Zombicide: Black Plague: Male Zombie

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Base coat layer applied.  The plague skin doesn't show up well in these pics.  I still suck at photography, but trust me, the skin is tinted green, not gray.


I followed Sorastro's YouTube guide.  I would point out if you're thinking of doing this yourself that there are a few details of these particular minis that are hard to make out.  Just above the walker's left boot, there is a patch of skin showing through a torn patch of his trousers.  I painted over it on all seven and only noticed at the end.  Watch out for that.  Similarly, I didn't initially catch that the tunic is torn off his abdominal area, but it's intact over the back, so I had to go back and paint over the back after I'd missed it.  Lastly, on the back in the right armpit there is a patch torn that's dangling.  I couldn't make it out at first, so paint the cloth, but leave a bit of flesh above it.  The left shoe is missing, too.





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Bases done.  Now for the scary part:  my first experience with Quickshader.



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Quickshader seemed to go okay, but it's still got some residual stickiness even after 18 hours plus the shine.  I sprayed it with "Clear Acrylic Matte Coating" by Tree House Studio, yet it still seems shiny.  Trying to decide whether I should spray even more or try a different spray.



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    • By KruleBear
      Hajad is another sacrife to the toy box level painting (ie. ignore moldlines and any advanced techniques) in my quest to find the "right" zombie skin tone. This time based with 50/50 MSP Vampiric skin and VMC Basic Skin Tone. Covered with a wash of Army Painters blacker colored Dark Tone Ink. This is getting closer to what I want and might be right on with a wash using a brown ink like Strong Tone. I am going to find another sacrificial mini to try a 50/50 mix of the vampiric skin with VMV Dark Fleshwith a brown wash. I think that will give me the grey undead color I want ith enough caucasian skin to look like a fresher conversion to the zombie lifestyle. 

      I like this model, so will need to look at getting him in metal at some time. For now this one will be used as a ghost pirate in a Hero Kids adventure with my four year old.
      Thoughts and comments greatly appreciated. 
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      Hi again.  I just finished my third mini in about a month, pretty good after a more than two year hiatus I think!  So this is one of the zombies from the set of several different poses.  I started this one thinking he would be just a quick throw-together job to say I finished another mini and to get him off my shelf but after a little work I was starting to like him.  I was thinking his flesh tones were looking a little too healthy for a zombie and not as pale as I intended so in order to lighten him up and make him more ... dead... I started to learn how to glaze!  That's awesome because I need that to continue working on a dragon I've had on hold for too long.  There's a little glazing on his clothes too for highlights but they don't show in the picture very well so maybe I didn't take them far enough so I'll be working on that, plus there wasn't much surface area on the clothes so that made it difficult to take it to a higher level.  So I call this a success because I started to learn a new technique and he turned out to be far more than I expected at the start.  He could still be more pale, but I'm calling him "freshly dead" and moving on!
      Just a quick question while I have your attention, did I do the static grass right?  Is it standing up enough?  I never really know if I'm doing it right.

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      Been wanting to get back into painting a mini now and again, probably nothing more than tabletop for a while. So I took a couple hours to slap some paint on this guy I had sitting on the shelf, already primed.
      Zombicide Season One Walker 2 Zombicide Season One Walker 2 So I think I’ve mostly forgotten how to paint minis. Didn’t help that I snagged the wrong paper for my wet palette, it was a square of tracing paper, so it was a total mess!
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