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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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4 hours ago, robinh said:

I think the orc gunner could work.  The Aztec warrior is in charge of the band looking to get revenge on the Transmuhtor and the frog king!



I will use the Original kit then and add the Aztec Warrior to walk alongside the Warbeast.


Although this monster is actually allied with the Reptiles!

I also have a old GW Stegadon and a Ral Partha Triceratops coming..

Edited by Glitterwolf
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41 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Very cool old school figure!!


I agree with Robin about the crew arrangements.



I will use the whole kit.

The Aztec will be running alongside then.



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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:



So far I replaced the Orc Gunner for an Aztec Warrior.

The driver loader I left on.


I love this vintage model.

Should I keep the original Orc Gunner?

Maybe have the Aztec warrior walk next to the beast?


Or would it be more believable to use the Aztec guy?


The Orc Driver/Loader will act as a creature from the Transmuthor, this could be done with the gunner too.

Or would it be too much out of character?

DSCN8440 - kopie.JPG

I can totally see the Transmuthor creating creatures for war; something large, strong, not too bright, and easily controlled. Ergo, an orc.

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A little story between painting.




Plans, Strategy and Intrigue


Colonel Hernando Alvarez inspected the troops.

Defenses had been put in place, now they would have to wait for the enemy to surrender or die.

Skirmishers and scouts circled the city to keep an eye on hidden entrances.

If necessary his troops would deal with anyone trying to supply the city.


Cpt. de Torquemada joined him.

Looking good Colonel! He said.

We will starve the city and then we will take care of the survivors, we will all be rich soon.


Alvarez stroke his beard, don't be too sure about this Captain!

This may look like an easy battle, but I doubt it.

Thomas de Torquemada smiled, he waved at the cannons, do you think mere savages and beasts can withstand our firepower?


Alvarez nodded, have you forgotten our battle at the last city?

Sure we won, but it was hardfought!

Yes! Thomas acknowledged, but there was a third army present then, now it's just the Lizards, which I recalled retreated pretty soon that time!

Let's hope you're right, Hernando Alvarez said.


As far as I see it there are several options for our enemy left.

The Enemy can try to outlast us, if they have enough supplies this might work.

However, we are surrounded by a jungle which can provide plenty of food.


Another option would be to send for reinforcements.

This poses a problem, they have flyers!

We will need to take those down the minute we see one or they will warn others!


Thomas agreed. But surely that's it! Right?


No! Alvarez said.

The last option is the most realistic one.

Our enemy will launch a counterattack, this will be the real battle!

Given the beasts we already encountered, we shouldn't think too light about it all.

The Captain fell silent, he was experienced in naval battles but he didn't know much about this kind of warfare.


Away from the main army Gonzales and Toni had a discussion.

Gonzales whispered, we need to make plans for after the battle.

Our Swordfish and the Mule are close by, we need to convince the others to bring all loot to the Mule.

Toni nodded, it's a cargo ship and it was intended for it, so this would be reasonable.


Yes, Gonzales said.

But then they will probably want to return to their ships and reunite with us, the whole fleet should return to Turtle's Island, right?

Yes! Toni said.

And I'm sure the Colonel will want to leave guards with us to prevent us from sailing off with the loot before they can join us!


Gonzales grinned, yes!

This is our main concern!

We need to think of a way to deal with that!


Toni agreed, I understand Captain.

But what good will it do?

When we reach Turtle Island again, they will be either there at the same time or shortly after us!


Gonzales curled his moustache, who said we were returning to Turtle Island?

Toni laughed.

I get it Captain!


I will think of something!





Edited by Glitterwolf
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21 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

I can totally see the Transmuthor creating creatures for war; something large, strong, not too bright, and easily controlled. Ergo, an orc.


I figured Orcs would join up all on their own; re, at last, they had Folk to be seen with that made them better looking by comparison.

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Reaper Tanned Skin + Cinnamon Red for the Native Warrior's skin

Reaper Cinnamon Red for the Monstrous Crew

Vallejo Heavy Grey for the Triceratops

Reaper Bone SHadow for the horns.

Some work on the base.







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The Beasty is coming along SPLENDIDLY. The base is a thing of BEAUTY. The Still Water is a really nice touch. GREAT WORK, Glitter!

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I couldn't have said it better myself, especially  the part about the base. It looks like you've got an actual mud puddle there.

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3 hours ago, malefactus said:

The Beasty is coming along SPLENDIDLY. The base is a thing of BEAUTY. The Still Water is a really nice touch. GREAT WORK, Glitter!


1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

I couldn't have said it better myself, especially  the part about the base. It looks like you've got an actual mud puddle there.



The Still water reacted with the inks as I hoped it would.

And presto muddy jungle puddle..


I'm having fun with this marvellous vintage creature!

I bought it a year ( or two?) ago on evilbay still shrinkwrapped in the box!


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A Little story again.




Happy Newyear!


While the rebels were preparing festivities to celebrate New Years Eve, Yupanqui entered the halls.

Leon noticed he was alone and worried he asked, where is Achik?

Yupanqui put him at ease, she is allright!

She is still keeping an eye on the enemy.


Listen! He said to the leaders, the human expedition army has reached the Golden City!

They are laying siege as we speak!

Achik told me to inform you!


Fillippa slammed his fist on the table.

The FOOLS! he yelled.

This is no ordinary enemy!

They will surely all die!


Shouldn't we help them then? Xolotl asked.

Fillippa shook his head.

The moment those priests see you, the Dragonmen and the Beastmen they will turn against us too!

No! They will have to take care of themselves.


This could be a good thing, Leon said.

It sounds cruel, but the two armies will weaken each other and then we can come in and finish them off!!!

Draghor agreed, solid thinking!


Mitla put a hand on Fillippa's shoulder, are you okay with that?

They are your people!

Fillippa shook his head again, I was marooned by my people!

You're my people now!


He turned to Yupanqui, better get Achik back here!

She shouldn't be at risk.

We have other ways to spy on them and see how the battle develops, he said looking at the Molemen.


Yupanqui nodded!

I'll go and get her!




Inquisitor Escolano stood next to Colonel Alvarez, do you realize it is New Year's Eve?

I do, the Colonel replied.

Maybe we should hand out some rum to the men to celebrate, it will improve morale, Escolano suggested.

Alvarez agreed, a nice gesture, let's do that!

 We will be here for a while!


The skirmishers I have sent out are reporting that this city is much larger than we expected.

That isn't weird, Escolano said, it is their Capitol, right?

Yes! Alvarez answered, but still, this way we won't be able to surround them completely.

All we can do is let our scouts inform us when something happens and then hope we can adress the situation in time.


Suddenly a loud voice was heard.




Startled the men looked up, a Tortoise wearing ancient Roman armor had appeared on the ramparts.

What does that creature want? Escolano grumbled.

Gonzales also came closer to take a look and Thomas told the men to be quiet, we need to hear what this thing has to say!

Maybe they wish to surrender and hand over their gold? Toni joked..


HUMANS!!! You dare to attack the Citadel! The centre of our Empire! The Throne City of our King who serves the Living Lizard God!

Now is the time for you to return to your own lands!!!


Gonzales shouted, WHY SHOULD WE GIVE UP???


Cantor gestured and the men fell silent.


Two abominations, one with a face like a squid and one giant woman with the lower body of a snake, showed them a girl.


Rosetta! Thomas de Torquemada whispered,suddenly feeling weak in his knees.

They have Rosetta!


So? Gonzales asked, she is but one girl.

Thomas turned to the Buccaneer, I pledged an oath to bring her back to her father!!! He yelled.

Might I remind you that her father is supposed to be your friend???

Gonzales nodded, I understand, but should we give up all of our dreams and just leave because she let herself get caught?

Thomas turned red and his face was an inch away from that of Gonzales who in turn got angry, his hand touched the hilt of his sword.


STOP THAT! Alvarez shouted.

Let's hear what the abomination has to say!

Then we decide what to do!!!


He turned to Cantor.



Cantor spoke again.


It is the change of year!

At first sunrise of the new year we make a sacrifice to the Living Lizard God!

If you do not wish it to be this girl, then you better turn around.


You will leave here and board your ships!

If you do, we will let her live and treat her well.

If not, Bonita here will carve out her heart and offer it to the Living Lizard God at dawn!


Escolano was fuming with rage, barbarians!! Savages!!! Infidels!!!

How dare you make human sacrifices!!!

Gonzales grabbed him, easy now Padre!!! We better not make them angry at this point or we will lose your precious girl!

Thomas turned to Alvarez, but if we leave, they will keep her!

I can't go back without her!!!

We must have her back!!!!


Gonzales stroke his beard, allright, allright...we might need to bargain with these beasts to get her back, and then of course betray them to get the gold anyway!

Alvarez looked at the Buccaneer in disgust, you really do not have any honour in you, do you?

Honour has never satisfied my hunger or thirst, Gonzales replied.


We need to think of something!!!








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