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Talon Games - CAV: STRIKE OPERATIONS Kickstarter II "The Battle for New Vesta"

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Received my pre-shipping notification yesterday.

Then a box showed up this morning...but it was Oathsworn.  So no new Big Stompy Robots for the weekend, but at least some shiny new critters.


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Woohoo, received a big box of big stompy robots!

Gonna take some doing to inventory that.  I seem to have included "several" add-ons.

Dug until I found an Enforcer...very nice, some serious detail there.  And stiff enough that one gun poked through the bag without bending.


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8 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Gonna take some doing to inventory that.


I'm still trying to carve out time to complete my inventory. :blink:

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They're here!





OK, yes they're waiting for me at the local post office, but I'm home after their regular business hours, and will only get them this Friday. But at least I know they're waiting for me. :lol:

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Managed to sort through mine last night. Boy did I get a lot of tanks and other vehicles.  Cool.

Only noticed one issue with my add-ons, one too many Commander I, one too few Lion I.  Sent an email.

I found the BSRs the hardest to sort, trying to find a distinct bit to identify without opening them all could be tricky.

Planes were obviously easiest as there are only 2 models.

Tanks and vehicles are easy of you sort them upside down.  I made three piles, wheels, treads or hover.  Then sorted each pile based on the bottoms, which are all quite different.


All in baggies now, waiting to join the rest in their assorted boxes.  I really need to get some more CAVs painted....

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Finally got them!


Bags and bags of... Wow, that's... that's a lot of stuff. I kept forgetting how big they're supposed to be.


Now for the inventory!

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Update: Inventory done!

  • All the paints!
  • 2 bonus Enforcers
  • 1 extra Centipede
  • 1 Kestral missing the torso sprue. Only arms and legs.
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13 hours ago, HornedTurtle said:

Is there a list anywhere of what all is in wave 2?

It would've been useful.


Identifying every unassembled unit in its baggie with only the KS page as reference was time consuming.


I made a spreadsheet with the name, ID code, type of unit, quantity expected, quantity received.

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