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ME1 - Frodo, Citadel 1980's Vintage LOTR

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20 hours ago, robsontpm said:

That's a miniature with a soul! Brilliant!


Many thanks!


17 hours ago, edz16 said:

well done!  please, explain this "flockbox" contraption...


Thank you!


The flockbox is a little powered box which makes it possible to create more realistic grass effects using flock. The box generates a static charge which makes the individual strands of flock magically  fly through the air from the box & land upright on a glued surface (such as a mini's base, terrain or on some parchment paper (if you are creating grass tufts)) giving a much more realistic look.


If you do a Youtube search for "flockbox" you find a few videos which show what it can do.


Hope this helps! ::):


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