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Talon Games - CAV: STRIKE OPERATIONS Kickstarter II "The Battle for New Vesta"

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The pledge manager is still open and you can get any of the items but it is closing very very soon (like end of July soon). Official announcement coming this Friday.

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Oh, wait . . . maybe I should wait until Friday . . . 

Now I gotta decide if there is any last minute adds to my list . . . :B):

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Greetings all!

This is the OFFICIAL announcement that as of July 31st, 2017 the CAV II Kickstarter Pledge Manager will be closing so we can get final numbers and start planning for final fulfillment.

This means you need to finalize your selections for the amount you pledged and/or add any final models you may want and lock in your pledge.

If you do not lock in your pledge by this date you may miss the initial shipping of product. Don't be the guy or gal who says they never realized this step was required or didn't see this update.

If you need any help or have questions email [email protected] and make sure to include your name, your email address used on your Kickstarter and/or pledge manager accounts, backer number, and a phone number just in case. We will get back with you as soon as possible.

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On 6/20/2017 at 7:36 PM, Doug Sundseth said:

Huh, I forgot I backed this project. Well, I'm locked in now. Oops.


Well, I'm sure I'll be last to be shipped.


I at least will he shipped after you. I had really thought so had filled out the pledge manager,

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For final fulfillment we will process and ship everyone's order in the same batch so I doubt you will see any noticeable delay.

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      Hi all,
      It has been a really busy year for me, between moving across the country, starting a new job, finding a place to live, getting married, major surgery for the missus, and evacuating/rebuilding after a major hurricane.  Unfortunately, this has left little time for painting- and it’s been driving me nuts!
      After the wedding a few weeks back, we finally had some time to take a step back and breathe.  The wife poked me and said “why don’t you start painting again?”
      The first thing I picked up was this squad of half-finished Ritterlich Republic cougars I had been working on last winter before the move.  They had been painted and inked, but not assembled, highlighted or jeweled.
      I’ve been working on them a few hours at a time over the past few weeks, and finally had a big chunk of the day yesterday where I could sit down and power through them… here they are!  I still need to do the bases, but I couldn’t do that last night as the glue was still drying.  They will also get a matte varnish coat, but I'd like to get your C&C on a few things before then.
      As I have mentioned before, this is from the CAV kickstarter; one of the things I wanted to do with the kickstarter CAVs was to explore a different painting technique for each army.  For the Ritter, this was edging. 
      As time went on, I started to become a bit fatigued at the sheer amount of edging required.  This caused me to slowly rotate from display quality (for me at least) to more tabletop quality. But hey, a painted mini is always better than an unpainted one, and easing up a bit on the quality allowed me to finish them quickly.
      I am also trying to incorporate more blending in the canopies, as well as some OSL effects.  As you can see, I am still practicing.  I expect I will get better with time (at least I hope I do)!
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      If anyone wants the paints or techniques used, I can provide that information too.

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