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Lost World Project Glitterwolf Paints Coldblooded Creatures and Conquistadores

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Change of plans.


Andres Segova stood nervously at the docks.

He was waiting for the Captain who would deliver his message to the Empress.

She would finance a new expedition, he was certain of it.

But his letter might get the Vizconde in trouble as well, he needed to be careful about this.


Are you the Professor? A low voice behind him asked.

Startled Andres turned around, before him stood a man shaped like a bear, big, hairy, large beard, broad shoulders, the Captain looked amused, scared you, didn't I?

Bad conscience professor?

Captain Manual Pesagno! Glad to see you, Andres replied.


I wish to send a letter to the Empress, a letter of the utmost importance!

It is important to deliver it as quickly as you can!

The Captain looked at Andres.

If you also need your answer as quickly as possible, there is but one way!

Captain? Andres wondered what he meant.


Why don't you sail with us, the Captain said.

That way you will meet the Empress yourself, you get your answers right away, and....he said, while looking over his shoulder...you wouldn't need to worry about the Vizconde anymore.

Andres behaved as if he was shocked, what are you implying? The Vizconde is a dear friend of mine! Why would I..Now Now Professor, the Captain interrupted.

If you were such a good friend of the Vizconde, you would have given him that letter instead of seeking me out, right?

The Vizconde sends monthly reports to the Empress so a letter wouldn't be much of a problem for him, unless you didn't want him to know what's in it!

So? The Captain asked, are you coming or not?


But I can't leave my belongings behind! Andres mumbled, If the Empress sends me on my way, I might need some of my notes and more!

That's alright, the Captain said, you have two hours to get your stuff and board the ship.

I'll see you then!

The Captain tipped his hat in a greeting and walked away.


Andres thought about it, it might save time!

If the Empress agreed he needed to be there anyway.

Yes! The Captain was right!


He hurried home to get his precious notes and a chest containing the skull of the saurian creature he was examening.

As long as the Vizconde didn't notice that he was gone until they reached open sea, he would be alright.

Excited with his new plans he rummaged through his desk for anything useful.

A servant came looking, Sir? Anything you need?

Andres looked up, ehh Alfredo! Yes!

Come here, help me pack and carry this, we are going on a voyage!

We, Sir?

Yes, yes, I need you by my side!

Come on, go to the stores and buy us some rum, tobacco and coffee, maybe some biscuits, be back within the hour!


And warn Michaello and Rubio!

I want them to come as well!


Alfredo obeyed and walked out of the door.

Opening another drawer Andres noticed a flintlock pistol he had inherited from his grandfather, he had never used it, but now it might come in handy.

A few instruments for measuring and digging.

He was certain he could find many artifacts in that New World Gonzales spoke of.



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I received more bottles of still water and some brushes today.

More to come later.

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I have applied a second and third pour of the still water.

From the look of it I might need another to or three pours.

3mm thick maximum each time, 24hours drying time.

So no pics, since it is kinda boring.

I will show the results when done.


It will have to wait, because tomorrow we fly to Greece.

Back in 8 days.


Lambchops here we come!

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Last pour is now drying, the one before that has dried and created some puddles etc.

I will leave that as is, maybe some critters are causing that, should it be too problematic, I can obscure it with fallen foliage or something.


Anyway, the river is about done.


On to the plants and animals.






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Storytime while it all dries.



Queen's landing.


The Barge laid anchor before the shore and the Admiral laid out the plank for his Queen to be able to go ashore.

He couldn't wait to be rid of her, her fickle evil nature scared him like nothing else ever had done.

If only she kept her word he would get out of this alive.

He looked at the jungle,how different this was from his own desert homeland.

The Queen had made him promise never to return here again, surely he could take command of the idle forces of Nefrusobek now that she was disposed by Neith.

For sure he would be ruler upon his return, but this strange coast fascinated him.


What if he returned one day, with an army capable of defeating the Spider Queen?

He would have to take his time though, she was planning on waging a war against other denizens of this jungle.

Maybe she would be victorious, maybe she would get herself killed, in any case she might be weakened then, and a large army might be able to overcome her then.

After pondering on it some more he thought about himself as the ruler of his own lands.

He would become Pharao of his own Empire.


Maybe it would be best to be satisfied with that, he thought.

He could use his mighty army to subdue his neighbours, carve out a name for himself.

Maybe it would be best to leave these strange lands alone, the Spider Queen would no doubt be victorious and if she wasn't, that meant the other party was even more dangerous.

No, he would keep his promise!

He would leave for his desert Empire to be!

Neith turned around and gave him an amused look.

Wise decision! He heard her voice inside his head, and he almost soiled himself.


He started to stumble an apology but she cut him short.

You decided well little man! Now leave it at that and never forget it.

Go home and rule the East!

If you ever come here again you will be fed to my minions.


And with that she walked the plank to the beach as the scarabs had already done.

Standing on the beach behind a screen of scarabs and flanked by two giant scorpions she looked at the jungle before her.

Time to reform her army and clean the jungle of the paleskin invaders and the reptilians both!

Now to send the message that she had returned.


She looked over her shoulder at the barge, the Admiral had raised the plank and the anchor as quickly as he could.

Afraid she might change her mind he turned the barge around and the magical boat took off to open sea again.

He waved at her in an attempt to soothe her, no doubt.

She nodded at him and one of the giant scorpions raised his claws and clicked them in an eerie salute.


Neith turned her attention to the land before her again.

Slowly the scarabs began to move forward at her unspoken command, she followed them and the giant scorpions flanked her.

Behind her some large crabs and lobsters emerged from the sea and started to follow her as well.

A large sandworm raised from the ground and joined her.


The small group of insects and crustaceans moved on, smaller creatures joining the warband with every step.

Neith felt great, she could feel the minds of these little ones as they joined her army.

Suddenly she felt another presence, something bigger.

Turning around to the shore she reached out with her mind, and from the sea rose a giant crablike behemoth.

It stood on two of it's legs like a mockery of a man and moved forward it's claws clicking in excitement.


A few large dragonflies came closer and flew over her head.

Neith smiled, and then her smile turned into laughter, she would command all lesser creatures to get rid of the reptilians and softskins.

She would have peace and quiet when she was done!

None of her enemies would be left alive!


Slowly the army advanced to the edge of the jungle, more and more critters crawling from the sea, raising from the sands and rushing from the bushes followed her.

A strange legion of insects, crustaceans, worms, snails and some prehistoric looking creatures who were barely sentient reached the jungle.

Neith's laughing startled the tropical birds who flew away in terror.

Small mammals ran for their lives as the army came closer.

One large snake was too late and ants and beetles swarmed over it and devoured the poor thing in mere minutes.

A monkey climbed all the way up to the top of the tree he was in and shouted his warning call.


The Queen had landed.





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I made the last pour of still water and added the maneating plants.

The Plant Dragon and the Death Star Lilies from Bones III.


I like how the Plant Dragon seems to be hiding behind the ruins in wait for a snack brought by the river.


I also put them in their own show off threads



















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Story time since it is too hot to paint any further.






Gonzales and his men finally reached the beach where the Swordfish and the Mule laid in waiting.

They had been unhindered by cannons or carts and had travelled fast, still it had taken a few weeks.

Rodrigo Gonzales wondered how the army was doing, the siege would not be over already would it?

His group approached the ships when the guard spotted them.

He started waving and shouting, happy to see them return.


Gonzales raised his hand in a salute and spurred his horse on to close the distance.

Ahoy! He shouted, we have returned!

Lay down the plank so we can board!


The guard quickly obliged and soon Gonzales and his men boarded the Swordfish.

Sgt. Videla who was in command of the guards welcomed him.

Glad to see you Captain! Did you conquer the Golden City? Where is the rest of the army?


Gonzales laid his hand on Videla's shoulder, good to see you too my friend!

Thank you for taking care of my ship!

Our dear Colonel is conquering the Golden City as we speak, he asked us to go ahead and make preparations for his return with the treasure!

So, we will get the ships ready to sail and wait for them!


Videla laughed, we're going to be rich after all then?

Of course! Gonzales said.

Unless our Colonel will lose the battle that is...

But I'm confident that he will prevail!

All we have to do is wait for him!


Sgt. Videla was happy to hear this and the skeleton crew that had been left behind now joined the Captain's men to prepare the ships.

Toni already had taken up his role as First Mate again and shouted orders.

A small group of sailors was ordered to forage the jungle for fruits and maybe game to take with them, others were fishing and the rest prepared the ships.

Some wood needed replacing and a few men felled a tree in order to provide the ship's carpenter with fresh wood.


This went on for some hours when the lookout shouted SAILS!

Gonzales ran to the bow of the Swordfish, grabbed his spyglass and turned a bit pale.

The Barracuda, the Jan Jose and the Flying Kraken appeared in the bay!


Toni stood next to him, whispering, where did they come from?

Gonzales, shrugged, I don't know, but depending who is in command this might be a curse or a blessing!


The ships came closer and signals were being exchanged.

Looking through his spyglass Gonzales recognised James Alday.

We might be in luck he said to Toni.

From the look of it the Barracuda is under command of the Lieutenant, but the Flying Kraken is in the hands of our pirate friend!

Let's lower a barge and meet them!



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1 hour ago, LarsM said:

The comming of chaos..! 


There will be some sort of trouble I'm sure...

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Remind me never to stop and smell the roses should I ever end up in your terrain, your plants have teeth! :D  Wonderful story additions! <3 

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On 7/30/2018 at 3:27 AM, vegascat said:

Remind me never to stop and smell the roses should I ever end up in your terrain, your plants have teeth! :D  Wonderful story additions! <3 



The Jungle is a dangerous place!

More soon!

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Due to the temperature I can do little painting, maybe tomorrow morning.

So, for now we will continue the story.




The battle rages on


Colonel Alvarez ordered his men to retreat a few more yards to get out of range of the archers on the ramparts.

Now that the city was sealed off from the other side by their newfound allies, the reptilians had no choice.

They would have to stay inside and try to outlast the besiegers or they would launch a counterattack.

It was all a matter of time.

Lucky for the army, the jungle could provide them with food, he had no doubt the city could last for a long long time.


In the meantime Inquisitor Escolano had made it clear that their very souls were in peril by this new unholy alliance.

He would allow it as long as needed to capture the city, but after that he had insisted that the mutants, witches and abominations would be killed while the others would be converted.

Alvarez knew this could go wrong, but it was something to worry about later.


On the other side of the city, Fillippa and the other leaders discussed their strategy.

They had dug trenches filled with dry wood in case of a counter attack Furnach would ignite that creating a wall of fire.

Maybe we should call for the other two, Xolotl said.

Tomas asked, what other two?

Fillippa answered, when Draghor and his men came they brought two smaller dragons with them as well.

They might prove useful here, right now they're guarding the caves.


Leon agreed, but Achik protested.

Those two are the best guards Alsnia and the civilians have at this time.

We are all here, somebody has to protect them in case the reptilians find their way there!

Fillippa agreed, you might be right.

Furnach can take care of business here.


Mitla glanced at Tomas, she still didn't trust this man, he looked friendly enough, but she could feel his disgust when he looked at the dragonmen or one of the other beastman.

She had seen him look at Xolotl in a way she didn't like at all.

Somehow she needed to talk to Fillippa and the others without him.

Tomas looked at Xolotl while they talked, surely the Inquisitor would have these creatures burned at the stake after this, he thought.

And yet they needed them to defeat the greater evil.


Rosetta sat at his side, Tomas turned to her, have you recovered a bit?

She nodded, I was sent by your father to rescue you, he continued.

Rescue me? She said, but you persecuted us!

Not you! Tomas replied, the pirates!

How could you betray your father like that?

Rosetta fell silent and looked at the ground, none of your business, she said.


Fillippa turned his attention to Tomas, could you two please continue that after the battle?

Of course, Tomas said.

They were interrupted by a small group of horsemen who arrived.

Tomas rejoiced when he saw two priests and three of their armed guards.

Escolano must had sent them, he thought.


Will you excuse me? He asked the others, I would like to talk to them.

Taking Rosetta with him he walked to the priests, greeting them cheerfully.

Finally! He said, I would like to talk to you and unburden my soul from recent events.

The oldest of the two priests, Father Diaz nodded mildly.


Mitla grabbed Fillipa's arm, we need to be very careful about our new allies, she said.

There is something very wrong about them!

Fillippa nodded, I'm way ahead of you.

I know the Inquisition, they will turn against us immediately after this battle.

We will need to be prepared, Xolotl and Apo-Mayta listened to his plan.

They all agreed.






Somewhere in the jungle one of the little huggers emerged from the ground.

It looked around and saw the city of the Serpent Lord, it submerged again and tunneled forward.

A few moments later it emerged in the middle of the market square, a merchant saw it and grabbed it.

What have we here? He said, when he noticed the seal on the little scroll around the hugger's neck he shouted for a guard.

A guard came running, what is it? Thieves? No, the merchant said, it seems the Frogking has a message for our Lord!


The guard took the hugger with him and ran to the Palace, there he was brought before the Serpent Lord.

After reading the message the huge snake summoned his General.

Prepare the troops! Our Citadel is under attack, we need to assist our Liege Lord!

The General saluted, turned around to carry out his orders.


Another one of the little huggers emerged from the ground in a loyal human village.

The Leader of these natives was in awe, his Lord needed his help!

This was a great opportunity to prove his loyalty, and if the King was pleased, then maybe they would be excluded from paying tribute!

A war party was formed and marched out of the village.


The third hugger found himself in a city ruled by Mayor Uzcapalli, a huge Turtleman.

This one read the message and smirked.

So, the Citadel was under attack and the Frogking needed his help?

Maybe this was a chance to get rid of that fool and take over, he thought.

What if his troops arrived just a little too late? In time to make it look like he sent help.

There could be an opportunity in this, he thought, he turned to his advisor.

We need to talk he said.


The last hugger emerged from the ground, before it had a chance to look around a vicious predator bit it's head off.

The message drenched in blood was carried away by the wind.




Back in charge


Neith looked at the ship sailing away, a pity they hadn't encountered any softskin ships as she had hoped.

Oh well, she didn't need the Admiral and his ship anymore now.

More and more lesser creatures flocked to her army.

Soon, she would have a huge force again!


Now, where to make camp for the time being?


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