAILED IT :) 

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    • By aku-chan
      Presenting Veteran Gutter from the game Guild Ball, a damaged young woman who used her trauma to transform into a rage-fuelled murder machine. Originally part of the Union team (haven't painted this version yet), this veteran version marks her move to the Butchers Guild team.
      As I said in her WIP thread, this mini had rather sever moldline and excess flash issues (she's a one piece mini and the areas between her arms, sides and chain were pretty much filled in) which has left the details in a few areas in a bit of a mess, despite that I think she turned out okay.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By bblythe84
      So I painted her as my player character in an upcoming game, the tricky thing was that she had some pretty bad burn scars. I tried to paint a burn scar on her shoulder holding the wand, I am not sure how well it came out.
      As always let me know what you all think of her.
      I feel I should also apologize for the photo quality, I am trying to get something set up for decent pictures. 

    • By Adeael Grey
      Had a lot of fun painting this.

    • By lazarp
      I've finally found time and finished painting this one. It's a great model and I enjoyed painting it.
      It will be used as a pc (half-elf swashbuckler) by my sister in our current dnd campaign. :D

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