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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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A report on how to use the Rolling Pins


I mixed Milliput with Plasticine.


Applied it to the bases with my hands ( I used plastic disposal gloves)


Then Flattened it with the plain Rolling Pin.


Then Used the Aztec Rolling Pin


Then cut away the excess with a hobby knife.


Leave to dry.









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On 14-1-2018 at 9:00 PM, vegascat said:


I totally agree~!  I'm all caught up and love the pictures, finished model, and new additions!





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Wait, you can get rolling pins with designs in them for doing bases? o_O


EDIT: Well now....  Uhm, I just might have to get me a few of those and some sculpting tools now........  Quite a few really nice ones from Green Stuff.....

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7 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Wait, you can get rolling pins with designs in them for doing bases? o_O


EDIT: Well now....  Uhm, I just might have to get me a few of those and some sculpting tools now........  Quite a few really nice ones from Green Stuff.....



I got the Actec, Greek and Egyptian one and a Plain one for flattening.

Superb stuff.

Make sure you use them when the putty/ greenstuff or clay you're using is already a bit hardened.

If you do it too soon you will roll the putty off the bases and on your pin..

If you're too late you won't make an impression.


Actually I even applied the Aztec roller to foam, pressing hard I was able to make an impression ( Tanith's Awakening Piece, I did this on the bottom part of the altar, upper part was milliput)


Using plasticine in the mix will take longer to dry, but is more cost effective in the end.


Clean the rollers directly afterwards, warm water/detergent I use a wooden toothpick ( NOT METAL) to scrape residue out of the motif.


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Last weekend I made an inventory of all my minis both painted and unpainted.

I collected a lot for the Lost World already and with Bones IV in the pipeline, more will be coming.

Since my initial idea only consisted of a Reptilian Army most models are for this army.

Over the years I also collected "some" Undead and Monsters, so there is more to come.

This is more of a reminder to me, but maybe you like it too.


This is what I already got ( painted and unpainted) to form the factions with.

The human forces are rather small right now, but that might be corrected later...


As of now this roughly what the Armies will look like.

I don't game, but I want to paint it, build it and then take a few pics of the amassed forces.

They will go into the display cabinet and should I get tired of that after a few years they might even be sold.

Anyway this is it:


Reptilian Forces

  • Khanjira - Living Lizard God
  • Oathsworn Tortoise Champion - Cantor ( General)
  • 2 Spikeshell Warriors ( Cantor's bodyguard)
  • Turtle Dragon ( Bones II) - Monster
  • Turtle Dragon ( Bones IV) - Monster ( Navy)
  • T-Rex Large - Monster
  • T-Rex Medium - Monster
  • Hartha the Death Machine War Triceratops - Monster / Artillery
  • Triceratops - Monster
  • Stegadon - Monster ( will probably get an Aztec Warrior crew)
  • 2 x Terradon - Flyers
  • Bastiladon - Monster / War Machine
  • Full Regiment of Snake/Serpent warriors including some large ones as unit fillers
  • Full Regiment of Lizardmen Warriors  including some lareg ones as unit fillers
  • Frog Shaman with retinue of Frog Warriors
  • Turtle Sergeant with Turtles, Wereturtle and Turtle familiars
  • 2 Regiments of Raptors ( Cavalry)
  • Several Giant Snakes and Lizards
  • Bathalian Necromancer - The Transmuthor
  • Bonita
  • Several Mariliths, Beastman and Mutants
  • Froghemoth - Monster
  • Dagon - Monster ( Navy)
  • Blacktooth Terror T-Rex 2 x ( Bones IV) - Monster
  • Thunderfoot Triceratops ( Bones IV) - Monster
  • Frog Cavalry on Toads - Cavalry
  • Hornslasher Lizard ( Bones IV) - Monster
  • Lowland Hunting (Dragon Dark Sword) - Monster ( Protosuchus)
  • Ankylosaurus ( Bones IV) -Monster
  • Werecroc ( Bones III) + Beloved of Sobek ( Crocodile Games) - Crocodile Monsters
  • Troglodyte Warriors 3 x ( Bones IV) - Skirmishers
  • Savage Toads 3 x ( Bones IV) - Skirmishers
  • Carnotasaurus 2 x - Monsters
  • Jungle Titan ( Bones III) - Monster
  • Titan Beast ( Skorne Privateer Press) + Turtle Mutant ( Dark Age ) - Heavy Turtle Infantry
  • Several smaller reptiles/amphibians - Swarms.
  • War Turtle with Howdah - Warmachine / Artillery.
  • Xilococh Naga ( Bones III ) - Monster


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I will add to this all of course...but for now I will try to paint as much as I already have.


Explorers / Conquistadores/Pirates


  • Angelica Fairweather - Rosetta
  • Mounted Pistolier ( Gamezone) - Colonel Alvarez
  • Ral Partha Pirate - Old Nedd
  • 5 x Pirates - Skirmishers
  • Ships Cannon - Artillery
  • Pikeman ( Gamezone) - Conquistadore Officer
  • Gatazorde Guards ( Freebooter) 2 x - Conquistadore Halberdiers
  • Jaronno ( Freebooter) - Officer ( Iglesias?)
  • Aquerose Pirate Captain ( Freebooter) - James Alday
  • Wardog 3 x - Light Cavalry
  • Sophie Pirate ( reaper) - Bonita before her transformation ( leave wings off)
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A rather small faction as of now, but with some nice minis




  • Fillippa and Mitla riding Mon-Ark ( Giganotosaurus) - Generals
  • Oathsworn Armadillo Man - Xolotl
  • Halberdier ( Gamezone) - Leon
  • Bombshell Babes Amazone Princess - Achik
  • Foundry/Mirlinton Meso-Americans - Native Warriors
  • Beastmen/ Fishmen/Molemen
  • Brood Dragon - Furnach
  • Dragonmen
  • Brood Of Patanyak Rider -Dragonman Leader
  • Alsnia and Tanith - Terrain/ Generals

Combined forces of Neith and Nefrusobek.


  • Gyosphinx ( Bones III) - Nefrusobek
  • Undead Mammoth ( grenadier) - Monster/ Warmachine
  • Undead Elephant ( grenadier) - Monster / Warmachine
  • Undead Rhino Captive Carrier ( Grenadier) - Monster / Warmachine
  • Mummy Captain ( Bones)
  • Mummy ( Bones)
  • Fatima ( reaper) - Necromancer
  • Nefertiki ( Reaper) - Necromancer
  • Crypt Lord ( Crocodile Games ) - Mummy Leader
  • Stone Golem ( Bones) - Monster
  • Egyptian Princess with Baboon ( Reaper) - Hero
  • Iconic Sorceress ( Bones III) - Hero
  • Giant Scorpion ( Bones II ) - Monster
  • Massive Scorpion ( Demonworld) - Monster
  • Giant Scorpion ( Demonworld) - Monster
  • Termitacus ( Demonworld ) - Cavalry
  • Spiders 2 x ( Demonworld) - Swarm
  • Spiders 2 x ( Bones) - Swarm
  • Giant Spider ( Bones) - Monster
  • Giant Stag Beetle ( Demonworld) - Monster
  • Smilodon Skeleton ( Ral Partha) - Cavalry
  • Undead Banner and Musician ( Reaper Nefsokhar) - Command group
  • Cyclops Liche ( Reaper ) - Monster
  • Shaerilith Spider Demoness (Bones) - Hero
  • Avatar of Sekhmet ( Bones II) - Warrior
  • Avatar of Thoth  ( Bones II ) - Warrior
  • Avatar of Sokar ( Bones II ) - Monster
  • Giant Ants ( Otherworld) - Swarm
  • Giant Maggots ( Bones IV ) - Swarm
  • Giant ( Huge) Maggot ( Hitech) - Monster
  • Giant Rhinocerous Beetle ( Bones IV) - Monster
  • Tidal Lurker (Bones IV) - Monster
  • Giant Crabman ( Bones IV) - Monster
  • Stygian Barge  2 x ( Bones IV) - Navy
  • Roc ( Bones IV) - Monster
  • Cave Spider ( Bones IV) - Monster
  • Burrowing Behemoth ( Bones IV) - Monster
  • Gloom Stalker ( Bones IV) - Monster
  • Purple Wurm ( Bones) - Monster
  • Goremaw ( Bones III) - Monster
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      Trick or treat : A true horror story
      It was very humid outside that last August. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to shelter myself in the basement while I was speed painting some exquisite Reaper Miniature models. Late that day, as I was done painting a hand full of Undead models, I decided to seal them with that half-full / half-empty "you choose" can of anti shine matt varnish. It's important to mention that I had already used that very same spray can a month earlier.
      This being said, after shaking the spray can for a good minute or so, I opened the basement door leading into the backyard. Immediatly, a draft of hot and humid air invaded the doorway and shook my face. I remember swearing when I felt the moisture condensing to beads of sweat on my skin. Without losing a second, wanting to get back to shelter in my man cave, I spray some figurines. In the darkness of the night, everything seemend to be allright under the dim light of the portico.
      The day after, I noticed the damage. By a terrible curse, the models I spayed the night before were covered with a thin, powdery layer of white dust. I gazed around looking for sneering Gremlins but saw nothing unusual. Disconcerted, I became aware of the extent of the damage. There has to be a logical explanation behind this ghouly phenomenon.
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      I did not want to ruin hours of time spent painting another model to do this test. So, I sprayed a colored cardboard. Furthermore, I made an exception to the sanitary rule and used the spray can inside. The result was surprising. Even though I was using the same spay can, there was no fume this time. Since then, I've been reusing that same spry can on other models whitout any problem.
      What happened that draid August night? Was it the imps playing tricks on me or just the excessive difference of temperature and the heavy humidity in the air catched by the aerosol varnish? I will probably never know but one thing is for sure, I will always test my spray can on an expendable object before spraying my art.















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      Right, I hemmed and hawed over the best way to show these off, and sadly, ultimately decided on linking to an external album, rather than uploading 70 some odd photos to Reaper's servers. I've shown off several of these minis/units before over time, but I just got a new phone with a way nicer camera and I thought it would be nice to get the whole thing documented. I'm nowhere near done, I have always enjoyed painting the Undead and will likely continue to add to it forever, but here it is in it's current state. It's based for Kings of War, includes tons of Reaper, Mantic, GW, and a few other manufacturer's in small quantities as well. 

      Enough talk, here's the album:

      And here's a sample excerpt:

      It's about 5 years +/- in the making but includes some minis from my previous war gaming days as well, I think all were repainted though. 
      EDIT: Apologies, some of the models are dustier than I realized. Next time I get shots I'll dust first. There's even a small cobweb on one, but that kinda looks awesome. The dust not so much.

      Thanks for looking!
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      Here's 02102, Plague Zombie, Dark Heaven Legends sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
      It's the second time i paint this model, here's the link to 02043: Undead Rising, 02102: Plague Zombie & 02157: Undead Awakening I painted 10 years ago.







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