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14498 Nagendra Warrior AKA Sssllthr by Glitterwolf

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The Snake Guy turned out SPLENDIDLY. I love your color choices AND the brushwork is TERRIFICOUTSTANDING WORK!

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The Snake Guy turned out SPLENDIDLY. I love your color choices AND the brushwork is TERRIFICOUTSTANDING WORK!


Thx Al, Glad you appreciate him!


Looks great. Nice patina on the shield.


Thx, the Verdigris is from Vallejo, That and a few different metals from P3 and Scale 75 made a nice worn shield.


I think I will do this more often in my Lost World Army.

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Thx people,


Your comments are very motivating, appreciated!



Serpentmen are second only to barbarians for me, so......instead of barbaric splendor - Ophidian Menace!


Then you're in for a treat, I'm building an Army ( see my sig - Lost World) Many reptiles, amphibians, dinos and even some mammals and terrorbirds will find their way to the forum.

Many snakes and serpentmen among them.


I will paint every single warrior as an individual, so the army will look like a very colourful bunch.

I love reptiles, I used to keep lizards, turtles, newts and frogs in my youth.

So I'm heavily inspired by nature.

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Sssso cool!!

I ssssee what you did there. :poke:



Good job on him, Xherman!





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    • By Pochi
      The Bones Giant Cobra. I saw a lot of neat ones painted with stripes and different patterns but decided to go simple with mine. I did drybrush highlights with some bronze and copper to give him a little shimmer and he looks really good on the table. My players are worried because they fought a giant snake last session (I didn't have him painted) so they are worried there is another one coming. You never know!





    • By Glitterwolf
      This is Reaper's 14388 Blackfreef Pirate from their Warlord range.
      He is part of my Lost World Project, there he is Toni the First Mate of the Swordfish.
      WIP here:

    • By NyarlaBcn
      Here my Mudcroack. Love the mini. Recently we have been playing the Tomb of Annihilation D&D campaign, based on the jungles of Chult, and we found many of these adorable frogmen creatures, Grungs. That motivated me to start working with Mudcroack despite having almost all the new GW goblins waiting.
      Well, frogs are usually green, jungles too, and it was all kinda repetitive; so I decided to use as little green as possible.
      For the basing I chose a resin scenic base that I adapted, and the "barbed bracken" plants from GW. 
      Any feedback welcome, and if you want, please follow me on instagram at @albertnyarla 

    • By Glitterwolf
      I have created a little diorama / terrain piece to go with my Lost World Project.
      WIP here:
      I used the base of Kaladrax Bones, now OOP to create some Aztec style ruins.
      The smaller Aztec ruin pieces are from Greenstuffworld.
      For the creatures in the murky river I used the Moray Eel of Reaper's  02948: Familiar Pack VII, sculpted a lungfish and some Trilobites myself ( almost invisible in the murky water as they should be.) and I sculpted a second eel.
      And a Bones Centipede 77427: Dungeon Vermin - Centipede .
      The Plantlife are the Plant Dragon and the Deathstar Lilies from Bones
      77505: Dragon Plant  and 77504: Death Star Lilies .
      The Triceratops cadaver is a plastic Triceratops skeleton which I fleshed out with putty.
      The little feathered raptors are Ral Partha Velocirapors and I used putty to give them feathers.
      There is a juvenile Barchiosaurus in the back he's from a Paint and Play set from Wild Republic.
      The Flying Creature is an OOP Metal Terradon from Games Workshop.
      The Giant Centipede is from Safari Toob Animals which I repainted.
      Thanks to @knarthex for providing me with flock, @strawhat for sending me the Toob Animals from which the Giant Centipede is now used, @TaleSpinner for his advice on sculpting feathers, I'm not superb good at it but I think it worked.
      @SisterMaryNapalm and @malefactus for their ongoing support and tips.

    • By Glitterwolf
      This is an OOP Metal Terradon from Games Workshop.
      Its'now part of my Welcome to the Jungle Terrain / Diorama Piece which in turn is part of my Lost World Project.
      Hope you enjoy.
      Here he comes soaring over the ruins ( Kaladrax's original Base)

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