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Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

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17 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

A nice update on the 28th as well - very... orcy. ::):


That cage would be useful for several scenarios... including a pirates game....



I have to agree. I added the Orc Warrens to my pledge last night. It would be nice if they would unlock the Orc Warrens 2 in the PM.

This is both sets together:




Currently, we can only get these three pieces:



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Regarding the second set of Orc Warrens, the creator replied on March 29th: " @C -- Sure enough, those were not unlocked. I'm going to go back through the quote to see how their inclusion has impacted the pricing, and if I can unlock them I'll post another update. In my excitement, I overlooked the fact we'd broken that into two goals. OOPS! "

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fyi, Mantic will have a minecart, track, pick axe, etc. in their Terrain Crate's Dungeon Crate pledge of $60. 


Dunno if the mine cart and track are to scale for Tablescapes.

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Many of the Encounter Sets include the text "and encounter items." Any idea what those are?




Found my answer:

Secret Weapon 3-time creator on May 25

@ William -- Yes, every beast pack should include a scenario.

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The pledge manager is still open pending a "issue" fix, and a two day warning for its closure should be forthcoming. Personally I'm expecting a December ship date, bit the official word is still a few weeks delay from the original September shipping target.


Still very much looking forward to fulfillment.

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8 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

I kind of wish they would add some more SW paints and washes to the options.. but then I'm only going to be in for paint sooo


Definitely. I have most of the SW washes but only a few of their paints, which are great. I would've been all over a set or two of their paints.

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10 hours ago, lazylich said:

Apparently Secret Weapon is in a dispute with Wargames Factory over billing and withheld tooling for Tablescapes Tiles. Their press release states that this doesn't involve the Tablescapes Dungeons KS, fortunately. Still, doesn't sound like a good situation.

This is completely unrelated to this kickstarter project and discussion is moved to its own thread.



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split, added link
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Latest comment from the creator is that the factory hopes to have product out the door by the end of December. With shipping time to the creator and then pulling, packing and shipping to backers, it looks like my estimate of December shipping was too optimistic.


Four months of delay isn't good, but not terrible. Hopefully we'll see our rewards in early 2018.

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The latest update says " Word is that production is underway, and that as long as the printer gets the box art files in the next week we should see product in January."


Does that mean that they'll see it in January then send to us for.. Feb/March? or that we'll see it in our mailboxes in January?


(I'd ask on there but I was not a kickstarter backer, I jumped in on the pledge manager post kickstarter)

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