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I promised him, so here he is, Gorman DiWulfe, in the basecoats.

This is actually the second time I've painted him, the first was a green version quite a few years back, but this time I'll be working on a Gorman to match my purple paint scheme!



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    • By vegascat
      I decided that since there's no time limit,  that I'd give this fun challenge a go.  I didn't notice the screenshot requirement until it was too late.   I originally rolled:
      10 - Imperial Purple
      19 - Pure Black
      19 - Pure Black
      Thankfully doubles get resolved and the second 19 - Pure Black, became:
      11 - violet red
      Which I didn't have,  but the handy comparison chart allows me to use
      Vallejo Game Color 14 - Warlord Purple,
       which looks very close to the Reaper color.   I looked at the P3 Beaten purple,  but it's a dark purple,  not a reddish purple.  
      Here's the paint dots next to their respective colors:

      I did not roll a dragon because I need to look and see what I have in my box o' Bones.  That will have to wait until tomorrow as I'm working on homework.... Err, supposed to be anyways.   
      *edit* I forgot to add that I'm going to attempt the three star challenge.  Thankfully, I think the warlord purple will allow me to highlight the imperial purple quite nicely.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with the pure black yet.
    • By Paradoxical Mouse
      So, Ebonwrath is the first dragon I'll be painting. Lucky for me, I actually had good dice rolls. 

      Orange Brown, Lava Orange, and Violet Red. I had to order the paints. To practice with my colors mixing (and since I got a nice set) I'm going to be trying the 3*** star challenge.
      This challenge is now awaiting the arrival of my paints and dragon.
    • By Corporea
      Why oh why did I read that forum entry?  Sigh.  I don't really have the time because I want to finish stuff for reapercon but I thought to myself... what's the harm in rolling and just seeing what colors I get.  I can always procrastinate and never get it done like everything else... double sigh. kyphrixis needs some love.  he's languishing in my box of bones.

      So... that corresponds to: 6, 1, 10....

      Crap.  Do you see the ginormous amount of chroma saturation in these colors?  The sheer magnitude of intensity here staggers the Corporea mind.  I mean... it's like taking the bestest of brightest shades and trying to make them work.  I can't help it... it makes me want to make it work.  To prove once again that you can use read and green together and not make it look like Christmas.  To take three saturated colors and make them work together breaks all the nice little Corporea Color Theory Rules of Engagement!  It says right here in my little handy-dandy power point that the only way to not make the viewer's eyes go all crossy is to at the very least use a complement with less intensity. I just can't take colors of the same value and use them and make them work.  I can't...
      But I can't help myself... if I can make these insane colors work... I can become the COLOR THEORY MASTER!!!!
      Plus, unless it's truly cheating... I knows some sneaky sneaky ways to manipulate colors.  So... can I mix to my heart's content as long as I just use these plus black and white? Cause that will let me shows these colors who's boss! Best way to take the mickey out of a color is to knock it down with its complement!

      just cause I can't help but do my usual explaining... here's what I'm talking about with my crappy photoediting from the computer cause I'm lazy:

      this is an image where I've removed the color saturation and just given us a grayscale.  see how similar those colors look? that is because they all have the same value.  value is something we don't always see when we first look at colors except to scratch our heads and know something is not quite right.  These colors lack value contrast. I often use this example:

      see how the red and blue look similar but the gold and blue different when I take away their sneaky hues? When I put colors together I want colors with differing range on the scale of black to white- that's value

      here's the pic from wikipedia.  does that make sense?  They've taken color and mixed in black and white in varying degrees to make a color paler or darker... sort of. Which means, if you're willing to work with pure shades and black and white... you can make anything! Problem is most paint has filler and additives that muddy the range and do unexpected things when you mix.
      So... when I get three impossible colors... I must conquer them!!!!
      sigh.  And here I was actually hoping to get that diorama done...
    • By Paradoxical Mouse
      So, I'm doing the Layer Up learn to paint kit from reaper. Hopefully, I'm not missing any of the basics from core skills (I did the AP learn to paint process).
      So, all washed and boiled...

    • By wdmartin




      Eglantine was my character's pack mule in a Kingmaker campaign.  She had more backstory than some of the PCs, and lived longer than 85% of them.  In fact, she survived all the way till the campaign fell apart.  Which goes to show that mules who run away all the time are a lot smarter than adventurers!
      Just a side project I worked on while waiting on other things to dry.  I didn't spend a huge amount of time on her.  The bottle is supposed to be of old green glass, with some kind of dark fluid inside; it didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped, but I didn't feel like going back and redoing it. The eyes worked out well, I think.  It's nice when a model has large eye sockets.  Makes it a ton easier.
      Oh, and the base is from Micro Arts Studio.
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