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16 minutes ago, OneBoot said:


That's totally what I did! My nice brushes only came out for faces, eyes, fiddly bits of equipment, etc.



Guindy was able to show my a comparison with her size 0 brushes, and it looks comparable. :)



--OneBoot :D

Sweet, glad to hear.  I've been wanting to try them out, and truth be told, after having used my Series 7 for a while now I rather like how they feel.  I just don't want to use my "expensive good one" for a challenge where speed tends to trump accuracy most of the time.  Ruining a brush that's $6.70 CAD I'm a lot more willing to deal with, if that happens.  It also lets me try out their Eclipse line, since I know at some point I'm going to have to replace these Citadel starter brushes I use for priming.


I'm just... as silly as it sounds... I like the feel that kolinsky sable has to it >.>;;;


13 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Before you begin the 7 day challenge, take your sanity out, take a long look at it, and give it a kiss. You won't be seeing it again.  :lol:

That implies I had any left to begin with.  What's that saying, genius has it's boundaries, insanity knows no limits? :devil:


I'm more worried about whether hubby will want to kill me at the end of it or not...  Or if he'll enact our "nope, you're taking a break" rule...  Says he's ok with it now.....  I'm more worried about around day 4, day 5 regions, and how things will go....  Doubly so now that I've looked at the actual size of the mini...  And taken silly shots with dropper bottles, Citadel paint pot, a can of Coca-Cola, and a 20 Oz mason jar....  ....And silly ones involving my camera too.  Because it's that big o_O

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There's more scrutiny if it's a 7-day challenge contest, but for regular challenges the rules serve as a standardized guideline so that everyone taking on the personal challenge can be assured they are on the same level.  The intent to adhere to the spirit is the important part, so 1.5 mm would be close enough.  The rule is only to prevent grossly oversized brushes, but there is some flexibility to allow for your own best judgement.  I do, after all, have no way of verifying what brushes you actually use so there's a large measure of good faith that you are exercising due diligence in cleaving as close to the intent as possible.  So a 1.5mm round would be okay, since that's within the tolerance level of manufacturing variance, but a 2mm flat would be oversized (flats tend to be rather more uniform).  If you were unsure about a 1.5mm flat then it would be best to err on the side of caution if you wanted to be strict, but it's not like I'm gonna send goons to your house to break your legs.  Use the rules as a guide to help make sure you know you are completing the challenge in the same conditions as others, so that you personally know your cred is legit, but unless you greatly exceed the specifications then you should be good to go. 

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Thanks buglips, glad to hear such.  Depending on how this one goes, I might look into some of the others...  Assuming hubby lets me do another once it's all said and done!! ^_^;;;;

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1 hour ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Thanks buglips, glad to hear such.  Depending on how this one goes, I might look into some of the others...  Assuming hubby lets me do another once it's all said and done!! ^_^;;;;


I deliberately timed 3 of mine for when MrBoot would be out of town for most of it to simplify things, plus I didn't want to subject him to my sleep-deprived self any more than necessary. :lol: For Ma'al, though, that wasn't an option, and it worked out okay. I made sure to make and freeze sufficient meals to keep us both from starvation, and took care of bigger chores (dishes, laundry, tidying) beforehand since I knew I'd not have the time or energy to deal with them.


It would help to have a pow-wow with your hubby the day before and make sure both of you are on the same page about expectations. Perhaps explain that you'll be up late each night, but that you'll make sure to take a dinner break of a certain length of time. Knowing what his concerns are beforehand will help you both to make sure to have a plan you're both okay with. Maybe he gets one free hour break per day he can force you to take (though not within the last 12 hours), as an idea. 


I know it seems like a daunting task, but if you come in with a game plan, you'll do fine! Take the time now to figure out and make notes of what general colors you will use in each area, since your brain will be mush by day 4. Do practice runs on similar adventurer minis to map out colors and get a feel for your timing. Have a list of "must get dones" and focus on them first, so that if time runs short, at least you'll have something down. You can always fix it after the Challenge if you want (if you can stand to look at it lol). 


I believe in you! You can do this thing! :bday:


EDIT: Forgot to add, don't be afraid to look at what other Challengers did on theirs. Before I did my Kaladrax, I read buglips' thread like a football coach studying a playbook. :lol: You'll be able to see potential problem areas, discussions of mold line locations, poor adhesion with certain colors, etc. 



--OneBoot :D 

Edited by OneBoot
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    • By BananeDC
      Hi, here are thje photos of my "Dragons don't share", realized in december 2016.
      Hope you like it.














    • By BananeDC
      Hi guys, i have just finished All the minis from Bones 3, here is my Ma'aldrakar.








    • By WhiteWulfe
      I say attempted because of two reasons...  First is this is the show off thread, and secondly, no official confirmation yet on the dates since @buglips*the*goblin has been occupied with other things, although a part of me suspects that @OneBoot might vouch.  At least on the times 
      WIP Thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83285-whitewulfe-attemps-the-seven-day-goblin-challenge-dragons-dont-share-2014-edition/
      This post may or may not be wordy, I haven't decided yet.  I'm tired, I'm sore, my eyes burn, but...  It. Is. DONE!  At least in my eyes.  A lot of things aren't as well done as I'd like, but that's what happens when you lose the equivalent of almost two full days to surprise contractors.  Thankfully I had terrain to work on while they took up most of that time!
      Rules thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69639-7-day-goblin-challenge-official-rules/
      Just what is the 7-Day Goblin Challenge?  Well, I summarize it as follows: Stupidly large mini, comically small brush.  Right now, it's four different minis you can choose from, you can only use up to a size 0 brush, aaaaand you have all of seven days to finish it.  That's it.  No airbrushes, no fancy paper towel tricks, no smearing paint with your fingers (as that's a "brush" that's bigger than size 0!), no direct application of paint, no aerosol cans... You get the idea. ^_^;;;
      Start time: October 27th, at 09:05 MST/MDT (aka -07:00 GMT)
      End time: Nov 3rd, at 02:02 MST/MDT
      Getting all of this to fit in my mock lighting setup was an absolute pain, doubly so since I had to steal hubby's painting light to try and get even lighting across things. o_O

      ^Starting setup, with time displayed

      ^Ending setup, with time displayed.  At this point, I technically had 7 hours and 3 minutes left in my seven days, and by the time I'm done writing this it'll probably be a full hour later (something about editing down over forty pictures, and that's AFTER I filtered redundant pics out of the equation o_O)
      In order to not make this an absolute pain to scroll through, I'll showcase key pictures, with additional detail pics being hidden behind spoiler tags.

      ^Obviously the main attraction is first.
      Additional dragon pictures:
      Terrain details:

      First hero is apparently the dwarf cleric...  At least with the order I took pics!
      Additional pics:

      ^The sorceress~
      Additional pics:

      ^The thief/rogue/sneaky one!
      Additional pics:

      The... Ranger/archer guy!
      Additional pics:

      ^And last, but not least...  Sir Purple of Shiny, as more or less named by OneBoot...  Well, inspired by due to purple and how shiny his armour was for quite some time...
      Additional pics!
      Now, comes the slightly... I dunno, philisophical part of it all.  Would I do things differently next time?  Most definitely.  I'd prefer to give my heroes more time, and also make sure I have brushes that I trust well enough to do eyes.  I had to pull out my 000 Reaper brush to try the eyes....  I also wouldn't wait until after 1am  in the final hours of the challenge to do said eyes either.  I'd also not recommend losing a good chunk of time to surprise contractors either, or at least keep painting as best one can - although that first day of surprise contractors, uhm....  Yeah, anything other than priming would have been impossible while they were doing work, the entire building was vibrating.
      Would I recommend this kind of thing to others?  Sure, why not...  If you're willing to do a reasonable amount of planning ahead of time.  I'd also strongly recommend having time off while you do this, AND not being the person who cooks.  Assigning cooking duties to someone else (or, y'know, having a freezer/fridge full of ready to make meals) would probably also be rather handy.  If you're in a relationship, or living with others (be they roommates, or parents, or whatever), DEFINITELY make sure to talk it over with them.  I'm lucky, I'm married to an enabler, and by that he's the main reason I was able to do the challenge.  That and he was quite happy to work on relic quests in FF XIV:ARR while I painted 
      Oh, and make sure you've actually GOT groceries to cook with if you are going to be the cook!  Don't have to run out a few times during said challenge, DOUBLY SO if you happen to have to WALK everywhere when you do said errands.  No, not even to go and get your package of big stompy robots, you silly fox!
      I went into this with a rather basic plan...  Colours picked out for the heroes (but apparently only their capes/cloaks), and a basic colour pattern idea on the dragon.  I'd recommend not winging it like I did, because it brings up some rather interesting (and annoying!) problems as you go, like how on earth you're going to make it work, and blend it all together.
      Will I give another one a shot?  We shall see.  Obviously there's recovering from this one, but most importantly is this - hubby would have to say yes again 
      ...I'm going to go get sleep now!
    • By WhiteWulfe
      Hi, I'm WhiteWulfe, some say I'm an "insane" fox that can't pass the entrance exam, and others say I'm just nuts.  Ever since finding out about the 7-Day challenges I've wanted to give them a whirl.  Today, this happens.  Originally I wanted to start last night, but my desk was a mess, paints were everywhere, and so I listened to rational..... goblins...? o_O who suggested that maybe I should tidy things up first, get some sleep, and THEN actually start.  Good thing, because tiredness hit a lot earlier last night than I was expecting!
      First and foremost, for those not familiar with the rules for such challenges, the official post for them can be found over here, but it basically boils down to "paint absurdly large miniature (or set of minis), in full, in seven days....  WITH A SIZE ZERO BRUSH."  Many thanks to @buglips*the*goblin for starting such delightful insanity, and several others for providing inspiration through their challenges, and awesome to follow threads.  I hope mine is just as fun to read as it goes on.... ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;
      Oh, well, the terrain in Dragons Don't Share 2014 Edition (affectionately referred to as DDS2) doesn't look that big in the photos, riiiiight....?

      Yeaaaaah, guess again.  it's a decent size.  Okay, my camera isn't the biggest of them all since it is a Panasonic Lumix G85 (G80/G81 in some parts of the world) and that's "only" the Lumix 12-60mm kit lens, but still.  It's BIGGER THAN THE CAMERA in pretty much all dimensions.  12 oz / 355 mL can of cola (Coca-Cola), 20 Oz mason jar, dropper bottle, and Citadel paint pot for size reference.  Same thing with the Kcups - and now you know what a fox likes to drink for his coffee!  Also, that's still a real 8.5" of height on the dragon's wing.  Please note these photos were all dry fitting when I first got the mini, and I wanted to take a few silly pics of this and that, as well as some scale ones, since I hadn't really found any out there other than people saying it's a big mini.
      A quick FAQ for those who might be curious....
      Are you nuts?!?!?!  ...Uhm, quite possibly? Why the challenge? Because it seemed fun at the time, and hubby said it sounded like fun. Your spouse said yes?!?!?!!? Yup, he even encouraged it. Why this week in particular? Because I take Samhain / Hallowe'en off pretty much every year, and wanted something to do other than murder all the things in some random game. Why DDS2? Truth be told...  At it's price point, it was the main one that appealed to me.  Khanjira is tempting, sure, but it's more of a kaiju than a dragon, and dragons are awesome.  Ma'al is, uhm, well....  If this goes well, and I get permission to do another, and then a third...  Third ~MIGHT~ be Ma'al.  We shall see.  Kaladrax was an instant no due to not really being available at retail. Your spouse is seriously okay with this?  See a few points back - it was partially his idea!  Do you have an actual game plan? Uhm...  Truthfully?  Other than my theme of "LARPing Gone Wrong - Friday Night at New City"... NOPE.  I do have basic colour schemes, and a plan of attack for day one though, if that counts for much. What's New City?  New City Suburbs was an old hangout I used to frequent on a regular basis...  When it was still downtown.  Been to a few good shows there, had a lot of good times, and sadly, the old theater it was in was demolished and turned into some fancy store or restaurant or something.  Suburbs became Armoury, and it died a terrible death, and sadly we no longer have a goth/punk/EpicAwesomeness bar in town.  I can't say what Friday's event was actually called, so we'll call it "Triple B", and it was always full of awesomeness.  Plus they had a JägerMeister tap machine, which meant I could actually get some of that delicious brown-grey gunk of amazingness. Why the playful jab at LARPing?  ....In all honesty, because a co-worker has been trying for years to get me to come to various LARP events in the area (even as an NPC!), but mainly because of the simple fact that said coworker has been somewhat of a sounding board for various ideas.  Oh, and of course it'll help sort of explain the whole goth raver thing going on. Do you think you'll succeed? I'm aiming for completion.  Will it happen?  Time shall tell if I succeed or fail, but I intend on having fun when going into this, and that's my main goal! What do you hope to learn by doing this? In all honesty?  More speed painting techniques, more tabletop techniques, and arguably most importantly in my eyes the ability to go back to painting a mini and just being happy with it, instead of constantly fiddling with this and that, and taking downright forever to actually get one done.  That and I want an epic dragon of doom to put on our shelves to display!  

      ^How things looked Friday night, with the ominous wording of "SOONTM".  For the record, that's an 18x12" cutting mat that the box is mostly covering...  And that's just the INSERT box that you can see sticking out of the retail box...
      ...And so, now, that leaves us here, on Saturday morning...  More or less having gotten enough sleep, or so I hope.....

      As a semi-old, not really all that old, but still saying would say...  Pain begins... NOW.
      Or, in my case, let doomsday (aka the 7 day challenge) commence!
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