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D&D player character: Keeping up with new gear

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So, a while back I posted my current D&D character (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69530-elf-paladin-figure-converted-for-dd/).  I am very happy with how both figures turned out, however my character has since acquired some new equipment in-game, and being an obsessive converter I went ahead and got started on making a new version of him.  The old figures will still be useful, as I haven't discarded any of my old equipment and I'm a sufficiently hard-core roleplayer that I wouldn't go around in full battle gear unless I were expecting trouble.  I would at least ditch the two handed sword and helmet when in town.


I decided this time to try and do a WIP.  I tend not to keep up with these all that well, I work much faster than I can usually manage to photograph.  But here goes anyway!


As with the original versions of the figure, I started out with Del Briarberry, Halfling Wizard (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/halfling/sku-down/03369), as he his a good size for my character (I measure up to a towering 4'10") and his robes match the kind of habit I had in mind for a young Paladin assigned to the Temple of Ulana.  I wear my mail under my temple robes, so the basic costume is still the same at this point.


Starting out, here is what I had to work with. 






Even though I have acquired a greatsword (which is a full six inches taller than I am!), I continue to carry a shortsword as a sidearm.  This historically was very common, most illustrations I've seen of historical Landsknechts with two handed swords wear Katzbalagers as sidearms.  The buckler I've opted to omit, as although I still use it* I thought it would make the figure unnecessarily cluttered.  It will be presumably be hung on the back of his belt, concealed by a cloak which I intend to sculpt.

*D&D rules allow bucklers to be used in concert with a two handed weapon, worn on the wrist.  Personally I don't think this is very practical, however I think that realistically the additional length of a two handed weapon will grant a comparable benefit for defense as would a buckler, so I'm comfortable with benefiting from the buckler's stats.  Yes I know, I have a serious case of Nerdism.


First things first:  Mutilate the body.  Head, arms, stand, all must go!  Even the arm across his chest has to be cutoff.




Next up:  Picking a good head. 




I used a head from a Klocke Warlord elf on one of the original versions of the figure, which I was very happy with and wanted to use again on this figure.  However, the only Klocke-sculpted elf I had to hand was an archer with a rather saucy looking expression when turned forward.  I think this works, given that my character is starting to get a little above himself these days, gradually becoming convinced that he has received a personal mission from the gods.  I have also added heavy copper wire as the framework for new arms, glued the shortsword to his side, and put some extra fine copper wire through his scull to support his ears, which I should like to be rather tremendous.




First round of sculpting done.  Left hand planted firmly on the hip, belt suspension for the short sword laid in, front side of sword pommel done, scabbard with rain guard sculpted over the sword blade.



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Excellent sculpting, I commend your guts on cutting up the figure and doing that much sculpting!

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Excellent sculpting, I commend your guts on cutting up the figure and doing that much sculpting!


Thank you!  Cutting and sculpting isn't what scares me....it's when it comes to painting that I get cold feet, lol!

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Ok, next few steps here.

What is an elf without cute pointed ears?



I felt that the original pommel seemed a bit bulky on the figure, particularly as the size of the sword already has the potential to overwhelm it visually a bit.  So I cut it down and squished it out to start forming it into more of wheel shape.



Finished up the front side of his dagged chaperon.  I was originally planning on adding a cloak as well, but my gut instinct at this stage is that the figure will come across better visually with just the chaperon alone.


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Added the backside of the chaperon, and glued a buckler in place.



Added the hood for the chaperon, and added the boss and a couple of rivets to the buckler.



Finished the new pommel.


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"Kind of short for a elf aren't you?" I just remember that model is supposed to be a halfling/gnome. :) I like the character, very nice. Isn't this one also in Bones?

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"Kind of short for a elf aren't you?" I just remember that model is supposed to be a halfling/gnome. :) I like the character, very nice. Isn't this one also in Bones?


A bit, yes, although in our particular setting Elves are pretty short too.  However, this particular figure is one of the bigger halflings, and a lot of our players are using old Grenadier models which are quite small, so I actually look pretty tall on table.  I don't think this particular figure is available in Bones yet (and I can't remember whether he was part of the most recent Kickstarter).

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My character is supposed to have a helmet, however given that I've got a either a hat or hood on in my previous incarnations I prefer to think that it is small enough to conceal under headgear. 


I thought I'd have a go with sculpting the helmet, but honestly I wasn't really happy with the result.  It looked OK enough, but it just didn't make the figure come to life.  I made the difficult decision to cut it off and start over.  Still, I photographed it for posterity first.






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So, on to the final stretch of sculpting!


Having abandoned the helmet (for this version any way), I decided to go back to the cartoon stocking cap.  I think it came out much better, I think it really gives him the level of fancifulness and comical swagger that I envision for the character.  Also, I have finally affixed his two handed sword, sculpted his right hand holding it, and tweaked the toes of his shoes a bit.


Next up will be painting!







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